What is Apple hiding with iOS 11.4?

“Have you installed iOS 11.4?” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Once you’d looked at AirPlay 2and Messages in iCloud, did you happen to take a look at the contents of the security updates?”

“If you did you’ll have been disappointed,” Evans writes. “Apple hasn’t disclosed details concerning the security content of the new software. It hasn’t revealed anything concerning USB Restricted Mode, which apparently makes it harder for people to hack into your device.”

“On Apple’s security updates page… all you’ll find (instead of an explanation) is the phrase: ‘Details available soon,'” Evans writes. “You could speculate that Apple has (not for the first time) hidden a few surprises in the just-released software, perhaps supporting announcements it plans for WWDC?”

“Perhaps there’s a hint on the WWDC website?” Evans writes. “Count them up (I did) and you’ll find… that Almost half the sessions scheduled at WWDC will relate in some way to technologies Apple hasn’t revealed yet. There are just over 250 sessions listed in all.”

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MacDailyNews Take: WWDC 2018 looks to be jam-packed!


  1. Yes Jam-packed full of
    1) Emojies
    2) Watch bands
    3) Features that will be promised for iOS12 that we won’t see until 1 week before iOS13 is revealed
    4) Stuff we don’t care about or never asked for

    1. Hahah I see you’ve been following Tim Cooks Apple for a while now huh? You about summed up his company pretty well.

      They forgot about the Mac. Still upset about that.

      1. just wondering who you guys think is doing it better than apple. Must be someone or you guys are just constantly depressed. Also please spare me 1 laptop from company x, or a desktop from company y. i want to know who provides higher quality products, with better service, better security, better continuity between them across the breadth of their product lines than apple.

        I save you the the time and ill just answer for you the answer is NO ONE and its not close!

          1. if they do not measure themselves against others who then? themselves? products in 2018 are 100x more complex than 2008 or 2010 so to have bugs would be normal. which i think people fail to realize is NO ONE produces new software and hardware which is reverse compatible for a min of 3 years. Not to mention the languages apple supports in their products. so people say “its not the same apple” which i agree with, they change every year but what they do not change is the focus on experience, security, and hardware. there is no company in the world putting as much r&d and custom silicon in their products and it shows every year as the gap in mobile processors expands. or how about faceId…. we are almost a year in and no one is close to replicating the tech not to mention doing it on 100m devices.

            1. as well, there’s no excuse for the bowl full of late/no product releases. Tim’s got a long list, many years worth of “misses” and innovation isn’t part of the discussion. I’m talking about regular product updates. He’s on the ball with v-mojis and Pride A-watch faces though. Apple’s got a enough bank for updates to happen like clockwork.

            2. And it seems Apple yet another company putting distance between itself and the experiences of passionate Apple users. When people say it’s not the same company, maybe they aren’t referring to how any company changes from year to year. Maybe they are referring to the relationship they feel with Apple as opposed to that relationship at any one of up to 8 years back. Maybe they are saying they know there are going to be bugs but that the Apple they knew gave deadlines that were realistic and not rushed; and while keeping their word regarding deadlines, Apple would not hesitate to extend a deadline rather than send out a product in the disgusting shape of the ATV4. We totally get that Apple isn’t flawless but we have been perceiving a lack of focus on quality for a while. And while the company is gaining new users in other countries, that’s necessary nowadays to offset the lack of passion in its passionate users. We haven’t jumped ship. Yeah, we look around and stay on top of the industry but we just don’t buy those Apple products with every new version like we once did. Maybe we stall in purchasing that new Apple product – HomePod for instance – to give QA (the initial purchasers) time to do their jobs so we can get the real product when it’s ready. Maybe in the end, we just as passionate about Apple as we once were and, hence, Apple has to have a services business for us to offset that money that we aren5 spending at the velocity that we once did.

      2. Heh, that’s aDORable… you think they forgot the Mac. Isn’t that cute!

        They didn’t forget it, they are KILLING it to get on with the next thing.

  2. I think what we might be seeing is that products nowadays is that products have so many features that unless the software is absolutely spot on then you end up with glitches.

    He’s just a couple of examples:

    A friend of mine has a one year old BMW sedan that on occasion at start up loses power and the driver has to turn off the ignition, wait ten seconds and restart the engine and the car is then absolutely.

    My 28 day 4K TV freaked out whilst I was changing the settings and froze. The remote control would only turn the TV off and on.

    The helpline suggested I disconnect all the wires and wait ten minutes, reconnect everything and then power it up again. So what they said was to reboot the TV…and it worked! Kinda makes me miss my old Plasma “that just worked”. And I haven’t heard that line for a long time.

  3. Details available soon…

    Hmm. At least that’s better than posting nothing, which has been sadly common in the past. It will be interesting to see why the details are on hold. My best guess: Something profound was patched and Apple wants the patch installed to the max before revealing the details, which will presumably allow black hats to exploit it. IF that’s the case, bravo Apple.

  4. Right now, don’t care one iota.

    Just had a family member tell me to **NOT upgrade** their iOS devices to 11.4 … they no longer trust Apple to “Do the Right Thing” when it comes to delivering quality products to delight their customers.

  5. As for today, June 1st, Apple has released ALL the security documents for their recent updates. You can access them all at:


    Today Apple also provided updates to:
    • Safari 11.1.1
    • macOS High Sierra 10.13.5, Security Update 2018-003 Sierra, Security Update 2018-003 El Capitan
    • iCloud for Windows 7.5

    As for iOS 11.4, it has 31 security patches:
    – 10 are for Webkit.
    – 3 are for Siri.
    – Mail has been patched to stop the EFAIL encryption security flaw, CVE-2018-4227. Hurrah.
    – The usual raft of bad memory management patches, the plague of software programming in general.

    The macOS security updates also have 31 patches, many of which are the same as iOS, including the Mail EFAIL patch, hurrah.

    I like this new strategy of getting all the new updates out on the net before WWDC. It means a lot less distraction for those attending as well as general users.

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