Apple’s second, post-iPhone X supercycle

“Over the course of the next year, Apple is expected to enjoy what some refer to as a ‘super cycle,'” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “The idea behind a super cycle is simple: Thanks to a large leap in features and form factor in a new iPhone, current iPhone users will accelerate the pace at which they upgrade their smartphones to buy the latest iPhone.”

“For a while, I wondered how Apple planned to at least maintain, if not grow, iPhone shipments and revenue in the post-iPhone X product cycle,” Eassa writes. “However, I’m now reasonably convinced that Apple could enjoy, perhaps, a second super-cycle once next year’s iPhones launch.”

“Apple is [rumored to be] prepping three new iPhones for next year. The first will be an iPhone with a new type of liquid crystal display that will enable a near-borderless design, the next will be a direct successor to this year’s iPhone X, and then the third should be a larger-screen iPhone X,” Eassa writes. “The redesigned LCD iPhone should be able to attract those customers who passed on the iPhone 8 in favor of discounted iPhone 7 phones.”

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