GeForce Now beta: Streaming PC games to your Mac isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely impressive

“Macs see a fair number of new games — enough for us to comfortably pick 10 strong options for our monthly roundup, at least — but the selection still lags well behind Windows PCs,” Andrew Hayward writes for Macworld.

“Hopefully that situation continues to improve over time, but Nvidia has another solution in mind: PC games streamed over the internet to your Mac with minimal delay,” Hayward writes. “It’s a service called GeForce Now, and it’s currently available in a free, open beta for Mac. Essentially, Nvidia has powerful, GTX 1080 GPU-equipped servers running high-end Windows games remotely, and you can stream them directly to your Mac over a strong connection.”

“It’s not a new idea (OnLive did this years ago), but GeForce Now is impressively easy to use, the list of supported games is large and enticing, and the games run startlingly well for the most part—although not every game is ideal for this kind of setup,” Hayward writes. “I’ve been playing around with the beta lately and came away largely impressed: here’s why it’s worth checking out.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Have fun!

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