Check out all the differences in Microsoft Office for Mac vs. Windows version

“The first time I realized that there were differences in Microsoft Office for Mac [vs. the Windows cersion], I was waist-deep in a complicated Excel table,” Alexander Fox reports for Apple Gazette. “Turns out that there are many disappointing differences in Microsoft Office for Mac when compared to Microsoft Office for Windows.”

“Here’s a list of the major features you won’t find in Microsoft Office for Mac,” Fox reports. “It’s not guaranteed to cover everything, but it should hit in the highlights.

“These missing features will almost certainly not be added to Office for Mac in the future,” Fox reports. “If you absolutely require the missing features, you can install Parallels to run the more complete version of Office or install Boot Camp on your Mac.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Par for the course.

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  1. “The first time I realized that there were differences in Microsoft Office for Mac [vs. the Windows version]….”
    Is this a time warp story pulled from the 1990’s? I had to do a double take. While Excel was originally written for the Macintosh OS, all changed when Windows (the gui version bolted on DOS) came along. Office for Windows vs Mac have been different products in important ways for a while.

  2. it’s painful if you’re a power excel user. painful. outlook on a mac kind of sucks also but you can get by. keynote blows powerpoint away though. i’d use apple mail if i could but the ical is no match for exchange calendaring.

  3. The best things going for Microsoft were purchased, not developed in-house. Microsoft basically sucks big ones, and I avoid purchasing or even using Microsoft products whenever possible. My dislike for Microsoft is long standing and unlikely to ever change. I hold a grudge.

    The only U.S. company that I dislike worse than Microsoft is Google. Their entire data collection and mining operation gives me the creeps. I have warned family and friends against it. I would not even wish Google on botty. Now that is saying something!

  4. That’s why you don’t were your money on Microsoft Office and adopt and evangelize LibreOffice instead. Cross-platform compatibility actually works in the case of LibreOffice, whereas not so much in the case of Microsoft Office!

  5. I wish I could use Pages but it is still not ready after years of development. Its handling of tables remains woeful – you cannot enlarge a single cell and you cannot break a row over a page – so that if there is a lot of information in one row it automatically puts the whole of it on the next page rather than breaking it over two pages.

    Further – anyone who (like me) needs to share and edit files with other people or companies who use MS Word have no choice but to use it. For all the differences between the Mac and Windows versions, this is the most compatible option. LibreOffice and Pages cannot export as seamlessly as Word for Mac and, in any event, LibreOffice is no better than Word for Mac. Pages is by far more streamlined and enjoyable to use – but, frustratingly, is not ready for serious work.

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