Apple’s iPhone SE just got even better

“Lost amid all the excitement and celebration surrounding Apple’s iPhone X and iPhone 8 was the company’s decision to reduce the price on its already low-cost iPhone SE,” Don Reisinger writes for Tom’s Guide.

“Apple’s smaller, budget-friendly iPhone is now just $349, making it the cheapest handset the company has ever offered,” Reisinger writes. “Admittedly, Apple’s iPhone SE isn’t for folks who need the latest and greatest. The device has only a 4-inch display and a design that’s decidedly old school in a world where glass and big screens mean everything. However, it comes with some nice features, including Touch ID to support Apple Pay and better security.”

“This price drop allows Apple to continue to offer a budget-friendly alternative for folks that want to stay in the iOS ecosystem,” Reisinger writes. “Best of all, the iPhone SE is available now, and isn’t rapidly selling out of pre-orders like the iPhone 8 currently is.”

Apple's A9-powered iPhone SE, the most powerful 4‑inch phone ever made.
Apple’s A9-powered iPhone SE, the most powerful 4‑inch phone ever made.

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MacDailyNews Take: The iPhone SE’s industrial design is timeless perfection. It’s a gorgeous iPhone and a prime example of Jony Ives’ very best work. At $349 for 32GB, it’s a steal (but, unless you’re well-versed in living in the cloud, we’d highly recommend shelling out the extra $100 to get the 128GB model for $449 – also a steal)!


  1. What’s also a timeless marvel of industrial design was the iPhone 4S. If Apple had chosen to make that design, with a 4” screen, and all the same features as the SE, I suspect they would have even more demand for it, than the 5 form factor.

    1. I had an Iphone 4S for 4 years, Loved that phone too. In the end after 4 years it started to have battery & camera issues so sold it. The SE is just as easy to handle / hold and yet much faster then the 4S

      1. I remember all the complains about the 5, when it came out. The 4 was special. Sure the 5 is great, and the SE is sublime. But the steel band and glass front and back were amazing to hold.

        I suspect the X with steel frame will be sublime too, but a little on the large size.

        I’m going all the way. After Apple Care+. I will be crying, but there you have it.

  2. No phone ever felt better in my hand than my old iPhone 5S. It was the perfect size and weight and it felt like you were holding an indestructible block of steel. Just rock solid.

    1. I picked up a lightly used, unlocked 5S for under $200 early last year. Love it. I actually use it as a semi-smart phone, as I transferred my T-mobile pay-as-you-go line from a dumb phone (Samsung) to the 5S. I needed a replacement for my aged 2nd gen’ iPod touch, but it gives me so much more.

  3. I’ll keep saying it: the SE is the perfect phone for folks like myself whose hands are deformed and cannot hold a full sized iPhone. This little powerhouse has everything I need and the days when my hands ache badly, my BeatsX earbuds come to the rescue.

  4. I wish Apple updated the SE also. I like the form factor, and would not mind paying a higher price for a higher end version of the SE.

    Why does Apple think buy the SE only because it is cheap?


  5. Best in the range for me with 64 gb tucked into that bijou body. Fits all my pockets, flat sided so I can balance it on the odd table-top for video shots, and decently fast for stills, especially when editing the shots.

  6. my 64GB SE has overall been one of the best iPhones I’ve owned, and I’ve owned everyone except a 7/7plus. I’m going to get an X but the SE is such a great value proposition, and with an Apple Watch the phone stays in my pocket 90% of the day!

  7. Your headline says better when you meant to write cheaper. To Apple, this is just old stock inventory burn down primarily for BRIC countries, right? Otherwise Apple wouldn’t have such a fragmented mess of hardware in its lineup.

  8. The best part is it does not have buttons on opposites sides the causes issues when you try to turn it on but due to the fore used to push the button also pushes the volume button on the opposite side. Not Jonny’s finest moment.

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