President Trump signs executive order to keep families illegally crossing the U.S. border together, says ‘zero-tolerance’ policy will continue

“President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday ending the process of separating children from families after they are detained crossing the U.S. border illegally,” The Associated Press reports. “‘We’re going to have strong, very strong borders, but we’re going to keep the families together,’ said Trump who said he didn’t like the ‘sight’ or ‘feeling’ of children separated from their parents.”

“He said his order would not end the ‘zero-tolerance’ policy that criminally prosecutes all adults caught crossing the border illegally,” AP reports. “The order aims to keep families together while they are in custody, expedite their cases, and ask the Department of Defense to help house families.”

“Two people close to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said early Wednesday that she was the driving force behind the plan to keep families together after they are detained crossing the border illegally. One of the people said Nielsen, who had become the face of the administration’s policy, had little faith that Congress would act to fix the separation issue and felt compelled to act,” AP reports. “Also playing a role in his turnaround: First lady Melania Trump. One White House official said Mrs. Trump had been making her opinion known to the president for some time that she felt he needed to do all he could to help families stay together, whether by working with Congress or acting on his own.”

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MacDailyNews Note: President Trump’s Executive Order comes one day after Apple CEO Tim Cook criticized the detention of children who were separated from their parents while illegally crossing the U.S. border between the U.S. and Mexico, calling it “inhumane” and “heartbreaking.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook condemns ‘inhumane’ U.S. detention of children – June 19, 2018


    1. Mr. Trump put out a fire that he himself set. That is certainly better than the alternative, so I’ll give him credit for that. Better not to have set the fire, though.

          1. “He deflects, ignores or moves on with no comment …”. Are we talking about Obama? It sounds like you are talking about Obama. So, are you talking about Obama?!?

            Or, are you talking about todays modern, so called “journalist”?

            1. By his numerous and voluminous tedious posts presenting only the LEFT side details of every story, and condemning only the right side, yeah, he definitely QUALIFIES as a fake journalist …

        1. I’m perfectly happy to admit (or even ADMIT) mistakes. This wasn’t one. The Daily Caller article points out, correctly, that the detention facilities have existed for a very long time.

          However, they were used to house only unaccompanied minors and minors who arrived accompanied only by an adult with outstanding felony warrants. What else were they to do with those kids? Sell them to human traffickers to generate Border Patrol revenue? They were detained until a responsible adult could be located to take custody.

          The fire Mr. Trump lit was the one-two punch of (1) deciding that misdemeanor criminal charges should be filed against every adult who crossed the border without prior permission, including but not limited to those seeking asylum. (Prior practice had been to file civil removal proceedings against first-time offenders, which allowed secure detention, but not jail, for the adults and also allowed families to remain in detention together. That practice was fully supported by the statute. The courts had, however, ruled that children could not be detained for longer than twenty days, so most family units were released with appropriate monitoring until their hearings.)

          (2) The second punch was to remand all of the defendants charged with a misdemeanor criminal immigration offense, rather than allowing any of them—even parents with small children—out on bail. Since the adults were going to a criminal jail rather than into civil detention, all of their children were removed and placed in the facilities that had previously been used only for unaccompanied minors, with eventual transfer into other government holding facilities. Because the facilities near the border quickly filled, many of the children were shipped into states as far away as the Canadian border or housed in tents under a 100-degree sun. The echoes of the concentration camps built in 1942 for American citizens of Japanese descent, and certain even less savory camps, were inescapable.

          The furor was not about detaining juveniles (which had been going on for much more than a decade), but about splitting up family units with small children without making any serious plans for eventual family reunification. Thousands of children could potentially be left in limbo forever, like the US residents eligible for the DACA program.

          My initial plan after seeing josej’s post was indeed to ignore it. It was factually wrong, but not exactly egregious. However, GeoB reminded me that truth matters. A lie is a lie, no matter how many times it is repeated, but a lie that is repeated without refutation can gain the appearance of truth. I’m tired of watching lies expand to dominate our public discourse.

          1. On the left (of course) the “bubble-headed bleach-blonde” sanctimoniously indicting a Border Patrol agent (on the right, of course) until she sees she is not equipped to deal with the reality of the situation just by claiming “America is outraged”.

            She insist the officer comments on a snippet of other officers detaining kids (how long did they have to record to find something so horrible as grown men dealing with kids while trying to keep a sane mind?) as if he is REQUIRED to defend every wrong action as perceived by her HoliMess

            She doesn’t know the truth of what really happens to kids or why they are separated from parents or other adults.
            She is just another liberal bitch that blames the world’s woes on real people trying to actually do something while she sits under an air-conditioner to keep from sweating off the 7 layer dip of colored make-up.

            And half of America believes idiots like her.

          2. “A lie is a lie, no matter how many times it is repeated, but a lie that is repeated without refutation can gain the appearance of truth.”

            Like “straight white male conservative” for example? You LIE …

    2. What is wrong with you?

      It took the interjection of the First Lady, herself an illegal immigrant when she first arrived in the USA, to point out how immoral it is to separate children from their mothers?

      Trump is not making America great. He is making every trading partner and every citizen question the level of ethics of America’s present leadership.

      You may personally find Muslim bans, border lockdowns, hiked trade tariffs, and other racist and isolationist measures to be somehow empowering, but all of Trump’s games have undermined his standing within his own party (nobody in the GOP can trust anything he says), and he certainly has put the economy on thin ice with mounting trade retaliations hitting all kinds of US industries in ways that Trump cannot and will not ever comprehend.

      The childish lack of diplomacy, treating every encounter like a competitive deal where one side has to lose, is a stupid way to run a nation that holds only 5% of the world’s population. If you want the USA to export anything competitively on the world market in the future, you’re going to have to engage in multilateral diplomacy. Instead the world is aghast at Trump’s erratic ego trips.

      The excuses for bad policy came fast and furious. While the Obama administration implemented technology like electronic tracking and DACA to identify, process, and deport or delay deportation of would-be immigrants in a sensible manner, Trump uses only the most simplistic approach: 20,000 beds were orded at the Pentagon in order to lock up children in internment camps reminiscent of Japanese citizens in WW2. The difference of course being that in WW2, the unfortunate Japanese detainees were kept as family units and were given accommodations that included basic sanitary needs, et, although most were economically ruined. Trump wanted to round up all the kids, dump them into tents in the Texas desert, with minimal rations, no doctors, no supervision, no planning whatsoever how to deal with the ones that couldn’t take care of themselves. Do you think that’s a workable idea at all? All ages 1 year to 17 years old thrown in a tent with no diapers, no mothers, no adult supervision other than gate guards? Wow. The fear of a non-white America is strong within you if this is how low you will go to preserve your 1880’s dream of greatness.

      1. “Trump is not making America great.“

        Absolutely right. Economy is tanking big time. Unemployment at an all time high. Blacks and Hispanics record numbers of unemployment. Consumer confidence tanking to a record low. Dictators threatening Trump worldwide.

        Yup, it could not get any worse …

  1. Trump didn’t even need an Executive Order for this. What a clown. Bragging about a 45% approval rating with this economy. If Barack Obama was President with an unemployment rate under 4, he’d be sitting at 70% approval right now.


    1. 45% approval rating with the mainstream media aligned 95% against him. As opposed to Oblahblah who had a red army of commie media types behind every single one of his stupid unworkable idiocies.

      1. I won’t even comment the fact that you are an ignorant sheep who doesn’t distinguish between a economic liberal politician, like Obama, and a communist. I’ll just say that, if you weren’t a paid human-bot, sometime sooner or later you’ll feel this imbecile’s policy coming after you.

      2. You are in Lemming territory here at this site.. dont mind the down votes.

        Its amazing how The Lemmings have such a hard time distinguishing between legal immigration and illegal immigration, lawfulness vs criminality.
        respect for rule of law vs Anarchy.

        I wonder if all these mindless lemmings have fenced or walled yards? if they lock their doors ……or if all is left open and clear for all to come and go as they please.

        Hypocracy has been eleveated to all time new heights …… … shockingly so.

        Add on top the fraud thats is known as media and geranlism… nothing more than tentacles for the powerful to manipulate the masses.
        One of the most corrupt institutions in US/world If not the most corrupt. And the country is run by them, no one else….. amassing lemming to mindlessly follow.

        Pathetic and sad.

        1. The down votes here are mainly fake and false courtesy of banned people from this site that have a political bias.

          Just go through the site comments now and look at the low vote totals for all right posters that are off the charts not proportional to the positive votes of the left. Notice a consistent pattern?

          To all the dishonest troll snakes here, Botty called out CX for one, that are wasting time falsifying votes over and over, ummm, it means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

          So all that time living rent free in your heads is WASTED! Continue pathetic people, glad the right wingers take so much of your daily time that amounts to NOTHING at the end of the day …

        2. Fascists always claim rule of law to justify their immoral actions. But like so many lies Trump tells every day, it was very easy to prove that there is nothing in any law that would force him to split a child away from his mother. To most decent human beings, such a policy would never be considered acceptable in any circumstances.

          My question is: why can’t you see the immorality in such an administrative policy? Acting like thugs and tearing apart families does nothing to make America great, nor is it an effective deterrent from people who are escaping violence and wars and economic mayhem in their homelands. No church and no large business in the USA supports Trump’s immoral border immigration processing policy. Past and present GOP First Ladies were aghast and spoke out immediately against Trump.

          Only people who are paranoid and drunk on Trumpade apparently support what should be a punishable crime, to physically detain a child separately from his mother.

    2. If Obama did what Trump did to help the economy along, he would’ve had 85% approval. But Obama did what ever he could to hurt this economy. And the alphabet media groups help carry him along, or looked the other way (Obama border problems). Obama kept kids in cages and wrapped them in foil (Drudge Report). Please watch link below!

          1. @ Tower:

            So you can’t link a Trump action to a decisive non-photo-op economic boost either, huh? Trump’s erratic isolationist and anti-trade rhetoric have almost completely undermined any short-term sugar high the congressional corporate tax giveaway might have offered. So we have long term federal debt balloon to look forward to. Consumer prices are jumping up nicely, more than eating away the promised salary bumps that Trump claimed would magically appear. It certainly doesn’t look like a wave of factories is opening up across the nation, either. Sure there are a few, as always, but for what is statistically a full-employment economy has a shocking amount of homeless bums, baristas with masters degrees, uninsured thirtysomethings living with their parents, and of course a huge boom in corporate consolidation which will reduce competition and drive still higher consumer prices in the future.

            I am elated though to know that you think Trump is setting America on the path to prosperity for all. Still, I would advise you to see how few people are actually benefitting from whatever it is you think Trump does between Fox and Friends, Tweet Hour, Photo Op Time with Dictators, and golf.

      1. Just, no. If you want your argument to be taken seriously, don’t say things like the former president was actively trying to hurt the economy. You may not agree with how he did it, but statements like that are just ridiculous.

    3. “If Barack Obama was President with an unemployment rate under 4, he’d be sitting at 70% approval right now.”

      Exactly right!!!

      But what you are NOT SAYING is why President Trump does not have higher approval numbers he so rightly DESERVES.

      Short answer: Liberal media bias. When over 90% of media coverage is NEGATIVE, highest in history, since his first day in office, do you agree that reflects in the polls?

      Now, the polls have taking a BEATING since the presidential election. 70-90% of polls had Clinton winning the election, how did that work out when Trump won in an electoral landslide.

      Bottom line: You trust polls and the media after EPIC bias and mistakes, good luck with that …

      1. I thought big bad Fox News was the #1 rated network, beating out their competitors combined? Surely their voice, which sounds like state-run propaganda 24/7, would balance that out.

            1. You’re absolutely right, Jimbo.

              BTW, watched Goldeneye on AMC the other day and that line near the ending scene always reminds me of you … 😎

      2. Again you provide us with an analgesic from the fact that the truth hurts. Yes, a majority of polls showed Clinton winning the popular vote, which she did. Most of them also stated that the lack of reliable state-by-state polling made the electoral vote too close to call, which it was.

        1. Unbiased polling DIED the last election and unless they change their ways, it is totally lost. We elect presidents by the electoral college, not the media cheerleading popular vote. It is absolutely STUNNING what Trump accomplished. But we all know you will not give him an atomic particle of credit. Your biased opinion is useless …

    1. Common sense would’ve been to never do this in the first place. An Executive Order wasn’t required; it’s all a charade for Trumpy to look like a man of action.

      1. I certainly won’t disagree there, I’ll give a thumbs up to the idea that something like that should never have happened in the first place.

        That being said I’m glad and relieved that this particular issue was resolved swiftly.

        1. Man of Action? ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

          Trump relies on an endless stream of lies he repeats ad nauseam so simpletons like you believe them to be facts.

          – you think he passed the presidential physical exam. We found out later the results were written beforehand by Trump’s press corps.

          – you think Obama golfed too much because Trump said so. But of course Trump golfs vastly more, and at much greater expense to taxpayers.

          – Jonathan Swan of Axios reports that Trump’s typical office day is 7 HOURS, generally from ~11am to 6pm

          – on the White House agenda, you can see huge swaths of “Executive Time” white Trump is AWOL. Leaks show that it’s mostly television and tweets, not actually learning anything from what used to be the most formidible federal intelligence, military, and domestic administration that any leader could hope to have at his fingertips. Well of course talking heads on Fox & Friends must know more than all those folks over at the Pentagon of over on Congressional Hill. So inconvenient to have to talk to people face to face when you can tweet out your ignorance instantly

          – here is the official White House agenda for today, Friday, June 22, 2018:

          12:15 pm Participates in the credentialing ceremony for newly appointed ambassadors to Washington
          2:30 pm Makes remarks on immigration with Angel Families; South Court Auditorium
          8:30 pm Attends the United States Marine Corps Evening Parade; Washington

          DAMN that’s a lot of hard work. What action. Hard to believe our fearless leader couldn’t fit in time to work with Congress on decades-overdue immigration reform instead of just tweeting discouragement from his recliner.

          Maybe he could meet with his economic traitor cabinet members to see about balancing the budget which is rapidly spiraling out of control since spending hasn’t declined but tax revenues are dropping?

          How about some reasonable psychiatric standards for gun ownership like you promised the victims of school shootiings?

          How about finding $223 million in the budget to cut in order to cover the cost that Trump has incurred for the military detainee tent cities that have been set up to house unattended children in the desert instead of adding that to the national debt?

          How about a visit to any of a million small businesses who rely on imported parts and materials in order to make innovative stuff in the USA?

          How about a goddamned plan to back out of Afghanistan and Iraq?

          How about gathering up last year’s shoebox of IRS forms like you promised to do?

          How about a comprehensive national drug policy instead of turning a blind eye to the states that are proudly selling illegal drugs with next to zero legal oversight?

          How about some infrastructure improvements?

          We get it, it take a lot of action behind the scenes to attorney up and distance oneself from friends like convicted money launderer Manafort, Russian officials, Trump is just too busy to do the nation’s business. He’s got a Trump empire to run.

  2. I await Tim Cooks tweet before knowing how to react.

    I also await his tweet on the disastrous team Obama had in place at FBI/DOJ who undermined our Republic more than anything the Russkies did.

    -oh wait….

  3. Shame on you, Trumpsters… Take your 30 coins of silver… Feel righteous. Go ahead. Bask in this vile filth you stand so proudly behind. It won’t look so good in the wake history.

  4. How in the world is this Apple news. I’m tired of all of macdailynews Trump nut hugging sessions. Gonna move on to other Apple related sites, I’m done with you guys.

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