iBoot leak means it’s time to dump those old iPhones and iPads

“If you’re running an older iPhone or iPad that’s stuck on iOS 9, then you need to plan some sort of escape strategy following this week’s leak of Apple’s iBoot source code to GitHub,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet.

“According to Apple’s own usage share figures, seven percent of active iOS devices are current running iOS 9 or below,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “Doesn’t seem like a lot, but with over a billion active iOS devices in circulation, that small percentage expands out into around 70 million devices.”

Kingsley-Hughes writes, “Here are my recommendations: Recognize that devices running iOS 9 are now on borrowed time. Consider phasing them out, especially if they are home to information that is valuable — emails, banking, health, and so on. If you insist on continuing to use them, consider removing important information off the device.”

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MacDailyNews Take: For throttling iPhones with chemically aged batteries to stop them from unexpectedly shutting down, you want to blame us for “forced obsolescence?” We’ll show you forced obsolescence!

That’s a joke. Apple didn’t say that. Do not eat iPod shuffle.

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  1. “iOS 9 or below”…. people shouldn’t write about these topics unless they understand that the boot loader is different in every version of iOS, and misrepresent the number of iOS 9 devices “and below” meaning that iOS 1-8 are included in that group and are also unaffected by this leaked code. Also, take out the Secure Enclave devices that are running iOS 9 below 9.2.1 and you get a number around 2 million if that.

    1. Also, do not connect your iPhone to an AC outlet and then take the phone into the bathtub with you.

      Stuff like this has to be included in the legal terms and conditions. Amazing.

  2. A class action lawsuit will soon arise. The lawsuit will claim serve neglect by Apple that will cost iPhone customers security and force them to spend money to address Apple’s neglect.

    1. I’m sure Apple will somehow be blamed for allowing this source code leak from older iPhone OSes. It will be claimed as another ploy by Apple to force consumers to upgrade to newer iPhones.

      Why is it that Google isn’t blamed for forcing older Android OS smartphone users to upgrade to newer Android smartphones when there’s clearly a problem of most Android smartphone users never being able to get OS updates? Those users of older Android smartphones certainly must have some OS security issues and they’re definitely not getting the latest OS features the newer Android smartphones have.

  3. The timing to suggest that people should upgrade due to this ‘leak’ is bad considering there are still lawsuits out claiming Apple ‘forced’ upgrades with the failing battery device slowdown. Those same lawyers/clients will probably suspect Apple intentionally leaked the source.

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