Apple CEO Tim Cook: iOS 11 and ARKit launch ‘a day to remember’

“Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared on Good Morning America earlier today to discuss topics surrounding iOS 11, taking place a few hours ahead of the software update’s launch later this afternoon,” Mitchel Broussard reports for MacRumors. “One of the major topics of the conversation Cook had with Robin Roberts centered upon augmented reality and ARKit, which will introduce advanced AR features onto compatible iPhones and iPads.”

“Cook talked excitedly about augmented reality, explaining that the AR features of iOS 11 are a ‘huge’ addition to the iPhone and iPad ecosystem and will be ‘unbelievable’ for users,” Broussard reports. “Cook capped off the discussion of iOS 11 and ARKit by calling today ‘a day to remember.'”

“In response to a viewer question, Cook said the cost of the iPhone X is a ‘value price’ for the technology inside of the smartphone. He also said that ‘very few people’ will actually pay the full price of the iPhone at launch, thanks to monthly payment plans that various carriers and Apple itself offers,” Broussard reports. “Other topics include Cook’s response to the potential end of the DACA program, as well as different user questions surrounding Face ID.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This was a good, long interview on GMA that helps to get the word out about iPhone X, iOS, Apple, etc. to the hoi polloi.


      1. I can think of a bunch of use cases for it. Just to start:

        – Allow your partner / spouse to access your personal device (phone)
        – Allow multiple members of your family to access a shared device (tablet)
        – Company-issued devices w/ an adminsitrative “login”
        – Give children access to a curated set of apps

        But regardless, chuckling and saying “I wouldn’t recommend it” is a dodge to avoid saying, “No, it doesn’t do that.” Made him look squirrelly.

        1. also have people thought about the fact that several different people leaving biometric data on ‘company devices’ or even on family phones is not ideal.
          Doesn’t that make your bio data less secure?

          supposing you left your bio data on your girlfriend’s phone and then she splits?

          Unlike passwords you can’t change your bio data.

          Won’t all that come back to the whole controversy of Face ID and bio data is not secure. I think Apple thought a whole lot about this…

    1. Maybe I imagined it, but I thought during the presentation it was stated that only one FaceID allowed, at present, which implied that they were working on multiple FaceID’s allowed in the future. Perhaps that is why Tim hesitated, trying to decide how much he was allowed to reveal.

  1. He has got to stop doing that stupid pretentious thing with his hands, that thing like he’s a dog begging for a treat. Either that or dress in a white robes and sandals like some kind of Mooney or something. He was doing it at the recent Apple event as well. He is past the point of believing his own bullshit. The prayer hands are a seriously creepy affectation.

  2. Gah!!! The horizontal keyboard…. in particular in Messages… it’s soooo horrifically, inexcusably bad! How did that ever make it out of Beta? How did it not get caught in GM???

    Grayspace on the sides for days…. in Mail at least it’s tappable gray space. In Messages the keyboard appears off center from the rest of the window.

    AND APPLE CARE SAYS ITS WORKING AS DESIGNED!!’ From a company that prides itself on design… we get this😱😱😱😱

    It’s bad. So terribly, inexcusably bad!!

  3. I do not and will never understand why we have begun to treat CEOs as some kind of celebrity messiahs with the warmth of wisdom shooting out of their behinds. They aren’t. I have loved and used Apple’s stuff for several decades, always because their stuff was legitimately better. Recent times are the first I have ever felt that perhaps some of the critics are correct in their assessment of the ‘cult’. Not everything in iOS 11 is spectacular, and if you strip away some of the novelty, it’s a pretty standard update.

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