Apple’s iPhone X, 6 months later

“Apple promised a revolution with the iPhone X. At the time, I was skeptical. What I mainly wanted was a perfect size, nothing too big. I wanted less bezel,” Scott Stein writes for CNET. “I was also excited by the possibilities of not having a home button. What concerned me was how well Face ID would replace Touch ID, which worked fine for me as a fast everyday way to unlock and use the phone, and pay for things. Face ID seemed to be hard to adjust to. Would it always work?”

“Six months later, here we are,” Stein writes. “I love the iPhone X’s design. It’s a perfect size. It’s always good to hold. I even like its heft… The notch on the iPhone X is fine, but I’d like if the display worked around it better. And the lack of extra bits of info I used to get at the top of the screen that the notch took away, like battery life percentage or whether Bluetooth is on? I’ve gotten used to it, but it’s still annoying.”

“What’s most impressive is how easy it is to use Apple’s new bottom-of-the-screen gestures,” Stein writes. “Life without the home button? It’s just fine.”

MacDailyNews Take: Actually, it’s better and faster. Way better and faster!

“I’ve come to love the swipe-up and swipe-away moves that now exit apps and swap apps. It’s natural and smooth,” Stein writes. “It’s a guide for where iPhones and iPads can go, and hopefully even future refinements of the Apple Watch (which isn’t far away from some of the X’s gesture philosophy).”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPhone X. The future is now.

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  1. The three reasons I delayed getting an iPhone X turned out to be non-issues once I started using it.

    I thought the notch was an inelegant hack. The truth is you develop kind of “notch blindness” within a day or two. I literally don’t see it. My mind tunes out the notch more or less completely.

    I thought it was too hefty and too bulky. Even with the case it fits in my pocket just fine. It doesn’t bother me a bit (Though I do find myself slipping it into my inside jacket pocket when I’m wearing a suit.)

    I thought I would never learn to live without a home button, and wouldn’t remember the gestures. The truth is you don’t even notice the home button is gone. The swipe up from the bottom is a more intuitive action than the home button ever was.

    1. Exactly. It is like how your brain ignores your nose that is always in your line of sight. It isn’t until we actively try to see it does it show up.

  2. It is nearly the perfect phone. I have never had a problem with the notch, it makes the phone distinctive. I only wish the phone were a bit slimmer and lighter. I love Face ID and the new gestures, and will immediately dump my 10.5 inch iPad Pro if a new one adopts those features. The home button and Touch ID were fine for their time, that time has past.

      1. I think the notch is a precursor to all of the other non-standard screens shapes Apple will be using on the different household and wearable devices they’re planning.

        It’s the beginning of designing hardware and software using strikingly odd screen shapes and sizes, not the end.

          1. More work for developers, sure, but more satisfaction and less work for *users*.

            Things take work to make. That’s just life for designers and manufacturers and builders and makers of all sorts (from consumer products to infrastructure).

            The next wave of technology will see computing embedded in stuff. The odds that a rectangle with square corners is the ideal way to receive the visual output of digital household and wearable devices is about zero. Apple is just starting to experiment and get good at adapting to this new approach ()look a the notch and rounded corners of the iPhone X, and the circular display of the HomePod as them testing the waters, and creating development tools to abstract some aspects of displays).

  3. Only one problem: I definitely have plus phone fingers and eyes. I’d have waited for the X Plus but my 6 Plus had become intolerable to use, and I couldn’t see sticking to the past and getting an 8 Plus.

  4. I don’t use iphone and I’ve been using non home button gestures for years. At least someone else caught up and of course it’s apple

    But face id? No way. I don’t care how much apple promises to keep my things safe I’m not playing.

    As for the notch, just like others have said I’m sure it’s a non issue very fast, human brains are amazing and fast to adapt, just ask dude who posted before me, I bet he can still see his nose. Haha. That was funny

    Maybe one day they will make an iPhone I could switch to but as is I’ll keep my phone

  5. I thought I would miss the Plus size screen, but that has not be an issue for me and i actually enjoy using more. I definitely prefer the size of the X to carry over my previous 7 Plus. The full screen display, Face ID and new gestures are really great.

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