Here come the iPhone X notch Android knockoffs

“Apple’s notched screen on the iPhone X has been a polarizing topic of discussion, but no matter where you stand on that debate, you had to know it would be copied to death by Android phone makers,” Vlad Savov writes for The Verge.

“The deluge of knockoff notches got started early with the Leagoo S9 last year, and today we can add the upcoming Noa N10 to the category of wannabe iPhones,” Savov writes. “This device is such an obviously hurried ripoff that the one video the company provides to illustrate that it works also happens to show its user interface has zero accommodations for the notch.”

“You can see the N10’s notch oversteps the Android interface’s icons,” Savov writes, “and on the top right, the clock isn’t entirely visible because of the curved corner of the screen.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: So mindlessly addicted to copying Apple are the Android knockoff peddlers, that they even copy Apple’s mistakes!

As always, we’ll live with the notch (really a “flap” that obscures a portion of iPhone X’s display) until it can be eliminated. Until then, you can have our notchtastic™ iPhone X units when you pry them from our cold, dead hands.

New leak reveals significant iPhone design changes as Apple looks to correct notch design abomination – January 17, 2018


  1. Four reasons I like the notch:
    1) I can tell which way up I am holding my phone (when it is off)
    2) scrolling to the top of any screen by clicking the top of the screen menu is now much more reliable – click either notch
    3) dragging the left notch down gives me motivations
    4) dragging the right notch down gives me the general settings

    I am waiting for the notch to have a negative (other than visual), but I haven’t found it yet in my usage.

      1. Sure, Fred, and hundreds of millions more used their phones without a touchscreen for years. So what? What is your point?

        You are always so damned negative. If you at least had something of value to contribute, it might balance the scales a bit. But no…just Fred the Dead Head.

    1. I agree about the notch. Now that the Home button is gone, the notch provides a subtle reminder of device orientation. I’m sure that figured into Apple’s design decision making process.

    2. discussion about the notch I’ve read. I’ve been a pest to many on MDN as I v-urp when people say it’s a positive differentiator from competitors. You’ve listed how it aids in the actual use, while still maintaining it’s a bit of a visual compromise.
      The edge-to-edge screen and no “home button” do bring the orientation problem and the N serves this critical svc, as well as a start point for the “drop-down” menus. As a purist, I’m still hoping for no-N, but w/ its removal, the other issues will remain.

  2. Omg lol how sad. Only someone brain dead would buy this thinking they’d “trick” people into believeing they bought an iPhone. Never ceases to amaze me how cheap and stupid people are. They deserve the hot mess that Android and those crappy knockoffs are.

    1. The reason that Chinese knockoff brands copy the notch is so that when OTHER people see someone using said knockoff, those people will be fooled into thinking the user has an iPhone X. In China, it’s all about face and status. Making other people believe that you’re a big shot with an expensive iPhone X is important to many people over there.

  3. So slavish copier thrives Samsung with Android OS will stop running their Apple bashing commercials including “the notch”? Their next fire sale knock off version will have holes in screen sans notch.

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