Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway made more than $2.6 billion in a single day as Apple shares spiked

“Count Warren Buffett as one of the Apple Inc. investors cheering Wednesday as the tech giant’s shares jumped almost 6% a day after posting a positive earnings report and outlook,” Mike Murphy reports for MarketWatch. “That’s because the billionaire chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. likely made more than $2.6 billion in a single day as Apple shares spiked.”

“As of the end of March, Berkshire Hathaway held 239.6 million Apple shares, according to FactSet data,” Murphy reports. “Assuming it hasn’t sold any — Berkshire has been loading up on Apple, buying 75 million shares in the first quarter alone — that’s a profit of about $8 billion in four months, and a $48 billion overall stake in Apple.”

“Apple is closing in on a trillion-dollar valuation,” Murphy reports. “On Wednesday it updated its share count, revealing its market cap currently stands at $973.2 billion.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yesterday was quite a nice pop for all Apple investors!

Apple’s new trillion-dollar magic number is $207.05 – August 1, 2018


  1. Hoorayyy!. AAPL crossed $1 Trillion this morning at $206.
    congratulations Apple!. Also I want to thank you Tim Cook and teams for being hard at work. For that my living standard has been improved. Thanks a lot. Love you guys. God bless all.

    1. “…Despite some reports Thursday morning universally based on outdated data about the number of outstanding shares Apple’s valuation has not yet reached $1 trillion, but it is on its way….”

      One of the apps with outdated data reporting the wrong conclusion was of course Apple’s own stock app, because, as usual, Tim and everyone can’t be bothered to test shit.

      1. Fox News had a banner headline this morning that Apple became the first trillion dollar company. Within the hour they revised their reporting to say close, but not there yet …

        1. Despite the news, Warren’s struggling a bit. He’s got to replace the muffler in his 2001 sedan and his Dr. recommended he install some hand rails in the shower.

          I’d like to lend a hand so, I’ve set up a page. Please click the link to assist the man.

          Perhaps Apple would consider a unplanned dividend increase in light of Warren’s expenses? Selfishly, I’d welcome such an increase

    2. Apple has done it for good. $207.67 with an adjusted share count of 4.82M. Solidly into that elusive $1T territory. Apple won the race so the debate is over.

        1. LOL, utter tripe. The only person vain enough to associate their name with something great is you. I post under my actual name, with my actual picture, unlike others who hide behind anonymity.

          I have no need to ride other people’s coattails. I’ve made over $200k in the last 2 days. That’s good enough for me.

            1. Since you can borrow against your equity, yes, you’ve made something. This is not the first time I’ve seen you make that nonsense statement.

              And, it’s not like I couldn’t sell my small amount of shares and actually “book” the profit. Woohoo, would that make you happy, so then I can say I made over $200k in the last 2 days? Now, my paper profit is over $240k.

            2. No reply buttons below.

              First, I did not call it a “valuation”. That’s a straw man.

              Second, you said “you haven’t made anything”.

              Third, it only takes a few seconds to close a position. I can assure you, being up over $200k, is alot nicer than being down $200k. I’m sure you make those people who’ve lost over $200k, happy, by telling them, you haven’t lost anything, YET.

              As for your comment about borrowing against “funny money”, you do realize you can borrow real money, against it, regardless of whether you think it’s “funny” or real. If it bothers you, just sell your position, and then the money becomes very real.

              If you’re going to be a cynic, you really should try to be the smartest guy in the room. Somehow, I find your comments trending toward GoeB’s level. A little oblivious to your own mistakes and failings, but happy to point them out in others, even when you’re totally wrong.

            3. AC Is very smart and more importantly, HONEST.

              “I find your comments trending toward GoeB’s level. A little oblivious to your own mistakes and failings,”

              I find you guilt by association that troubles you, good!

              Don’t insult us by acting you do not make mistakes and have no failings.

              BTW, stop bagging about making 200K. It is really in poor taste and your boasting only proves the size of your ego …

  2. I’ve got an evil sense of humour and some things always make me chuckle.

    Carl Icahn announced that he sold more than $20 billion of AAPL in May 2016, when the price was below $100. In fact he sold ( I’m guessing sometime between Jan to May 2016 ) during one of the lowest troughs for AAPL for the last five years.

      1. I’ve seen the above comment several times in several places, and it may be the same person. I would just point out the concept of opportunity cost. Let’s not blindly assume that Carl sold and missed out on doubling his money. He could have sold Apple and bought Amazon, and made even more.

        Recall, Carl was the one who spelled out his $200+ valuation of Apple back in 2016, and people laughed at him. Strangely, almost all of his projections have come true, though, his assumption on future tax rate was wrong. He expected tax reform to allow Apple to lower its tax rate to 20%. Apple has actually lowered its tax rate to 15%.

        1. “Let’s not blindly assume that Carl sold and missed out on doubling his money. He could have sold Apple and bought Amazon, and made even more.”

          Let’s not assume Carl bought Amazon either.

          I stand by my point, he made an epic bad call on Apple …

  3. Good for Warren Buffett. At least he came out and backed Apple when many of those other big investors were totally into the FANG stocks. He seemed to vocally applaud Apple on being a solid company when many other investors seemed to believe Apple was doomed. If any big investor deserves to be rewarded for owning and not trading Apple, then Buffett certainly does. Maybe a good number of Buffett followers also bought Apple which helped increase Apple’s share price. Buffett will likely continue holding Apple and taking advantage of those Apple dividends.

    I hope all of the long-term Apple naysayers are losing money because of their lies and deliberately misinforming investors who might have bought Apple but didn’t because they were too scared to take the risk of holding Apple. I’d like to thank Warren Buffett for being a believer in Apple and Tim Cook and letting many other investors know about it.

    1. Warren Buffet was shy on technology stocks for a long time. But he studied markets and how they were ultimately reshaped by disruptive technologies; new, stable landscapes emerged. To him, Apple was the tectonic force that led all the rest, and he finally threw in with them.

      Almost alone, Buffet understood Apple wasn’t just a conventional peddler of gadgets, forever threatened by the competition and in danger of flaming out at any time.. as some pundits seemed to think. The Jobsian Ethos made all the difference.

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