Gaming comes to macOS with GeForce Now

“A few weeks ago, we published a post about the state of Mac gaming, analyzing why macOS gaming has been so anemic. Because Macs are so different from their Windows counterparts, and because the market is so small in comparison, few developers have felt pressure to bring their games to the platform,” Alexander Fox writes for Apple Gazette. “The lack of robust tools and development support for Mac gaming has also reduced releases, leaving Mac gamers to look longingly over the fence at Windows’ gaming ecosystem.”

“There’s a new kid in town that might change things, however: GeForce Now. This game streaming platform from graphics card manufacturer Nvidia makes it possible to stream a set of Windows-only games from Nvidia’s powerhouse server farms to your local Mac. Thanks to some serious tech, you don’t even need a particularly powerful computer,” Fox writes. “If you can stream Netflix, you can stream games, with minimal lag and fairly impressive graphical performance.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds very promising for around $19.99 per month (that’s a guess, no pricing has been announced).


  1. The only reason I don’t use Mac for gaming is because it’s cost prohibitive. All I want to do is play World of Warcraft at 60fps, and the only decent Macs that can do that are beyond my budget. A $600 PC can do that. Try spending $600 on a Mac that isn’t an Intel Iris.

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