“Today, here in Las Vegas, I did something that made my soul scream. No, it didn’t involve gambling, drugs, or strippers,” Brad Chacos writes for PCWorld. “I gamed on a Mac.”

“I played Witcher 3 — a game that’s never been released on Macs. On a GeForce GTX 1080 — a graphics card never found in Macs,” Chacos writes. “And it was all thanks to Nvidia’s new GeForce Now streaming service for PCs and Macs. Think of it like Netflix for PC games that also happens to work on Macs.”

“The PC and Mac version of GeForce Now is a completely different beast from the subscription service of the same name that’s available for Nvidia’s swanky Shield TV, because that won’t get confusing or anything,” Chacos writes. “This GeForce Now instead is basically renting your own powerful, virtual gaming PC in the cloud, then playing any game you own on it — be it on Steam, Origin, Battle.Net, uPlay, you name it — from any PC or Mac, with saves and settings carrying over from device to device.”

“So thanks to the power of the Interwebz, I played Witcher 3 on a MacBook Air today — and it went pretty damned well! I didn’t notice any extreme hitching, buffering, or latency no matter how wild I acted in-game or how violently I shook the mouse,” Chacos writes. “The same was true when I played Rise of the Tomb Raider on a Retina iMac…”

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