Apple’s Metal 2 and macOS 10.13.5 vs. Micrsoft’s DirectX and Windows 10

“With all the talk at WWDC regarding Metal 2, we thought it would be educational to see how Rise of Tomb Raider built using Metal 2 compares to running same game under Windows 10 using DirectX 11 and DirectX 12,” Rob Art Morgan writes for BareFeats.

“What did we learn?” Morgan writes. “The iMac Pro ran the Rise of Tomb Raider’s built-in 3 part benchmark is faster under Windows 10 (Boot Camp) using DirectX 11 and 12 than under macOS 10.13.5 running Metal 2, Apple’s latest graphics technology.”

“The iMac 5K and iMac Pro tend to be the best gaming Macs, pricey though they may be. However, the 2010 Mac Pro with a TITAN Xp was able to edge out the iMac Pro running Rise of Tomb Raider at 2560×1440 and 3840×2160. Then again, the iMac Pro runs DIRT Rally and TW: Warhammer twice as fast as the Mac Pro tower with the best GPUs,” Morgan writes. “Tim Cook said, ‘I love the Mac and we are very committed to it.’ The rest of us love Mac, too, but are still waiting to taste the fruits of Apple’s commitment. It’s sad that gamers are compelled to install Windows in their Mac to get the maximum gaming performance. Some just give up and trade their Mac for a Windows PC.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Words are one thing and actions are quite another.


  1. So glad I am not into gaming. I have work to do on my Mac plus iPhone plus iPad. This rest of my time I spend with my wife and my kids. Wait – where is iPad and iPhone? Mostly the kids steal my iPhone and iPad to play games. More time for me and my wife together.

        1. If I were superficial I would say you are both ignorant and arrogant. But I don’t know you peterblood71 and John Dingler, artist.

          Here is why. It is how you use a technology or the way you look at things what could be right or wrong, and not a particular art or technology. It is called video game technology but it involves much more as it is a realtime audiovisual presentation possibility. Now, oil paint, watercolor, music or cinematography are novel mediums we use to express ourselves. But a man like Leonardo Da Vinci would only dreamed to the possibilities we give for granted today. And he, Leonardo once created an automat lion to entertain or amaze people, yeah maybe courtesans. Oh, how superficial was that even coming from Leonardo. Right?

          If you think video games are lame is because they may need more attention and depth. No less. And yes, there is art involved in video game creation.

          Metal 2.0 is a right step, we just need Apple to take it very seriously and allow the Mac to be a best medium it could be. What the developers or users do with it is another story.

          1. True dat. Fortunately I’ve cut my own time back a lot due to the fact there is hardly anything come out of Apple worth keeping up with and what I do care about it months or years away from happening. Plus hey less time on the Internet, more time with more satisfying creative pursuits.

  2. While I’m not what you would consider a hardcore gamer, I recently bought a pc tower to do my occasional gaming. Reason being? My game of choice no longer supports Metal. What makes it bearable, while I consider MS an abomination, is that I use it for work as well. Gone are the days where you can game on a Mac…even decently.

  3. I don’t know about the games in the article but most big name games are designed for Windows first and then ported to the Mac. As such, even with the Metal layer, there will always be a performance gap with the Windows version.

    Interestingly, both my younger sons have PC’s that they bought for gaming but when it comes to doing actual work, they switch over to their Mac laptops.

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