Apple goes from villain to coveted client with Finland’s Stora Enso

“A former prime minister of Finland once blamed Apple Inc. for torpedoing two of his country’s biggest industries — mobile phones and paper mills,” Giles Turner reports for Bloomberg. “Now Stora Enso Oyj, one of Europe’s largest paper and packaging makers, has become a key supplier to the iPhone maker, according to documents published last week.”

“The tie-up wasn’t always on the cards. In 2014, then prime minister Alexander Stubb accused the iPad of killing Finland’s paper industry, which is dominated by Stora and UPM-Kymmene Oyj,” Turner reports. “While Nokia is no longer rivaling Apple as a phone-maker, Stora hasn’t done that badly. Since Stubb publicly lamented its fate, Stora’s shares are up 150 percent.”

“More than a third of its sales now come from consumer board and packaging solutions, up from a fifth two decades ago,” Turner reports. “Every year Apple lists its top suppliers, and companies including Shenzhen YUTO Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. remain on the list. Regardless, the current deal is likely to be sizable. This year is the first time Stora has made the list since Apple began publishing it in 2012.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple taketh away and Apple giveth.

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      1. Well, let’s see…

        My 2012 Mac Pro current has 17TB of data storage, at three different performance tiers, with zero cables. Could be more, but Bay#4’s SATA interface acted up, so that slot is empty.

        With cables, there’s more data storage capacity, of course. But its purpose isn’t for day-to-day workflow, but is primarily to move data to off-grid and off-site backups.

    1. If by decent you mean traditional upgradeability, yes. The 2013 Mac Pro, which I was suckered into buying, was presumed to be upgradeable but in the end the GPU wasn’t, and that killed it for a lot of us. I haven’t trusted Apple since then. They became just another company, not just my secret friend. Electrolux did the exact same thing. So did Hunter-Douglas and Lexus. I’m also disappointed by the government. Life sucks.

      1. Yes and if they hadn’t “out-clevered” themselves they would not have found themselves in a thermal corner and allowed customers to modify a more traditional workstation upgradeable Mac Pro to suit whatever current trends – that they would not have to guess at (and be wrong). They actually went out of their way to be wrong.

        They presumed far too much, a dangerous proposition, and were “messing with the wrong guys/gals.” (Yes life sucks, but keep searching for the occasional jewel that makes it all worthwhile.)

    1. You should be. Unlike paper, papyrus can be reused, not just recycled. The difference is profound. Our understanding of history itself has been transformed by discoveries of palimpsests (usually prayer books or the like written over scraped-off ancient manuscripts, back when paper was scarce). The Archimedes Codex is a prime example.

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