Apple releases macOS Mojave public beta: A visual tour of Dark Mode and other major features

“Today, Apple released the public beta for macOS Mojave,” Samuel Axon writes for Ars Technica. “It adds dark mode, makes significant user experience overhauls to Finder and Quick Look, adds a bunch of apps you might be familiar with from iOS, provides new ways to organize your desktop icons, and more.”

“Installing a beta this early is not advisable for most users — though if you want to brave it, knock yourself out — so we’ve spent the past week exploring this new build in order to give you a sense of its major features without the risk (and illustrated with a plethora of screenshots to boot),” Axon writes. “Generally, Mojave’s changes paint a picture of a Mac platform that continues to seek a tighter relationship with iOS. There’s a new way to bring iOS apps to the Mac. Continuity features have been expanded for more use cases. An overhauled Mac App Store takes cues from the iOS 11 App Store, and system updates have even been relocated to the OS’s settings panel.”

“On top of all that, there’s also dark mode, which is surely a welcome addition for Ars readers,” Axon writes. “There are a lot of poorly implemented dark themes out there, and we did find some cracks in the veneer with this beta. But, generally, we were impressed at how comprehensive dark mode initially looks in macOS.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Dark Mode alone is worth the price of admission (free)!

How to prepare your Mac for the macOS Mojave public beta – June 19, 2018


  1. I would like to see either two versions of the next Mac OSX. One stripped down OS that allows me to do the work I want to do faster, without over half the active resources doing something I don’t need. And one full fat bloated Mac OS X with all this lovely features that mean didly squat to me but others will enjoy.

    Or on install choose the option with go faster stripes or slow my laptop down with all the bells and whistles.

    I miss my old 12” G4 with 10.3, it was quick, nippy in fact, a joy to use.

    My 15” 2017 PowerBook with the fancy bar just doesn’t seem as quick or as bug free.

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