Apple iPhone X screen repair costs $280 without AppleCare

“If you’re among the lucky few who actually got an iPhone X last night, you might want to buy a screen protector, like right now,” David Katzmaier reports for CNET.

“Apple’s new flagship phone, which starts at $999, £999 or AU$1,579, will cost a bundle to replace if damaged,” Katzmaier reports. “Apple’s service pricing for the phone lists $279, £286 or AU$419 if you ‘need to replace your screen due to accidental damage or mishandling. Accidental damage isn’t covered by the Apple warranty.'”

“The exception is if you elect to get AppleCare+ coverage, which does cover accidental damage to the screen and other parts of the phone,” Katzmaier reports. “It costs $199 in the US, £199 in the UK and AU$299 in Australia.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Are you an AppleCare person or do you like to live dangerously?


  1. I always buy a protective case and never had a problem with a broken iPhone. As for the expensive screen repair, because it’s a totally new iPhone, parts are at a premium for brand new units let alone broken ones.

  2. I’ve always added the AppleCare / AppleCare+ coverage to my new purchases of Apple products. Often times I’ve never had to use the AppleCare, but every once in a while I’ve thanked my guardian angel that I’ve had the protection.

    For my iPhone X Space Gray 256GB that I ordered today for delivery Nov 3, I did add the AppleCare+, which was 2.199 SEK. This converts to $266 at today’s exchange rate. The phone itself cost $1,595 in dollar terms (converted from SEK).

    1. “Often times I’ve never had to use the AppleCare, but every once in a while I’ve thanked my guardian angel that I’ve had the protection.”

      Either you did need it or you didn’t, “often times…never…once in a while” makes no sense.

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    1. I like the “Pelican Protector” case. I’ve used it on my iPhone 6, 7 Plus and now I have one sitting on my desk as I await the X.

      I used to really like the Speck Candyshell, but I find the Pelican has a slightly slimmer profile while protecting just as good. Raised slightly at the edges of the screen for screen protection, slightly grippy on back to prevent dropping.

      I really like it!

  3. Don’t forget that if you need a screen repair and have AppleCare+, you still have to pay a deductible per incident. So it’s not really $199 versus $279. And of course, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll need repair (though it would cover more than just screen damage).

  4. Owned an iPhone since the first one. Never broken a screen yet, and I never put a screen protector on it. I do use a case. I ordered my X without AppleCare, since I got thru to Verizon before the AppleStore. I’ll likely add AppleCare in the next month, and get an edge bumper for better grip.

    1. Why do you think you’ll add AppleCare this time?

      I’ve also never broken a screen since my first iPhone ten years ago, but always used cases and screen protectors. I’ve had a tempered glass protector and Incipio case on my 6+ for 3 years and no AppleCare, though I may pony up for it by the time my X arrives in December because of the high repair cost.

    2. My iPad Pro sustained some kind of infernal injury when it slid off a table. No case on it 😱 but it had AppleCare 👍 I took it to a Genius bar and they replaced it at no charge.

      2 yrs ago Butterfingers dropped a company-issued iPad on a cement floor. No case on it 😫 and no AppleCare 👎 the screen spiderwebbed. Although it still worked there is no joy swiping on fractured glass. 😬

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