Apple hits record – pressure lies upon the iPhone X

“Apple zoomed to a new record on Tuesday as investors started to warm up to the revenue potential of the high-priced iPhone X,” Leia Klingel reports for Fox Business.

“The company is scheduled to release its latest quarterly results on Thursday, after the bell, and ahead of the earnings there have been concerns that weak phone sales could dent the company’s outlook,” Klingel reports. “This comes following negative reports regarding iPhone 8 sales and concerns that the $1,000 price tag would dent iPhone X demand.”

MacDailyNews Take: “Concerns” = bullshit from those attempting to short AAPL.

“Apple has not released official phone sales data, but it seems that people like the iPhone X, which the company hopes transfers into sales,” Klingel reports. “It is important that iPhone X is well received. There are concerns that the $1,000 price tag would scare some buyers off, while demand for the iPhone 8 appears to be anemic”

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, we heard about those “concerns” the first time.

Klingel reports, “According to Thomson Reuters, analysts on average, expect Apple will earn $1.87 a share on revenue of $50.79 billion.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Whenever Apple “notches” (wink, wink) a new all-time high, the “concerns” vapidly materialize. Think of such so-called concerns merely as pained bleats from those who’ve bet wrong.

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  1. Next 18 months look great..
    For sure there will be fluctuations and FUD and panic and manipulations..
    But for the informed investor.. it will all be nothing but noise..

    This product cycle and whats yet to be released that has already been already announced combined with what i can envision for the next cycle just look fantastic.
    Apple is in good Shape and has great momentum …barring some unforeseen catastrophe..

    Do tour DD and hang in..
    Good times!

  2. Funny how premium phones are all between $600-$800++ , but a grand is expensive. They are all expensive. Worse yet…the pixel2, for example, is nearly $1000 and is not even close to the X in build and performance.

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