How to use Time Machine server in macOS High Sierra

“Some Mac users have long run Mac OS X Server on a computer in their household to use as a file sharing repository, and to centralized backups of other Macs,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Kirkville.

“The Server software had a Time Machine server feature, which allowed you to designate a folder that other Macs could select to store Time Machine backups,” McElhearn writes. “This is especially useful if you have laptops that you don’t often connect to hard drives to back up; Time Machine can do this automatically, in the background, even at night.”

“With macOS High Sierra, this feature is built into the operating system, and you no longer need to install and manage Server to use it,” McElhearn writes. “Here’s how…”

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MacDailyNews Take: With macOS High Sierra, Mac backups just got even easier!


    1. I’ve had nothing but problems with High Sierra file sharing. Won’t bore with details, but multiple attempts at setting up with Server app installed only got uglier and uglier. Finally did a complete clean install of High Sierra; did not install Server, and used only the native File Sharing (which is really pretty bare bones). Dealt with permissions inheritance through the terminal. Agree that Apple’s continued dismantling of Server, and this bizarre sharing of User/File Sharing management with the System Preference Pane, is hard to deal with. Next file server doesn’t need to be made by Apple anymore; it’s all SMB now and Server management no longer simplifies setup and management, and frankly, doesn’t do what it needs to do.

      1. If not Apple Server OS, then what? I am having the same thoughts. I played with Linux years ago and don’t feel like going down that path. Really don’t want to have Windows file server either.

        It’s frustrating. Apple just stopped caring about small companies. Most people don’t understand. They are single users. Large companies can afford a bigger IT staff/departments. But small companies have to sell manage their IT and Apple use to “just work” and it was great. But those days are disappearing.

        1. Sorry… just saw your question today. TBH, I don’t remember. Hopefully you’ve found the answer online by now. But I can tell you that it was an Apple tech who recommended that I don’t use “Server” software. My needs had simplified since I first began running Apple’s Server when it first came out. I was mostly unaffected by the software being dumbed down over the last several releases, until with High Sierra that when it literally no longer functioned for basic file serving to a handful of users. Unbelievable. Good luck.

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