Apple celebrates Pride Day as Tim Cook, employees march in San Francisco Pride Parade

“As it has done in past years, Apple [on Sunday participated in] the San Francisco Pride Parade,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “Apple employees donned Pride-themed t-shirts with the Apple logo, as did CEO Tim Cook, Lisa Jackson, and Jay Blahnik.”

“Apple generally releases a video highlighting its Pride Parade participation, though we don’t have one just yet for this year’s,” Miller reports. “The company has participated in the San Francisco Pride Parade since at least 2014.”

“Apple employees and bystanders have shared numerous posts on Twitter about the company’s participation,” Miller reports. “One user touted that there were around 1,000 people in the Apple section of the parade.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s Inclusion & Diversity information is here.

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    1. Or even a meeting on using the old cheese grater design but with the latest components, no big, time-consuming re-design required. Ditto for the mini.

      And before anyone complains, EVERYthing that Apple do that isn’t related to desktop Macs is another kick-in-the-balls reminder that they seem to be able to do ANYthing they want to do…

      …except update desktop Macs.

      I think Pipeline got about $5k or $6k for the day, too.

    2. On a Sunday afternoon? Don’t blame the engineers and other staff for some poor high-level decision-making about Mac Pro strategy.
      Also, would you be criticizing this if someone wrote an article about a weekend picnic that a bunch of Apple employees went on, or is there something about this particular non-work-hours event that bothers you?

      1. Ya, I have a problem. It sure looks and feels like coercion based on the topic of the event and the fact the “leader” of the company is one of the group that wants (and should never get) special status.

  1. Double dittos on all the Mac comments!

    Hey pipeline, when are we going to see you at a gun rights rally or military parade? Oh that’s right, against liberal politics brainwashed religion.

    Thanks for taking the company one sided politically Tim, something Steve would NEVER DO …

    1. Tim already fixed the “gun problem” by making the gun emoji into a squirt gun. That made him and fools like him feel better and, as we all know, if Liberals are made to feel better, the problem is solved. On to the next outrage, march the Dem/Lib/Progs in jackbooted lockstep!

      1. “if Liberals are made to feel better, the problem is solved.”

        Interesting take and exactly right. Yeah, the cowardly bowing to Libtard pressure on the handgun pixel picture really ticked me off to this day …

    2. When the military holds military parades, then I am sure that Apple employees are free to engage and participate.

      Unlike LGTBQ rights, gun rights were explicitly written into the Constitution via the Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment has been somewhat misinterpreted over the years as firearms technology has progressed far beyond anything that the Founding Fathers imagined. However, if there is a gun rights rally, then I am sure that Apple employees are free to engage and participate. If you are expecting Apple corporate to publicly support a gun rally, then you are likely to be disappointed. Besides, firearms have absolutely nothing to do with Apple’s core business. The NRA, S&W, Ruger, and Remington and others can sponsor and promote the gun rallies. Promoting the rights of LGTBQ employees, however, is important to the Apple’s core business.

      1. “The Second Amendment has been somewhat misinterpreted over the years as firearms technology has progressed far beyond anything that the Founding Fathers imagined.”

        The founding fathers argument is irrelevant and the misinterpretation you mention is mainly for the misguided left in their quest to ban guns. Supreme Court rulings are crystal clear.

        You’re right, I don’t expect pipeline at a gun rights rally because of his NARROW political views.

        “Promoting the rights of LGTBQ employees, however, is important to the Apple’s core business.”

        Agreed on the gay rights being important to the company. Are you saying gun rights are NOT important to Apple employees?

        I’m guessing some of employees might happen to be gun owners and don’t appreciate changing the handgun emoji to a green squirt gun …

  2. Here is some free advice – you do not need to use every opportunity to twist the narrative towards the long overdue Mac Pro update. We all know the issue and we all know that Apple has deferred the release date into next year. That means that everyone just has to wait.

    This is simply a parade celebrating freedom and inclusion. You don’t have to like it, but you should respect the peaceful celebration of human rights in this country and leave it at that.

      1. It seems clear you don’t actually know the definition of Sodomy (which has nothing to do with homosexuality) you just imagine the worst.

        You do know that disease and dispair are just as abundant in all populations? Of course you do. Plenty of diseases to go around. If is wasn’t for dramatic attention seeking gays and incessant bad Hollywood media, you wouldn’t be able to pick out most homosexuals until they tell you. Talk about clueless.

        The worst health in the world is demonstrated by people who use the constitution and the bible as their only reference guides. Gafc.

        1. You are wrong always, so you help us all to know what is right. Whatever you say isn’t. Check STD rates in the gay community versus the heterosexual population. Check suicide rates among homosexuals versus straight. It’s all out there.

          1. Yes its all out there, and you choose not to cite your data source. Disease incidents according to the CDC in the USA confirm that, yes , HIV incidence rate remains dramatically higher among gays than the general population. However, STD epidemics come and go across the entire population, across all demographics. Furthermore, the statistics are difficult to parce because sexually active people are also frequently infected by drug use and other issues. This forum is neither the place to discuss it nor for your greater-than-thou condescension to be aired. One wonders what few selected parables of your religious book you use to form your opinions. It certainly is not informed by public health data, modern medicine, or 21st century tech and hygiene.

            For the record: I am straight but will fight to the death the individual rights for a citizen to love who they want, without some goddamned government or religious zealots throwing up regulations and restrictions. Funny how you pretend to be so libertarian until someone else chooses to be free of your narrowminded opinions.

    1. personally nothing against gays or him marching on a weekend

      but with the unfortunate shitty situation of macs that we depend on (like for making a living) we have to take every opportunity to make the issue known as obviously Apple staffers seem to be asleep.

      Besides the Mac Pro, the Mini and the Air also years late with updates. And there are numerous complaints with the MB and the MBP as well.

      ZERO reason why desktops like MPs should take so long to update . Hackintosh teenagers have machines that are way faster than the Cylinder …

      so we’re going to make noise.

      SHOOT maybe if we complaint enough the MP would be out in EARLY 2019 and not DEC 31 or LATER (as they said it won’t be this year but never stated when…)

      Seriously think about it he’s more concerned about his ‘social rights’ than Apple’s commitment to it’s customers ! It’s hypocrisy to keep saying Apple ‘cares’ in countless press interviews when he ignores his own Pro users who INVESTED cash following Apple’s marketing (hey WE don’t have rights ? ) He’s leaving us to rot while Apple staffers march, luxuriate in their designer chairs, twiddle their thumbs on their ‘select Maple only’ furniture and play in their fruit garden…
      It’s taking longer to update the MP (2013) than start and finish the Campus !

      ENOUGH !!

      I’m calling on Tim Cook for his ‘caring’ hypocrisy… !

  3. Yet another MDN sponsored thread replete with barely disguised homophobia, hate and mindless dissembling.
    What a load of self-loathing snowflakes you all are. Your precious alpha male sensibilities threatened by an expression of free will, freedom of expression and freedom from abuse, by Tim Cook, Apple employees and their families on a SUNDAY!…so pathetically fragile you are.
    You all sound like gun toting religious extremists.
    Irony abounds as stupidity thrives.

      1. What evidence do you have for or against gun ownership or church attendance of anyone on this forum, Goeb? If those are your acid tests, and you feel itnis acceptable to link these broad brush with fiscal responsibility, familial responsiblity, patriotism, and other traditional values, etc, then you have a very weak reasoning ability.

        Ask Dick Cheney what he has learned about homosexuality and conservatism. His daughter is out.

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