Race to $1 trillion: Amazon hits $900 billion valuation, rivals Apple

“In the race to a trillion dollar valuation, Apple is getting some real competition,” Reuters reports. “On Wednesday, Amazon for the first time hitting the $900 billion mark, narrowing its valuation gap with Apple – the world’s most valuable publicly traded company.”

Apple buybacks will, of course, reduce share count negatively impacting the company’s market cap while Amazon has not been buying back shares as the company’s share price continues to increase bolstering Amazon’s market cap.

It’s looking like a nailbiter!

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As Apple and Amazon race to the world’s first $1 trillion company, Boris Schlossberg of BK Asset Management and Bill Baruch of Blue Line Futures discuss Apple and Amazon with CNBC’s Sara Eisen.

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MacDailyNews Take: Current standings:

Yahoo Finance:
• Apple : $935.843 billion
• Amazon: $894.235 billion

Thomson Reuters
• Apple : $941.003 billion
• Amazon: $894.724 billion

Market value = share price * shares outstanding.
Apple buybacks cause the shares outstanding figure to change minute-by-minute, making Apple’s actual market value a moving target.

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    1. Ahhh but that PE is so dangerous!

      Glad for those who had the balls to ride Amzn to this level..

      ( hindsight is 20/20) it was having the brass to hangin .

      Anyways that said , bitching about Aapl is not so fair imo.
      Long term investors in Aapl have done pretty well too ..
      Could it have been better.. sure..
      Im not complaining..
      if Apple management was able inspire more confidence in the market about their earnings sustainability and moderate growth, it’s PE would have been in mid 20s or so and the trillion competition would have been history …
      Unfortunately they are not being able to build that confidences.. not yet at least !

  1. There’s no question in my mind that Amazon is going to beat Apple to the trillion mark. This was always Apple’s to lose with current leadership. I only wish I had sold my Apple stock and bought Amazon a couple years ago. I bet on the wrong horse, as did many.

  2. A company that consistently loses money, has no cash on hand, and whose books are opaque to sag the least, trades at a P/E of 373.57 (2017)
    A company that makes tons of money, has over 200 billion in the bank, who’s books are more open than anyone else’s, trades at a P/E of 12.28 (2017)……….

    Yeah, I’m sooooo sure Amazons fundamentals are that sustainable and worth that much more… What complete load of bullshit. This is deliberate market manipulation by people who have a vested interest. That’s it. As soon as they cash out? Amazon tanks. Bullshit.

    1. Apple wants to have high P/E like Amazon, it needs to have Wall Street as best friends like Amazon. Amazon knows who in Wall Street for connections to drive its stock upward. There is no secret to it.

  3. Most people don’t give a rats ass. They want reliable products that work well and don’t nickel and dime them at every turn for monthly fees, dongles, and annoying workarounds. Is Apple really delivering? I think not. Years after others, apple finally puts pro level components in its 15” mbp. Then we find that jonys shiteous design results in severe thermal throttling. Apple is putting more effort into emojis than hardware excellence. Keep screwing around like this and there won’t be anybody who wants apple to sit on trillions of dollars. Timmy doesn’t know how to use the cash he has now.

  4. We might as well admit Apple has already fallen to Amazon and it has turned out exactly how Wall Street wanted it to be. Apple wasted all of the profits it made over the years by hoarding it in an overseas bank for tiny amounts of interest. Meanwhile Amazon was buying business after business and getting into almost everything. Amazon can manage to conquer new markets before Apple can even upgrade the Mac Mini. Amazon will easily increase its value about $25B every month while Apple simply drops in value as it buys back its own stock.

    What’s really sad is that even Microsoft has a better chance of reaching a $1T market cap before Apple does and Microsoft now has a market cap of $800B. CEO Nadella practically tripled Microsoft’s market value in just a few years while Tim Cook has done almost nothing with Apple. Why is it that other companies understand how to increase their value so easily while Apple has to struggle just to increase its value just a small amount?

    It’s really amazing how Amazon investors are going to happily pay $2200 a share for Amazon (to reach $1T) and won’t pay even $200 a share for Apple stock. It’s almost insulting how Amazon is seen to be easily worth 10X Apple’s value to big investors. It also shows how little Wall Street thinks of Tim Cook as a CEO.

    Years back, the Apple bulls were laughing at Amazon’s profitless business and now the Amazon bulls are making money hand over fist while Apple stock basically stagnates in value. Jeff Bezos truly had a vision of the future while Tim Cook couldn’t see anything more than iPhones. Well, why should Tim Cook care if Apple’s value sinks? It’s not as though he owns Apple like Bezos owns Amazon.

    1. It is how little Wall Street respects Tim Cooks vision. He wasted Siri , Itunes movie streaming and Apple music. iCloud was years late. Never pushes people using an Apple email address He is now losing the connected home and continues to exit business like the routers. AR is his to lose. With his track record I am sure he will cede this to others as well. I get very nervous having Eddy Cue over Services. Arrogant and bloated. Apple will hit 1T but not much higher than that unless they invest. Amazon Google and Microsoft will also hit 1T but will keep on going. Cook is Balmer and Sculley.

  5. I love Amazon could not do without it but come on how can it be valued so high when it looses or makes almost nothing each quarter. Apple makes huge profits each quarter but there is always doom and gloom, this makes no sense this is a bubble waiting to burst.

  6. Maybe Apple should start a launch business 🙂

    Seriously, though, the reason Amazon never makes a profit is because they plow all their profits back into expanding the business (and creating a space launch system 🙂 ). Investors like that.

    1. When you have a CEO with vision and a pair vs a timid caretaker CEO that is only interested in remaking the company to suit his liberal personal tastes (fashion, emojis, politics, movies, tv series, music). Then Apple is headed in the direction of an entertainment and fashion company. Geez, it’s so obvious.

      These new areas trump paying the proper amount of attention to Macs, bug free software, et al. As in the past. We need an executive revolution to right this ship …

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