Apple supplier says report of iPhone X production cuts was overstated

“Japan’s Murata Manufacturing Co, which supplies components for the iPhone X, has not seen its orders drop commensurately with the sharp fall in the iPhone X production target stated in a report, a senior Murata executive said,” Reuters reports.

“Apple will halve its iPhone X production target for the first three months of the year to around 20 million units, the Nikkei reported on Monday, sending its shares down 1.6 percent,” Reuters reports. ‘Our understanding is that it is not that great,’ said Yoshitaka Fujita, vice chairman of Murata, when asked about the report.

Brief article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we asked on Monday morning, “For how many years will suckers fall for this?”

In what has become the Nikkei‘s annual shocker: Apple is decreasing production in the quarter after Christmas. Cue the horror!

Everything in this Nikkei article is conjecture, estimates, and FUD.

This report (as with many of Nikkei‘s Apple-related reports) smacks of a plant designed to depress the price of AAPL. Plain and simple. And Nikkei seems to be the preferred place to do it.

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to lose money in the stock market. History lesson below. — MacDailyNews, December 30, 2016

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. apple always places buy order for more than anticipated, supply chain complicated and apple like sony simply throttles back as they go. also throttle back for mid stream engineering improvements and so forth

      it is criminal how wall street abuses their fiduciary role, knowingly lie to churn their clients fees because the cya source is from asia who in on the con job also, thanks deregulation with zero oversight, costs us financially.9

    1. I don’t think it’s blatant criminality (intentionally manipulating a stock based on false information), as all stock markets around the world are essentially legalized gambling anyway.

      But I would agree that I don’t like it.

    1. It’s a normal seasonal fluctuation in volume. Production *always* declines after the Christmas quarter. There’s no surprise there.

      That people are freaking out about it (oh so coincidentally just days before the quarterly report) is the surprise. Than again, nothing should surprise us anymore.

  1. Too late now. Apple’s share price is already in the toilet and waiting for the tank to be flushed when quarterly earnings are announced. When it comes to Apple, the crooks and liars will always win with Apple shareholders left holding the empty bag. Again, I feel Tim Cook should take some responsibility for allowing Apple to become fodder for fake internet news. This is not happening to other companies with gutsier CEOs who wouldn’t tolerate this nonsensical BS.

    Maybe allowing Apple share price to go into a tailspin is good for Apple in some way. As an Apple shareholder who doesn’t have spare money to buy more Apple stock, it doesn’t appear to be a good thing. However, it is good for Apple stock buybacks.

    I’ll still get my dividends, so I’m not going to lose sleep over Apple’s loss of value based on speculation. It just burns me that the FANG stock shareholders can always throw a party every single quarter with no worries at all. Apple should be able to do that but it never turns out that way.

  2. the nonsense of supplier issues had already started all the way from… 2007 !!


    Nomura today is one of the big Apple nay sayers, they had already started all the way back in 2007 they said the iPhone would fail due to degradation of it’s ‘Heat Sensitive Layer’.

    “In a research note to clients today, Nomura International analyst Richard Windsor suggested that the problem could become more widespread. “Windsor explained that the screen of the iPhone uses a chemical deposition to provide touch sensitivity based on heat,” MarketWatch reports. “The international property rights for this technology, he said, were purchased from a bankrupt Finnish company that was trying to make a similar device. But that company encountered the problem that with extensive use, the film would begin to degrade and the screen would lose its sensitivity. Windsor said the problem typically manifested itself within three to six months. While Apple should have been aware and fixed the problem, the broker said, only time will confirm that all is well with that touchscreen.”


    The screen uses capacitance and not ‘heat’ to respond. Hey don’t let FACTS get in a way of A GOOD ANAL-CYST story.

    Please look how carefully and how much detail Nomura put it (ALL WRONG) ! They should write thrillers like Tom Clancy.

    Nomura’s story started the frenzy which knocked aapl way down which accelerated in the housing boom collapse in 2008. I think my aapl went to like half price.
    But as it finally turned out as someone said “if you bought aapl around that time and slept a few years, when you woke up you wouldn’t have realized there had been a recession and actually would have made a small fortune. “

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