Apple Photos 3: Changes, new features, and improvements

“Photos 3, part of macOS High Sierra, doesn’t bring much that’s truly new,” Glenn Fleishman writes for Macworld. “Apple acknowledges this by listing changes as a combination of improvements and enhancements, a welcome bit of frankness.”

“But Photos has come a long way since its first release in April 2015. That initial foray at replacing iPhoto with something fresher, faster, and better often fell short, because it was missing many features that people relied on with iPhoto,” Fleishman writes. “Apple released regular updates, however, and features returned, new ones appeared, and existing ones matured.”

Fleishman writes, “Let’s dig deeper into how Photos has changed.”

Read more in the full article – recommended for Photos usershere.

MacDailyNews Take: “People” is certainly improved and, now that it finally syncs across devices signed in with the same Apple ID, much more useful.


  1. While it really sucks that we lost Aperture, Photos has indeed come a long way and offered alternative features Aperture never had.

    I’d still like to see a Pro version of it. At this point there’s not much left… stacks, multiple libraries, batch processing, extended metadata editing, etc… But those features make a world of difference.

    1. NO WAY I will ever trust Apple with my photo’s again. I put HUNDREDS and perhaps even THOUSANDS of hours into learning and using Aperture to managed my 30,000+ library. I lost most of that work when I had to abandon my edits to move to Lightroom. The way they just end of lifed Aperture with no road map and watching what they did to the FinalCut crowd made me realize that these types of apps are NOT something you go to Apple for. I’ve made the move to Lightroom and while I still often miss Aperture (Lightroom STILL is not Aperature’s equal in D.A.M.) I am relatively confident that Lightroom and Photoshop are not going to be end of lifed anytime soon. For anything but the casual user you are CRAZY to trust Apple with your photos or work products.

  2. Also, the people-naming process is considerably more difficult and time-consuming than before, just from a workflow and process perspective.

    And for all Apple’s advancements in face-recognition, it doesn’t seem to have translated well to Photos so far. Perhaps what would help is the ability of the software to recognize at least context and location and date information from the EXIF data and perhaps even from the Contacts data. Like understanding that a person in one picture might be the same person in the next picture on the same date in the same place, or be able to extrapolate age progression a little better.

  3. There is no easy way to search unnamed faces, and this makes it very hard to keep updating faces, and face recognishion triggered better because I used to name a new face, and when clicking NEXT picture, many of the unnamed faces had a question on there face “Is this xxxx” with speeded up my matching process, now I name a face, and next picture is almost indexical, and all faces are unnamed

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