WWDC 2018: All the rumors on iOS 12, iPad Pro, new MacBooks and more

“We’re just two weeks away from getting our next official glimpse of Apple’s future,” John Falcone and Justin Jaffe write for CNET. “The company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference offers clues about the road ahead for the next operating systems and software applications that power Apple’s iPhones, iPads, Macs, watches, HomePod speakers and Apple TV streamers. The show, which runs this year from June 4 to 8 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA, will also give third-party developers the opportunity to mix it up with Apple executives, engineers and product designers.”

“WWDC is very much about unveiling upgrades to operating systems, apps, services and software frameworks that will hit later in the year,” Falcone and Jaffe write. “However, Apple sometimes uses the spotlight to launch new hardware, too.”

“The sequels to the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are expected in September as usual, and Apple has already confirmed that the new Mac Pro isn’t coming until 2019,” Falcone and Jaffe write. “Likewise, the HomePod speaker and entry-level iPad are basically brand new, having just been released in February and March, respectively.”

But here are four product categories that have a good shot of being refreshed in June:

• MacBooks and iMacs
• iPad Pros
• iPhone SE 2
• Apple AirPower

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MacDailyNews Take: Plus, multiroom audio and stereo pairing for HomePod will be icing in the cake!


  1. Good god, 2019! How the poor Mac Pro users suffer. If there are any left who have waited all this time, they should get a significant discount from Apple.

    1. Many of us haven’t. Apple screwed the pooch big time on this one and can no longer be trusted by pros. I anticipate it will not only be in 2019, it will be in LATE 2019, almost 2020. And then the wait just getting one. No waiting on the upgradeable workstation of our dreams right now in a PC Workstation, I’m sad and happy to say.

        1. I’m editing 4K movies (and not using FCPX) and doing 3D work with 8K around the corner. Apple now makes machines that can be limiting and sealed up – not good. And we see how they can be trusted to satisfy the pro market with a Mac Pro that can be outfitted with Nvidia cards if your little heart desires. Yah see pros don’t exactly like being told what they’ll use and then STFU.

          But music? That’s more data processing chump change that you can do on practically anything. Take your pick Commodore 64 or Vic 20.

          Shirley your post can not be serious…

      1. We know that you are bitter about Apple and the Mac Pro issues, but now you are making up stuff and screaming about it without providing one shred of evidence to back it up.

        Apple intended to release the new Mac Pro this year. For some reasons of which I am unaware, Apple could not meet that deadline and announced a delay until 2019. But I have every reason to believe that Apple is trying to rectify the situation and release the new Mac Pro as soon as possible. I have no reason at all to believe that Apple will allow this delay to extend another 16 to 18 months from today. None at all.

        1. “I have no reason at all to believe that Apple will allow this delay to extend another 16 to 18 months from today. None at all.”

          Sure you do. Since 2012 when the last Mac Pro was announced and failed to (favorably) impress any and all pro users, we’ve been waiting for Apple to rectify the situation. 6 years and counting, during which Apple has been focused on everything EXCEPT a proper Mac Pro. Apple has given us no reason at all to believe that Apple WON”T extend this delay indefinitely. And you can expect that when they actually announce a new Mac Pro (probably at WWDC 2019), it will be at least 6 months before it ships, if history is any judge.

        2. Apple never said promised a 2018 Mac Pro delivery a year ago and everyone knew knowing how they work it wouldn’t be until 2019. Probably will be announced at the 2019 WWDC for delivery in the Oct.-Dec. timeframe and then if there’s anyone left willing to order one then waiting in that line leading us into 2020 before arriving in people’s hot and angry little hands.

          I used to be young, Apple faithful and trusting like you. Apple has broken it’s hold on me for good and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling. I may still buy Macs and Apple products but not with the same feverish delight as in the past. I will buy based on need. And other platforms value pros business. Apple only pays lip service to it without the corresponding actions which tell the real story. Fool me once, twice…

      2. It definitely won’t be the first half of 2019. At best, it could be right after WWDC 2019, but I think that’s being very optimistic.

        Further, I think a lot of people are going to be disappointed with it. A lot of people are expecting more of the Cheese Grater tower than a new Trash Can in terms of concept.

        I think it’s a mistake to assume that. Apple has been clear about what they think they got wrong with the Trash Can, and it’s not lack of space for drives and cards. Apple doesn’t even think they made a mistake in terms of user-upgradeability.

        Apple thinks they made a mistake by misreading the direction things were going to go on the high-end in terms of heat and power requirements. This prevented them from upgrading the Mac Pro in any meaningful way towards the end of its design-life-cycle.

        So I’m expecting something super-expensive, more Trash-Can-like conceptually than Cheese Grater and modular only in terms of external connectivity, to be released second half of 2019.

    2. No, if there are any left, they should pay more. In order to, you know, maybe finally get the hint? And they WILL pay more. If the iMac Pro is any indication, anything else on the desktop will be MORE powerful and more expensive. If an iMac doesn’t suit you (you can edit FCPX quite well using a stock iMac), and the iMac Pro and above are too expensive, Apple’s going to make it clear that you can find greener pastures elsewhere.

      1. The lateness to the pro, professional and scientific community community will be their undoing of that market. Once people have lost their trepidation of switching platforms it’s a whole new ball game.

        The moment you give customers a solid reason for switching is also the moment the realization of “you haven’t been doing your job” failure should become loudly apparent.

        1. Time will tell, Peterblood71. Some pros have already switched and others may switch soon. But many have found a way to continue on the Apple Mac platform while waiting for the new Mac Pro. And some switchers may switch back after the new Mac Pro is released, assuming that it is the revolutionary beast that we expect from Apple.

          My recommendation to you, Peterblood71, is to calm down and make a rational business decision for yourself apart from your emotional grudge against Apple. You are wasting too much time and energy attempting to spread your anti-Apple vitriol to others, seeking some kind of reinforcement and affirmation that you are right and Apple is wrong.

          Business is business and, in the end, a computer is just a computer – a tool to get the job done. Buy the tool that you need and move on.

          1. I have been trying to buy the new Mac Pro I want to buy since 2016. How much longer should I wait? I’m already using an updated 12 processor 2010 Mac Pro with 64Gb RAM, Nvidia GTX 1080 card, PCIe SSD, etc.. but even that doesn’t feel quite fast enough Some Academy Award winning friends are also using updated 2012 & 2010 Mac Pro’s but have also become disenchanted and are planning to switch.

            The pro market is the ONE market Apple simply cannot dictate to without simply losing a lot of customers to the Dark Side (which really is not that hard a transition). There will be plenty of music, photography, etc. pros that will do fine. It’s the high end video and rendering stuff that needs plenty of power. The chance of Apple doing something revolutionary on the Mac Pro instead of just plain beyond belief stupid are remote. Unless they’re planning a Quantum Mac Pro.

            It’s not on my radar to wait for a 2019-2020 Mac Pro anymore. Sad to say.

      2. Mac user since 1988, coincidentally Illustrator 88, built a 19 year business around that.

        Moved on from Adobe when they started to emphasize Windows. Won’t go back to the current Adobe jungle.

        But now I have only one 3rd party app that is not available on Windows, hate to say it after 30+ years, if or when that apps does a Windows version, I will probably be gone.

        The only Apple apps I use are Mail, and Safari because of familiarity, Firefox is much more efficient, just don’t like the interface. Honestly I will say that a Word document opened in Pages, and I was able to edit it with no problems, surprised that it worked very well, but otherwise Apple apps, havent touched them for months.

        Never thought I would consider moving, still hate the Windows interface, but its more reliable than High Sierra, who would have ever thought Windows would be “no drama”?

    1. You won’t get 32 Gig of ram before 2019 at the earliest and that’s ONLY if Intel doesn’t fail to ship it again (they have failed to ship high powered mobile CPU’s that can use high capacity mobile memory for years now).

    2. You won’t get 32 Gig of ram before 2019 at the earliest and that’s ONLY if Intel doesn’t fail to ship it again (they have failed to ship high powered mobile CPU’s that can use high capacity mobile memory for years now).

    1. Not excited to see Tim Cook on stage clasping his hands in prayer to convey piety and devotion to his peeps? Not excited by new stores, emojis, and solar panels? Couldn’t care less about the few, the proud moving into the new spaceship campus? Not looking forward to some innocuous iOS Game Developer showing off some updated version of yet another platform game in Metal? Do you yawn at the mear mention of the phrases AR & VR?

      Don’t worry. The post-Apple worship syndrome (PAWS), pronounced pause, will pass and suddenly you will find there is a huge, bright, energetic world of technology out there, not just iPhones.

        1. All Apple seems to be now is empty promises of better products in the future because they aren’t even ready yet. I used to love the keynotes. I honestly can’t remember the last one I watched because of Tim Cook. Just boring talks about over priced last years technology.

          Oh and how environmentally green they are yet you can’t update your laptops ram or ssd to help future proof your device….yah what a bunch of oxymorons.

      1. Wow, what a load of horse hockey from “thetheloniusmac”! Your tone of superiority and condescension harkens back to the mid-1990s when people called us Kool-Aid drinkers, lemmings, and zealots. And those elitist twats ended up eating their words and a whole lot more. You must believe that you are clever with that cute Post-Apple Worship Syndrome stuff.

        He is a suggestion – take the Razer Blade Pro that you apparently love so much and shove it up your posterior sphincter.

        1. TTM has the benefit over you of having experienced a long life, technology disappointments and history so can make value judgments pretty accurately. I thought he was being funny as hell. Lighten up junior.

      1. It seems like the price of having had someone like Steve Jobs to guide Apple technology is to suffer the mediocre follow up as in Tim Cook. Picking Cook for CEO was one of Job’s rare human misfires.

        I can’t help but thinking that in the Great Beyond Steve is looking down and going “Criminy! Why did I have to pick that screwup?? Oh jeeeez…”

        1. You have absolutely no idea if Apple would be better or worse off if SJ had selected someone else for the CEO position. For that matter, you don’t even know if Apple would be better or worse off if SJ had not died. No one knows.

          There was only one SJ. Apple is not going to get another one. So the company has to find a way to leverage the Apple culture of innovation and excellence to succeed with more “mediocre” people in charge.

          1. And neither do you Bunkie. I think we can acknowledge the possibility, base on Apple’s behavior and lack of follow up and execution on Macs and older technology’s (that other’s ran away with) that it’s possible, just possible, the job may be a little beyond Tim Cook. It looks like he can’t even delegate authority and service departments or select solid top management well. Queue the Cue for immediate jettison treatment for example.

  2. “What’s going to happen when Tim Cook takes the stage in San Jose on June 4?”

    If we are lucky he will slip on a banana peel and break his neck. Alas, the odds are very slim.

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