Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose calls Apple CEO Tim Cook ‘the Donald Trump of the music industry’

“Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose isn’t all that active on Twitter, but usually when he does chime in, he has something of substance to say,” Chad Childers reports for Loudwire.

“In his tweet, Rose called Cook ‘the Donald Trump of the music industry,'” Childers reports. “While there was no further explanation, given Rose’s recent postings about Trump the tweet could definitely be viewed as a jab.”

“Trump has been a repeat target of Rose’s criticism,” Childers reports. “Oddly enough, Donald Trump once referenced Axl Rose, with Guns N’ Roses’ former manager Doug Goldstein revealing an encounter where Trump once called Rose ‘the Donald Trump of rock and roll.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like some GNR – Apple negotiation has hit a rough patch.


      1. I mean there is plenty to criticise Cook for but really Donald True probably would be pretty much the paradoxical opposite to him. Take that as a compliment or insult as you please and in the process of the latter its clearly all Rose could think of off the cuff in his state of mind these days. Clearly NOT the oracle thats for sure… though there are perhaps similarities between the original’s methodology and Rose’s form of ‘wisdom’ perhaps

  1. It may have to do with bitter old resentments about the collapse of the LP/Cassette/CD model to downloads. But then weren’t the record companies robbing them blind anyways? The only way most artists can make money these days is merchandising and regular singing for their $upper.

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