Apple’s new 13.3-inch entry-level MacBook Air to feature Retina display, sources say

“Apple is preparing to release a new entry-level MacBook at the end of the second quarter with a price tag expected to be about the same level as that of the existing MacBook Air or slightly higher, according to Digitimes Research,” Joseph Tsai reports for DigiTimes. “Digitimes Research senior analyst Jim Hsiao expects shipments for the new MacBook to reach around four million units in 2018.”

“The US-based vendor has decided to source the panels from Korea-based LG Display due to issues at the China supplier,” Tsai reports. “The 13.3-inch a-Si panels for the new notebook feature the same resolution as Apple’s 13.3-inch MacBook Pro at 2,560 by 1,600.”

Tsai reports, “Although Apple has set a shipment goal of six million units for the new notebook for 2018, Hsiao expects the actual volume to reach only two thirds of the target since the product still has not yet reached a price point that can significantly stimulate its demand.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s a bit nebulous whether this is a “MacBook” or a “MacBook Air,” but it sounds like the latter. It also sounds like the timing is right for an introduction at WWDC in June.

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  1. Why keep the “Air” name around. Its gone from the iPads. Why not 12″ MacBook, a new 13″ MacBook (with at least 2 ports I hope), and then the MacBook Pro’s. Seems like a much better more streamlined lineup. Why have a 13″ “Air” thats bigger and heavier than the MacBook?

      1. The key is whether it will retain the Air’s traditional ports. If it is just USB-C with the new keyboard and Retina then they may as well call it a Macbook. I think it’ll be a mistake if they axe the older ports, USB-C has NOT caught on and it might never catch on before whatever new standard that replaces it is introduced.

    1. Unless Apple has developed a new keyboard design lately, it will be the same type that Apple has incorporated in other recent Mac laptops. I suspect that you are doomed for disappointment, at least in the near term.

    1. Agreed, but if they don’t do anything new with the battery it’ll probably knock it down to 10 hours from the current 12 hours (still the best battery life of any Apple laptop).

  2. >mag safe hopefully
    >old ports definitely. No more USB-C exclusive laptops please.
    >keeping the old keyboard would really be a dream but perhaps too much to ask.
    >Can the battery be upgraded to offset the Retina display?

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