Take $250 off Apple’s 2017 MacBook Air models

“It’s no longer the jewel in Apple’s crown, but the MacBook Air is still an excellent value for cash-strapped students and Mac fans,” Louis Ramirez reports for LAPTOP.

“For a limited time, Best Buy is slashing $250 off both 2017 MacBook Air models, making Apple’s ultraportable an even better bargain for budget Mac fans,” Ramirez reports.

“The 2017 13.3-inch MacBook Air with 128GB SSD is now $749.99, whereas the 256GB MacBook Air is now just $949.99,” Ramirez reports. “Both models undercut the Apple Store’s price by $250.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Both are steals at those prices!


  1. We have three MacBook Airs in the family and I just got a MacBook Pro 2017 13″ from the office. After only a week of testing the MB Pro, I prefer the MB Air four days out of five, as the latter is perfectly fine for most tasks and just more convenient to schlepp around. Those days when I have multiple large spreadsheets open and Safari tabs all over the screen, the MB Pro gets some love too.

  2. You know, if they would have upgraded the MBA annually and stopped deleting ports and adding features that are of dubious value and maybe added a touch screen (iPhones and iPads have them – why not stay consistent across platforms) then maybe, just maybe, some of us would not feel so underwhelmed by much of what Cupertino keeps trying to make us buy.

    1. My 2013 Air is still going strong, if I’m not mistaken they are still using the Haswell processors now. I wish “upgrading” to a new Macbook Pro wasn’t such a tradeoff. I don’t like the idea of paying much more to get only some of what I want (better screen, processor) while losing what I’ve liked all along (ports, better battery life).

      A Space Gray Macbook Air with a Retina screen, slimmer bezels, 16GB of RAM and a Kaby Lake processor would be my ideal laptop (TouchBar isn’t necessary). Some would say to get the base model MacBook Pro, but less ports aside, it’d cost over $2000 for the max RAM and best processor option, no thanks.

  3. “make us buy” — What are they doing? Drugging you? Waterboarding? Sensory isolation? Must be pretty horrible.

    PUH-LEASE… if you want to complain about something, please stick with facts and rationality.

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