NFL extends deal to saddle league with Microsoft Surface tablets for 6th year

“Microsoft struck a five-year deal with the NFL to make Surface the official tablet of the league more than four years ago. While the deal was supposed to run for five years, Microsoft is now renewing it for a sixth year,” Tom Warren reports for TechCrunch. “Surface will now continue to be used for video reviews in NFL games until the end of the 2018 / 2019 season.”

“Microsoft’s exclusive NFL deal has never been far from controversy,” Warren reports. “The software giant was forced to ‘coach’ NFL announcers to not call its Surface tablets an iPad, and the company had to defend its tablets after the Patriots stopped using them.”

“Despite this, Microsoft has reportedly spent $400 million on its Surface NFL deal, and it involves a complex range of infrastructure, software, and basic storage cabinets and cases used to protect the tablets,” Warren reports. “Microsoft has also produced its own Surface Type Covers with NFL logos, and the Madden 17 game also uses the tablets.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Without Microsoft paying off the NFL every year, nobody outside of Redmond would have a Surface tablet. Flushing their ill-gotten gains down the shitter, Microsoft is. As usual.

Bill Belichick is not happy.

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