Microsoft teams with Jamf to make it much easier to integrate Apple’s Macintosh into the enterprise

“Jamf Nation Conference (#JNUC) has become one of the more important events in the Apple in the enterprise diary, and Microsoft appeared at the event to show new integration that enables Apple’s solutions to work even more effectively with Azure cloud services,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Microsoft’s Brad Anderson, corporate vice president, demonstrated how Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) tools will soon work with Jamf integration and Apple’s platforms to ensure that enterprise Macs are security compliant with Azure AD authentication,” Evans writes. “At its simplest, this integration means only trusted users on trusted devices using trusted apps can access Microsoft-protected enterprise data.”

“This is good business for Microsoft,” Evans writes. “As hardware purchasing patterns mutate, that company is working to carve out a future in enterprise-focused cloud services provision. It’s yet another big step forward for Apple in the enterprise, of course. It means enterprise teams can now deploy Macs across their business almost as easily as it is already possible to deploy an iPhone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There’s nothing like having a Mac in your cube.

It’s like giving a glass of ice water to somebody in hell. — Steve Jobs

Microsoft had it nearly completely stolen, but, thanks to them karmically putting the salesman in charge and thereby blowing it, personal computing is finally being returned to its rightful owner.MacDailyNews, September 6, 2017

Microsoft never had the humanities in its DNA. Even when they saw the Mac, they couldn’t copy it well. They totally didn’t get it. — Steve Jobs

I have my own theory about why the decline happens at companies like… Microsoft. The company does a great job, innovates and becomes a monopoly or close to it in some field, and then the quality of the product becomes less important. The [company] starts valuing the great salesmen, because they’re the ones who can move the needle on revenues, not the product engineers and designers. So the salespeople end up running the company. — Steve Jobs

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  1. Wolf in sheep clothing. What they are saying is if you want your Mac on a Windows network you will pay
    trusted users (CAL $$)
    trusted devices (CAL $$)
    trusted apps (Microsoft Apps $$$)

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