International Women’s Day: Angela Ahrendts, the retailer

“Apple wooed Angela Ahrendts away from luxury fashion designer Burberry nearly four years ago and gave her the task of reimagining its popular Apple Stores,” Shara Tibken writes for CNET. “She dove right in, working with Apple creative chief Jony Ive and others to turn the retail stores into ‘town squares.'”

“Under Andredt’s leadership, Apple has opened stores in new countries like South Korea and Austria, and it’s started rolling out free ‘Today at Apple’ events and classes,” Tibken writes. “In the quarter that ended in December, Apple stores hosted over 200,000 such sessions.”

“Ahrendts is one of only two women at the top ranks of Apple, and she’s long been rumored to be in the running to take over as CEO when Tim Cook eventually departs, something she laughed off during an October interview with Buzzfeed,” Tibken writes. “For now, she’ll remain the most powerful female executive at the most powerful technology company in the world.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Having Ahrendts, with a highly successful CEO-ship on her resume, available to step in for Cook at a moment’s notice should some unforeseen tragedy happen is invaluable.

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    1. OK…how about some proof – exactly how did you come by this pearl of wisdom? Right now your comment just looks like an Ad hominem attack – like this one: Go be a dick somewhere else!

  1. International Women’s Day is the perfect holiday for Apple to celebrate and push. No longer a pure technology company, Apple is a lifestyle brand. “…A lifestyle brand is a company that markets its products or services to embody the interests, attitudes, and opinions of a group or a culture…”

    Apple markets to left leaning political identity groups with money. There is no longer anything particularly special about Apple technology. It’s a fashion statement, not a choice based on engineering quality.

    Oh yeah, we still get the obligatory Jonny Ives’ narrated video telling us how incredible the overly expensive stuff is, but it’s a joke. And those of us who still buy Apple tech fall for it. I wish I could leap through the air dancing.

    Total Marketing. Apple is run by the people in Marketing.

    And who warned about this long ago?

    Every commercial is about people dancing etc. They are directly marketing to the LGBT community in Australia was it?

    When they do talk about technology it’s music, photography, and emojis. I.e. your Apple tech is for rocking out while taking selfies while dancing and sending texts.

    And Angela Ahrendts embodies this brand far more than any of the old white men in management now, especially having come from a very successful run at a premier lifestyle brand herself.

    1. Your description of Apple rings true, and with the measured tone of a realist who sees the world as it is, rather than what it should be. One tires of the histrionics, the Great Bemoaning that Apple changed for the worst. — They didn’t, they simply outdid their competitors; in business you change or die. Eventually, the media stopped nattering about “beleagured Apple”.

      Even though they take their sweet time developing new tech, when it arrives it’s pretty good, like my new iMac Pro. It was expensive.. but it gleams.. there is just a single cord, it weighs less than its packaging, it runs macOS and WinX beautifully.. and hauls ass.. it’s fashion and ferocity at the same time.

      More than anything else, Steve Jobs was a marketing genius. To him “sales guys” were bean counters with no imagination who ignored the creative power of markets to change lives. Jobs and his advertising teams consistently empathised the difference between selling commodities and selling transformation.

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