What to expect from Apple this spring: iOS 11, iPads, iPhone SE, AirPower, and stereo pairing for HomePods

“A series of Apple whispers suggests a series of interesting launches this spring,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Essential software updates, the introduction of AirPower, an important HomePod improvement and new devices appear to be in the frame.”

There’s one “iOS 11.3 enhancement that I think may turn out to be quite significant, particularly as the company continues to invest deeply in producing original video content. Apple Music will soon offer music videos,” Evans writes. “This good improvement means Apple Music will begin to fill the space left behind by MTV. I think it could also help generate a little more interest in Apple Music’s social features, and may turn out to form part of a wider Apple Music upgrade.”

“Apple has been expected to introduce AirPlay 2 and the software was previously included within iOS 11.3 developer betas. It was removed in the most recent beta, prompting concern the software may not yet ship,” Evans writes. “However, it is also possible that now Appe’s HomePod speaker system is available the company has pulled wider access to AirPlay 2 as it tweaks the multi-room and stereo pairing features included in the software for use with HomePods.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take:


      1. I’ll buy one as soon as it is available, but not holding my breath.
        When Apple had fewer than 10,000 employees they could do the iMac, eMac, PowerMac, PowerBook, MacBook, Airport, various iPods, iTunes, Mac OS X- including a stand alone server OS, the X-Serv.
        Now with over 123,000 FTE they cannot keep Mac HW & SW up to date, have abandoned Airport, killed server OS and HW, are shipping 4 year old Mac Pros & minis.

        Buy, hey- we’ve got a great speaker and you can stream 128kbps Taylor Swift and Drake!!!?
        What does Auburn/Duke grad Tim Cook not know that Reed College dropout Steve Jobs did about shipping product?

        A $5k iMac/Pizza Oven with throttled Xeons does not fix the problem.

        1. But hey, everything else is in pipeline.
          Just that the pipe is either clogged or the exit end is blind plated. With only 8% of total revenue for non-phone line, what can we expect? An incremental updates of boring products just to show that they are till alive at least… No more fun or excitement from phone-obsessed CEO.

  1. Not true. Apple will ship Mac Pro, but I don’t think you should expect it this side of summer. Apple really is serious about renewing its commitment to pro markets, partly because it recognises that only high end computers will have a market in the next few years.

    but hater’s got to hate, I guess…

    1. It’s not so much hate but healthy cynicism with a dash of bitters based on solid Apple Mac Pro 4-5 year mismanagement. For me it will be seeing if they execute as promised and the verdict is still out. At best I anticipate a renewed statement of pro commitment at WWDC and maybe a look at what the new Mac Pro will be but not shipping until the end of this year at the earliest. I think they may all be surprised at the pent up demand once its available and people are once again excited by the product. The biggest hope is they don’t out-clever themselves into the same kind of design hole again that got them into this current dilemma especially when straight forward design was all that was ever needed.

      1. The verdict is … pending, and by the time that Apple ships, there will be a couple more Pros who couldn’t afford to have waited until Summer 2018 (or Christmas 2018).

        And Statements are one thing – – but its the old “Where’s the Beef?” of delivering products.

        And delivery is more than just the hardware – – there needs to be the relevant software tools as well … but we all know that Apple killed off the likes of Aperture (and is now working on killing OS X Server).

        On the hardware, considering that the iMac Pro did ‘cleverly’ contain some thermal constraints based throttling (vs Intel specs), the Apple design team is now “0 for 2” about making a Mac desktop with unfettered power.

        My own bitters-binged cynicism rotates around just how much Apple will ask for the eventual “Special Edition” Mac — I’m not expecting that it will be less than the iMac Pro, even though it should be half the price of the iMac Pro.

        Even though a straightforward “box” would do just fine, the delay in delivering illustrates that they’re burning a hell of a lot of in-house Engineering dollars on something, and management is going to insist that these expenses get paid back. Hello, $7995 price tag.

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