Apple’s alleged throttling of older iPhones with degraded batteries causes controversy

“A Reddit post over the weekend has drawn a flurry of interest after an iPhone 6s owner reported that a battery replacement significantly increased the device’s performance running iOS 11,” Tim Hardwick writes for MacRumors. “The ensuing discussion thread, also picked up by readers in the MacRumors forum, has led to speculation that Apple intentionally slows down older phones to retain a full day’s charge if the battery has degraded over time. ”

“Reports that the performance of iPhone 6 series models can be improved by replacing the battery aren’t entirely new, but the suggestion that Apple is intentionally throttling the performance of older devices, for whatever reason, is bound to cause controversy,” Hardwick writes. “We’ve contacted Apple for comment or clarification. ”

Hardwick writes, “In the meantime, users interested in checking their phone’s performance are also using the free CpuDasherX app to compare running clock speeds (a factory iPhone 6s comes in at 1,848MHz, for example).”

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MacDailyNews Take: Things that make you go hmmm.

We’ll wait for more concrete information on this one.


    1. Both are phones are been throttled. On Geekbench my phone is reporting a speed of 1447 instead of 2410 for Single-Core and Multi-Core is 2504 instead of 4030. Time to call Apple support for a new battery.

      1. Errrm, according to iPhone 6 is supposed to be 1401 SC and 2365 MC. So John, those numbers would indicate your iPhone 6 is slightly over performing. From whence do you get this 4030 number?

    2. I really wish Apple wouldn’t do this, or at least let us turn it off. I would rather have a battery that only lasts half a day than a phone that runs at less than half advertised speed – I can easily attach it to a portable battery.

      The only reason I can see is that the battery is faulty and this is a workaround because they don’t want to pay for it to be replaced, if so, shame on you Apple.

      I’m now suspicious of my iPad mini 1 – the battery still lasts all day but it is getting slow. I put this down to the latest os, now I’m not so sure.

  1. Interesting accusation. I actually wiped my iPhone 6 this weekend, as it was completely unusable (latency issues abound). This started with the iOS 11 install. Updates have done nothing to resolve the issue. Not enough time spent with it yet to see if it resolved my problems, but we shall see…

  2. My old iPhone 6 has been charged far more than 500 times, but the battery is not flagged as needing service. The CpuDasherX app shows 1300 MHz.

    Incidentally, this app includes a bar code reader function…why? I was not curious enough to authorize use of my camera.

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