Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple to discontinue iPhone X when next-gen model launches later this year

“Apple will discontinue the first-generation iPhone X when the second-generation model launches later this year, rather than bump the device down its smartphone lineup for lower than $999, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who clarified his earlier prediction with a follow-up research note today,” Joe Rossignol writes for MacRumors.

“Kuo said that Apple keeping the current iPhone X in its smartphone lineup for a reduced price, such as $899, would likely cannibalize sales of the mid-range 6.1-inch iPhone with Face ID and a LCD display that he expects to launch in the second half of 2018 for between $650 and $750 in the United States,” Rossignol writes.

“If accurate, Apple’s smartphone lineup later in 2018 would consist of the second-generation 5.8-inch iPhone X, which will likely remain $999, a larger 6.5-inch version dubbed iPhone X Plus, and the mid-range 6.1-inch iPhone,” Rossignol writes. “Below that would likely be iPhone 8, iPhone 7, and iPhone SE models.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We already can’t wait for the 6.5-inch iPhone X version! We think Apple should call it “iPhone X Pro.”

“iPhone X Pro” with Apple Pencil support! Starting at $1,199.

‘Twas readily discernible differentiation, and not just in screen size, but in camera hardware and features that has sold and continues to sell many Plus model iPhones. ProMotion – especially and naturally coupled with Apple Pencil support – would be a strong reason to choose iPhone X Plus, iPhone X Pro*, or whatever they name it.

*”Pro” means Apple Pencil support already, so it makes sense to use “Pro” for any iPhone with Apple Pencil support, too. – MacDailyNews, November 28, 2017

Regardless, we call it “Samsung’s Torment.” – MacDailyNews, November 13, 2017

Even without Pencil support, tens of millions will queue up online and in front of retail stores for the privilege of owning them!

[iPhone X] is just such a great device, but Apple (likely very carefully and intentionally) made it just a bit too small for our taste (baking in the impetus to upgrade this year), so we’re very much looking forward to the rumored 6.5-inch “iPhone X Pro” said to be coming this fall.MacDailyNews, January 2, 2018

Apple’s next-gen 6.5-inch ‘iPhone X Plus’ could be a huge seller – January 6, 2018


  1. I couldn’t wait for the X plus since its first rumor hit. I loved the larger screen of the 7, and was sure I’d feel disappointed with the narrower x.

    Then on my first day with the X, I felt just like I expected. Disappointed with the narrower screen.

    But after a few days, and ever since, I’ve been absolutely loving it just as it is.

    Now I can’t decide which I’m going to prefer, but I know for certain that I’m going to get the X plus and live with it, so I can really tell.

    1. I was also disappointed by the narrower screen, but have pretty much gotten used to it. The thing is that size-wise the X still requires one-handed gymnastics comparable to my 6 Plus. A 6.5″ ‘X Pro’ will mean two-handed operation for most users.

  2. I was a 6 Plus and 7 Plus user but now with my iPhone X I’m never going “big” again. I love my iPhone X perfect mix of larger screen, battery, and portability.

        1. Errors in my post. Here’s what I intended:

          The 6.5 will be almost the exact same size as the iPhone 7 Plus. But with no bezels.

          It will be no more difficult to get in your pocket than any of the plusses of the last 3 years.

    1. Because of his very good track record.

      – He was the first analyst to accurately predict the big change over to the 2 new form factors for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

      – He was the first analyst to accurately predict both the the screen size and and physical size of the iPhone X. This came before any info on the the new name. So at the time it was referred to as the iPhone 8.

      – A long list of other accurate hardware predictions including Macs, iPods, iPads, Apple watches. When predicting significant new hardware changes he’s right a great percentage of the time.

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