Five reasons to choose Apple Maps over Google Maps

“Has there ever been an app that has caused so much of an uproar in the Apple community as Apple Maps? It was released in the fall of 2012 with iOS 6, and it was not received well to say the least,” Bradley Chambers writes for 9to5Mac. “It was so poorly received that Tim Cook even wrote a letter apologizing for the poor launch of Apple Maps which contributed o the firing of Scott Forstall:”

“Now that we are almost six years into Apple Maps, I am of the opinion that Apple was right, certainly in a post Facebook privacy scandal world, to replace Google Maps with their in-house mapping product,” Chambers writes. “In fact, Google Maps isn’t on my iPhone, and here are five reasons I prefer Apple Maps over Google Maps.”

1. Privacy
2. Siri Integration
3. Apple Watch
4. Yelp Integration
5. Good Enough Maps Data: Apple Maps hasn’t given me incorrect information in years.

Each of the five points explained full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch integration alone is reason enough to use Apple Maps for turn-by-turn navigation!


    1. “Apple Maps hasn’t given me incorrect information in years.”

      Ha! I wish.
      I use Apple Maps almost exclusively, but it has definitely given me some nonsense.
      Puts me on a bizarre side-street to “turn left” when that isn’t allowed, and the way that works is closer/better anyway.
      Has the turn into my sister-in-law’s neighborhood on the wrong side of the county road, despite the fact that I’ve reported the error to Apple several times over the past 3 years.
      Intermittently aborts giving directions (as in, it crashed or something?) when I’m about 2-3 minutes away from my destination.
      Driving down the highway, will tell me to take an exit, drive around a cloverleaf, get on the other road, drive a half mile, do a U-turn, go back to highway, merge back onto highway in the same direction I was originally going. Seriously?!?
      This is in a highly-populated area – there’s no excuse for Apple’s data to be so bizarrely wrong in these examples. And, aborting out of directions when I’m almost there? That’s a bit distracting.
      Not gonna use Google, though – fuck their spying ways.

      1. Many good points.

        My favorite Maps Location debacle was when it pinpointed a restaurant location in the middle of a bridge across a river, ha!

        Google is far more accurate, and has an active community of users that sign up and send corrections that are corrected and acknowledged. My brother is over 300 wrong locations confirmed and corrected.

        Imagine if Apple ever listened to their customers like that in a general sense. They may have the same mechanism, I don’t know. Also, Maps has tons of places missing particularly in rural areas and small towns. Must be that snobby elite urban elitism you don’t easily find in flyover country …

        1. @GoeB “Imagine if Apple ever listened to their customers like that in a general sense. They may have the same mechanism, I don’t know.”

          I guess you never checked under the Apple Maps pull-down menu where it says “report an Issue” or the one under that that says “email preferences.”

          1. Right, admitted as such, so thanks Juan. I gave up using it, too may errors and missing locations for my taste. Certainly don’t want the added burden of filing reports all the time. Apple’s job to get it right …

        2. Apple often _does_ respond when I “Report an Issue” with a location or other map feature. They even notify me and the notification takes me right to the new map feature or correction. That’s why I’m so annoyed when they don’t seem to listen.

    2. Exactly! Street view is simply unbelievable and available all over the country. Worth the price of admission alone. “Flyover” is a great product name for the elitists on both coasts and describes the product to perfection …

  1. I dont know about America but in UK and Europe, i find Google maps offer better service then Apple maps. In UK Apple maps has incorrect info,and many of these i send a report to Apple have not been fixed. The worst part of Apple maps is no street view.

  2. Also, no Lane Assist (in Europe at least) which Google Maps has and can save a lot of stress. I also find that Apple Maps takes the main roads and not side roads which may be quicker. So if towing a trailer or driving a truck use Apple Maps. For everybody else, use Google Maps.

  3. Google Maps in my area still has features and routes that were demolished 4 years ago. Apple maps is correct. It’s all about the data and Apple has removed some non-existing routes on my request. Apple maps*did* have a route 2 years ahead of planning as well so YMMV. I have both but mainly use Apple maps as it’s better integrated

  4. I turned off Maps functionality on my Apple Watch back in the Series 0 days because I went on a 2-hour trip and my watch was almost dead when I got there. I haven’t used again it since.

  5. Whoever thought of thin gray roads on a white background with yellow lettering has obviously never used their own product. Entirely impossible to see at arms length which is the same distance it would be in a dash mount in the car.

    1. Maps ok for accuracy, I don’t like going Google for data security reasons, but totally agree about the low contrast interface, just an Apple obsession that will be with us until someone wants a new fad. Someone at Apple must have had had a traumatic experience in a high contrast environment and fixated on it.

  6. I don’t use Google maps, but Apple maps get bad marks from f me for:
    1) worst: no distinction between Autobahns and the next lower category of streets (Germany)
    2) too little map info shown (street names!!!)
    3) bad contrasts (yellow streets on light grey? hello?!?)
    4) inconsistent data. map shows: turn right, Siri voice says: turn left. In such cases, always Siri is wrong.

    1. Point 2 and point 3: I agree 100%. Please, someone at Apple, read these two comments from Sam and act upon them.

      As for Siri saying the wrong direction on a turn: I have never seen this, and have used Apple Maps in 6 countries.

      Neither app is perfect. I once requested driving directions to a specific street address (car dealer) and was taken to a cemetery in Google maps. The two places were 850m apart. I do like the readability of Google maps, but their privacy/tracking policies are truly frightening.

      1. on Siri / point 4:
        I also get the very same behaviour in Scout (substitute App for Apple maps, in particular when there’s no net) as well as on a very old Michelin standalone GPS navigator. Maybe something messes up all German data.

  7. +1 for watch integration.
    Couldn’t get by without the messages integration. I am constantly sending my wife and mother-in-law maps to where they need to go via messages. Works amazing well and saves me hours on the phone telling them “where they are and where to go”.

  8. Apple Maps simply isn’t as reliable as Google Maps. Often times can’t find addresses, and continues to occasionally send me to the incorrect place. Every couple of months I try again, wanting it to work, but then it fails,so I roll back. This last week it couldn’t find a prominent hotel when I searched for it… google immediately knew. I’m honestly surprised the issues continue to persist.

  9. It’s been years since the introduction of Apple Maps and yet many countries are left out of the navigation feature. Which I think its BULLSHIT!
    Thank God for Waze.

  10. I agree with most commenters here. Apple Maps has a piss poor interface. The text is always way too small (and yes I adjusted it the largest size). I live in a part of the U.S. that is rural and Apple Maps likes to send me down dirt roads instead of paved roads to save time. Not good! It simply lacks the intelligence and the polish that Google Maps has.

    The difference is really striking when you get down to how these two competitors came about. Apple was late to the game and saw it as an add-on service. Google made their efforts a part of their strategic plan (for better or worse) to see Maps as aggregated data. Yet another means of mapping the world’s data and individuals’ movement within data points. Apple saw Maps as simply another App. and continues to see it as such.

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