Watch Steve Jobs at MIT’s Sloan School of Management

Tweeted by @EggFreckles and via The Loop‘s Dave Mark, here’s a little-seen video of Steve Jobs giving an informal talk to a class at MIT’s Sloan School of Management back in 1992, some four years before Apple would buy Steve’s NeXT which, in effect was really NeXT alum taking over a beleaguered, directionless Apple, thank Jobs!

Steve Jobs, one of the computer industry’s foremost entrepreneurs, gives a wide-ranging talk to a group of MIT Sloan School of Management students in the spring of 1992. Jobs shares his professional vision and personal anecdotes, from his role at the time as president and CEO of NeXT Computer Corporation, to the thrilling challenges of co-creating Apple Computer, and subsequent disappointments at his ousting. In conversational exchanges with audience members Jobs underscores the value of direct experience in the field, and “developing scar tissue.” The unexpected guest lecture within the Sloan Distinguished Speaker Series came about through the efforts of a Sloan MBA ’92 student whose sister [Laurene Powell] had recently married Jobs.

Steve’s talk begins at the 3:00 mark in the video:

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Pure gold!


  1. Starting around 34:00 – Apple has become the “Sony” of computers. Focusing too much on portables and consumer products, ignoring the power users. History repeats itself.

  2. With hindsight, listen to Steve when he talks -26 years ago- about Apple, the consumer electronic products and the desktop power user (starts at 34:00)… Priceless, absolutely priceless … when we keep in mind what is happening today…

      1. euhh… Do you mean “I did forget” ?
        1- If yes, You didn’t understand what I meant by priceless.
        2- I was reading history without value judgment related to persons but about situations and how they change.
        3- As to Steve, indeed he pushed the PostPc era, but I don’t think he would have allowed the Mac Pro to be neglected the way it is today.

        PS: English is not my mother-tang.

        1. the “less is more” mantra. Great listener and often summarizes attendee’s question more concisely than when asked.
          His replies seem so effortless, implying great understanding and much pondering on the topic.

  3. Steve Jobs had such a command on everything he touched. He could walk into any industry and master the dialogue in no time… if he had time, I’m sure. And who knew that NeXT was 5 years ahead of Dell with JIT manufacturing?

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