Apple could be poised to reveal a fantastic (and sensible) MacBook lineup

“The rumor mill notched up a surprise today. We’ve long been hearing reports of Apple working on an entry-level 13-inch MacBook, and there has been speculation of a price in the $899 to $999 range,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac. “But a new report today suggested that the new machine could have a price tag of $1200 – and that paints a different picture entirely.”

“The right supply chain sources can have excellent information on designs and specs. But decisions around branding, marketing and price are not ones to which suppliers would normally be privy,” Lovejoy writes. “But let’s imagine for a moment that Digitimes is right, and the new 13-inch machine is indeed intended to be priced at $1199. That isn’t a viable replacement for the MacBook Air, because $999 is a hugely important psychological barrier.”

“But could Apple really keep churning out that MacBook Air as its entry-level machine? It doesn’t fit the design language of the current MacBook line-up, and it’s frankly a bit of an embarrassment for Apple still to be offering this machine in the face of today’s competing devices,” Lovejoy writes. “Price aside, the 12-inch MacBook is the perfect starter Mac… So here’s what might happen: Apple finally kills the MacBook Air, the entry-level 12-inch MacBook price falls to $999, and the rumored new 13-inch machine comes in at $1199.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This would be great if it happens!

As we wrote earlier today: It’d be nice if Apple cleaned up their portable product line a bit. MacBook as the entry-level to mid-range (that could be loaded up build-to-order on the processor, RAM, etc. if desired) and MacBook Pro for the power users. Unless Apple has new design ideas and innovations, the “MacBook Air” is superfluous.

Apple to roll out entry-level MacBook in September – August 17, 2018


  1. There’s probably a reason the base level 13” MacBook Pro didn’t get an 8th gen cpu update. It could go back to the iBook/PowerBook matrix: 12 & 13.3” MacBook ; 13.3” & 15” MacBook Pro (touch bars only from now on) much simpler and less clutter.

    1. Agree. Drop the stupid 12 inch netbook.

      Offer a simple lineup with 13, 15, and 17 inch please!!!!
      the 2 smaller sizes should come in a true thick powerful Pro version and a much less expensive consumer version. The 17” model should prove that Apple hasn’t totally lost their ability to keep up with PCs.

  2. I would just like to buy a MacBook Pro with high specs without the stupid touch bar. I hate that thing. I like physical function keys so I don’t have to constantly look down At whatbim touching 😡

    Tim Cooks Apple thought it would be a good idea to only include the function keys on a low spec machine. Then again, Cooks New Apple does a lot of stupid stuff now so it doesn’t really surprise me anymore.

  3. “the “MacBook Air” is superfluous”

    Really? Don’t tell my wife. She loves the design, as apparently do a lot of other folks.

    Maybe Apple can just increase the power/capacity a bit to maker it more modern. As long as it is a break even product (after absorbing corporate overheads) it’s a winner.

    1. The marketing of the “Air” models has proven inconsistent and is now useless. The inexpensive laptop needs to exist, but not by selling obsolete hardware.

      Apple needs to offer a simple lineup, starting at 13 inch. I can’t think of what an Air offers that the current 13 inch MacBook Pro sans Touchbar doesn’t do better. Apple just needs to rename the entry level 13 inch mbp to MacBook and get the pricing aggressively aligned where it should be — perhaps as low as the Air. An all new 13 / 15 / 17 inch Pro lineup can be much thicker and more capable.

      Apple has kept that antiquated Air around years too long, there are few people who would choose it over a modern MacBook “Pro” (which is another abused marketing term).

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