Apple’s Face ID and the iPad

“I still think the iMac Pro could be the next device from Apple to ship with Face ID, but the iPad Pro is an obvious member of that succession plan as well,” Stephen Hackett writes for 512 Pixels.

“The iPad is the most orientation-agnostic device Apple ships,” Hackett writes. “The home button can be at the top, bottom, left or right of the screen.”

“Currently, Face ID is decidedly not orientation agnostic. If the user is sitting or standing, the iPhone X must be in portrait orientation to unlock,” Hackett writes. “That’s not a huge deal with the iPhone X, but on an iPad would it’s a bigger issue. I don’t know the technical details of why Face ID is orientation specific, but it’s something Apple would need to overcome before stuffing Face ID into an iPad.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, we frequently use our iPhones in landscape and almost always use our iPads that way, but if you grab your iPhone X with both hands in landscape, Face ID just sits there. You have to turn your X notch up for Face ID to work. Apple would need to fix that in the software* for iPad, especially.

*Simply ascertain how the device is being held (iOS already does this, of course) and rotate the Face ID dot scanner data appropriately, right?


  1. I don’t think it’s an issue of a dot scanner being rotated, but the dot projector.

    In order for it to be as seamless as possible, Apple angled the projector down. It doesn’t project straight out. I would imagine the iPad would need a different dot projector as well as a scanner. In short, it’s probably a hardware thing.

    1. Given time, Apple could change FaceID to run a separate face scan for each of the four device orientations, and then use the gyroscope to determine which face view to use to unlock.

  2. In typing that last comment, above, I had no fewer than eight pop-up ads show up, interrupting me mercilessly , and I have “Block Pop Ups” set in Safari. You can’t click anywhere on this page without without the damn pop-ups covering up stuff. Click to move the cursor to edit…another pop up. Click to reply…another pop-up. This is the worst!

    1. I complained directly to them about the app doing this. They said a new version is coming that will fix it.
      Not sure about Safari.
      There are days I just close the app and move on to other news sites. I think a bunch have done that permanently. Many names no longer post.

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      It happened in both Chrome and Safari. During the effort to get rid of the problem it just went away. I can’t say anything I did actually cleared it up.

    1. So, Apple can’t make an iPad without a notch? You mean, the best and more technically adept company ever – can’t do it. This is a problem so insurmountable that even reversed alien technology can’t solve this conundrum. Maybe you’re right. Maybe Apple has lost its edge, its capacity to deliver, its ability to innovate. You know, if I don’t expect much from Apple then Apple will never fail to make good.

  3. Apple could do this….if they wanted to…maybe. But given the consumer backlash against the infernal notch it is unlikely that Apple has the means to integrate Face ID on iPad. Apple already blew it with iPhone X and even Tim Cook won’t double down on stupid. At least I hope not. Then again doubling down on stupid would probably end the Tim Cook era. Go on, Tim, I dare you.

          1. Gee, thanks for that basic economic advice. I’ll be sure to write that down. Wanna read some other simple economic advice? Sell products that people will pay money for.

            1. “Sell products that people will pay money for.”

              That’s a good idea, and it is what Apple does year after year after year. If we can believe… reality.

            2. All those folks who eschewed the trash can Mac Pro? Hmm. Now Apple can add those who eschew the iPhone X to the list of dissatisfied Apple fans. And that is the reality. If Apple’s goal is to sell as many products as possible it is clear that Apple is failing.

            3. “If Apple’s goal is to sell as many products as possible it is clear that Apple is failing.”

              Are you high? Apple sells a shit ton of products and holds almost no inventory because they sell everything they make. You’re living in an alternate reality bub.

            4. Apple can have more customers and I see that as a benefit. Surely, I will have not puchased the trash can Mac Pro nor will I purchase iPhone X, and I am not alone.

            5. Ohhhhhh, Kolache…. Pleeeeeeaase forgive Apple for not being perfect (in your opinion). Pleeeeeease forgive Apple for not selling multiple phones, tablets and computers to everyone on the planet.

              I TOTALLY understand where you’re coming from… simply being the #1 company on the planet clearly is pathetic.

            6. “Sell products that people will pay money for.”

              Hmmm. Let’s see… millions upon millions of people paying money for Apple products, growing Apple to the most valuable publicly traded company on the planet. Looks like that is happening.

              Tell you what, Pastry, here’s some other simple economic advice: Pay money for products YOU like – whatever they might be – and stop whining.

  4. Do not want Face ID on my next iPad Pro.

    Another unwanted and useless feature like Apple Music, Facebook integration, Ping, iTools, Mobile me, Photos 1-3, Animoji, emoji, fireworks and binkies on Messages and the hated and feckless Video app.

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