Why I just started caring about macOS: Mojave

“I converted from PCs to Macs in 2008 just after I started working for PCWorld,” Mark Sullivan writes for Fast Company. “The Macworld people worked in the same office with us, and I couldn’t help but notice how much fun they had using and talking about their gear.”

“A decade later I’m still a Mac user, but that’s not to say I’ve been terribly impressed with the way Apple has evolved the OS over the years,” Sullivan writes. “Major thematic changes seem to arrive slowly on the Mac. For instance, Siri was introduced in the iPhone back in 2011, and it took until 2016 to arrive on the Mac. Newly announced features tend to look cool in the demos but ultimately don’t help my day-to-day productivity very much… To me, macOS has lately offered precious little to get excited about.”

“I began to feel differently when I saw Apple software vice president Craig Federighi introduce the new macOS [Mojave] last week at the company’s annual developer conference,” Sullivan writes. “His demo was convincing: I got that ‘ooh I want that’ several times as I saw new productivity features I could imagine myself actually using. In terms of practical, useful new features, I would argue macOS Mojave even outshined iOS 12 during Apple’s WWDC demos… I sensed some envelope pushing going on around this year’s macOS, and that can only be good. Mojave may not have been the most important OS refresh – that was reserved for iOS – but it may have been the most ambitious.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We want Mojave on all of our Macs for the Finder improvements alone!


  1. After about 10 days with Mojave‘s dark mode I switched back to light mode. The problem with dark mode is – fair enough – the darkness. It is real and hefty black, and that makes contrasts way too strong. I prefer to have to choose from several types of darkness like many pro apps offer. In those cases I always take a very dark grey scheme, but never a full black or a grey closed to it. In the moment everybody is thrilled about the dark mode. In real life it will fail if it will not be changed.

    1. I dont know what kind of blithering idiot it takes for someone to one star you for voicing a very valid opinion and concern.

      Fanboys, you help NO ONE with your slavish, uncritical thinking.

      1. Ishkadribbles on and on like a drone. You’re think uncritical fanboy who craps on about crap.

        To “Apple can do better” above, why not submit your feedback to Apple? Let them know you want shades of grey. Now’s the time to give them feedback so the feature can arrive in the final, golden master.

        In the meantime, none of us look forward to Ishkadribble Von Stink telling everyone else what to think.

    2. I have been asking for Dark Mode for years and it is finally here. But my biggest fear has always been what you describe and one of the reasons why I don’t like Android. The whites are just too bright. It took me a while, but I am finally used to it and still have it in Dark Mode on mine. It doesn’t punch me in the face anymore as it once did with the brightness.

      1. One question, are you able to use Night Mode to reduce some of the white’s brightness?

        Also, on iPhone, you can “reduce the white point”. I don’t see that option in Displays or in Accessibility in System Preferences, but perhaps Apple will introduce it?

        There’s also the ability to calibrate the screen colour, maybe something there or one of the other options in Displays under Accessibility might help?

        -Not the real Ishkagrobble Von Drink

    3. I wonder why Apple wont allow the enduser the flexibility of setting the colors and contrasts .to their liking .
      Windows.. (it has been a while now for me)
      Or some of the high end softwars i use allowe the end user to set the colors of the interface to their liking….

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