iPhone X sets new trends for the smartphone, the device Apple created

“A number of new features that come along with Apple’s newly released iPhone X such as 3D sensing are likely to become new standards for next-generation smartphones launched by Android-based smartphone vendors, according to industry sources,” Sammi Huang, Max Wang, and Steve Shen write for DigiTimes.

“The maturing 3D sensing technology and related applications that enables facial recognition, creates 3D emojis and performs augmented reality (AR) experiences will prompt Android phone makers to follow suit, said the sources,” Huang, Wang, and Shen write. “Major players in the Android camp, including Samsung Electronics and Huawei, certainly will jump onto the bandwagon, noted the sources, adding that demand for 3D sensor modules is likely to experience an explosive growth in 2018-2019. 3D sensor chips suppliers including Qualcomm and Himax Technologies will benefit significantly from the emerging trend, commented the sources.”

Huang, Wang, and Shen write, “While wireless charging is not a new technology or feature for smartphones, the support of Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi standards by iPhone X and iPhone 8 devices will promote further adoption and development of wireless charging technology, said the sources.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The parade of inferior knockoffs from the Android peddlers is inevitable.


  1. Are you kidding me? Apple is 2 to 3 years late to an established standard. This is bizarro world. In this case Apple is the knock off with regard to charging wirelessly. Woefully late and bringing nothing new to the party with regard to wireless charging.

    1. This article is really about the face mapping. Any comments about that? Apple is late for wireless charging on the phone, but had it for the watch since day 1. The article states having the leading smartphone maker transition to all wireless, which every new iteration of iPhone will, will help wireless charging become more ubiquitous. Just like how iPhones helped car makers integrate Bluetooth and USB ports for syncing your phone. It helps drive adoption of existing tech (like they did with USB, etc).

    2. Big deal. NOT. Wireless charging is nice, but not essential. I’m more concerned about security (particularly in thw wake of a breech of billion Equifax accounts. (And the only way to find out IF you were one of them, is to promise not to sue them for damages.) inlaid Apple and Tim Cook for thumbing his nose at the Federal attempt to breech personal security of our devices.

      I’d rather have some Great in my hockey than something mediocre on a plugged pad.

  2. Wireless charging is a solution in search of a problem.

    For a supposedly environmentally conscious company, Apple has been suspiciously silent about the reality of how inefficient wireless charging is.

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