Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are selling out

“The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are available for preorder right now, and they’re already selling out. This wouldn’t be a surprising news given that it happens every year on iPhone preorder date. Yet this year is different,” Chris Smith reports for BGR. “What’s different this year is that Apple just unveiled three iPhones instead of two, including the iPhone X, which is easily the most exciting model, notch controversy included.”

“With that in mind, the fact that iPhone 8 is already selling out may seem surprising, but it turns out the more boring handset is still an interesting proposition to consumers,” Smith reports. “The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus sport the same design that Apple coined with the iPhone 6 three years ago, but they have fresh new internals that makes them faster than any other iPhone or Android device. They’re equal to the iPhone X when it comes to performance, even if they lack some of the signature features of Apple’s best 2017 iPhone.”

“A quick look at the US Apple online store shows ship times slipping by up to two weeks for certain models,” Smith reports. “The 64GB gold and space gray version is a crowd favorite, and it’s now shipping by September 29 or October 6th. Meanwhile, only the 256GB iPhone 8 still offers a September 22nd release date. The same thing happens in France, where the phablet version is selling out quicker than the 4.7-inch model…”

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MacDailyNews Take: There’s no way to know if this bodes well for Apple without knowing how many iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus units they had available for preorder. We’ll have to wait for Apple’s quarterly results and analysts’ iPhone mix breakdown estimates in order to try to get some handle on iPhone 8/Plus sales performance in the shadow of iPhone X.

Our curent poll data skews heavily in favor of iPhone X:

My next iPhone will be:

• iPhone X – 69.72% (228 votes)
• iPhone 8 Plus – 11.93% (39 votes)
• iPhone 8 – 9.48% (31 votes)
• iPhone SE – 4.28% (14 votes)
• iPhone 6s – 1.83% (6 votes)
• iPhone 7 Plus – 1.22% (4 votes)
• iPhone 7 – 1.22% (4 votes)
• iPhone 6s Plus – 0.31% (1 votes)

Total Votes: 327


  1. Why are they selling out? Did Foxconn only produce a few million of them? Everyone says those iPhones are just a rehash of the iPhone 6 and any smartphone with bezels are relics of ancient times. Mmmm… maybe some knuckleheads don’t know what they’re talking about. Nah. Apple just pushed the dates back to fool Wall Street into thinking there is high demand. Same old trick Apple always uses.


  2. Your current pole data only polls people on this (great) site, ie. died in the wool Apple fanboys. Of course we’re getting the X, anything else would be unthinkable.

    1. You don’t have to be a fanboy to want the latest and greatest. The X is especially compelling because it offers a better and comparably sized screen in a smaller package than the +. Most buyers want the X, but price and limited availability will steer people to the 8 or 8+. Other than that people may not want “the notch” or the Orwell ID, but they are a minority.

  3. I hate to think how much Apple is going to get slammed for iPhone X pre-orders. I think they may well be shocked how popular an option and underprepared they are for the demand.

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