It’s finally time for Apple’s iPhone to expand into lower-priced categories

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if Apple wants to sell more iPhones — and quarterly iPhone sales are the metric that many are using to measure how the Cupertino giant is performing — then it needs to release a cheaper iPhone,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet. “And I don’t mean some hack device like the iPhone 5c or the iPhone SE.”

[The] 6.1-inch LCD iPhone may have model that supports DSDS. If the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone comes with DSDS and single-SIM models, we believe it will result in two benefits: (1) more price segments would be created, significantly boosting shipments via the low-price single-SIM model. For instance, if the DSDS model sells for US$650-750, the single-SIM model may sell for US$550-650; and (2) the DSDS model will help increase market share in China and commercial markets. — KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a recent note to clients

“Here’s the position that Apple is currently in. The company’s health is measured in a great part by how many iPhones it can shift in a quarter, and right now sales are soggy. That puts Apple in a tough place — try to rewrite the narrative and move the focus away from unit sales (hard to do, especially since Apple itself has been responsible for putting the focus on unit sales over the years), or try to sell more iPhones,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “And one way to sell more of anything is to reduce the price. After all, it worked for the iPad.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It also worked very well for iPod.

It all depends on how much Apple thinks they need unit sales growth, i.e. market share. They already have handset profit share sewn up.

What do you think, is it finally time to show the rest of the world (fragmandroid settlers) what they’ve been missing all these years?

Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple to unveil two 6.1-inch LCD iPhones this year; one budget-priced at just $550, another with dual-SIM capability – April 18, 2018


      1. It’s an empty philosophical comment. When a man in a pub confides to you that he wouldn’t sleep with her on a bet, two minutes after you depart he is cosying up to her.

  1. The nicest iPhone to hold to date was the 5c.

    Plus it didnt shatter when you dropped it.

    I’m sick of black (whatever version apple actually manage to produce – jet black was a none starter because of such poor availability – a big miss), white or chavvy gold.

    The colours of the 5c weren’t amazing but they were different and apple could have released all kind of editions that would have driven sales.

    The miss about the 5c was it was so poorly specced next to the 5S. It’s like they seem confused why stuff is a miss sometimes.

    I would love a bang up to date top spec 5c equivalent with face ID, wireless charging etc oh yeh and in decent colours – BONDI BLUE please 🙂 (or some of the older imac colours – whoever signed off on custard yellow, toxic waste green, baby blue, weird pink and boring white needs a slap).

  2. If they could make a full featured phone for $299, they would sell a billion of them. I don’t see them going much lower than that, not with the materials they use. Think an iPhone 7 at that price point (with the same specs, but different name) would be a huge massive seller. Then again, the iPhone X is the best selling smartphone in the world, so both the high end and low end would be covered.

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