Elgato showcases five new HomeKit accessories

Elgato is expanding its Eve product family of HomeKit-enabled accessories by showcasing Eve Lock, Eve Window Guard, Eve Smoke und Eve Aqua at IFA Berlin 2017.

Additionally, Elgato introduces its second generation of Eve Thermo, a HomeKit-enabled thermostatic radiator valve. For the door lock Eve Lock, the contact sensor Eve Window Guard and the fire alarm Eve Smoke, Elgato partners with leading suppliers to combine HomeKit’s superior security mechanisms with state of the art locking and smoke detection technology. Eve Aqua utilizes upcoming irrigation control in iOS to turn any garden hose into a Siri controlled water source.

Eve Thermo, an intelligent thermostatic radiator valve
The new generation of Eve Thermo features capacitive touch controls and an integrated temperature display to directly monitor and adjust the target temperature. Like all Eve products, Elgato’s HomeKit enabled thermostatic radiator valve works right out of the box, eliminating the need to spend extra on a bridge device or starter pack. Eve Thermo retains all the features of its predecessor and uses reliable control technology from Eurotronic, one of Europe’s market leaders in electronic radiator control systems.

Elgato Eve Thermo
Elgato Eve Thermo

Eve Lock, an intelligent door lock
Eve Lock turns your door into a self-locking entrance, securing it automatically against break-in attempts. As soon as you close the door behind you, Eve Lock will secure the latches and bolts so the door is safe at all times. Use Siri, Apple Home or the Eve App to monitor and control Eve Lock. Thanks to HomeKit, you can safely grant access to a visitor even when you’re away from home. Eve Lock, which is powered by an internal battery and uses Bluetooth, is developed in cooperation with Yale, an ASSA ABLOY Group company.

Elgato Eve Lock
Elgato Eve Lock

Eve Smoke, an intelligent smoke detector
In the case of fire, Eve Smoke will not only set off a loud, pulsating tone but also HomeKit notifications and scenes. Eve Smoke is smart enough to not only monitor your rooms but also its own health. Use Siri, Apple Home or the Eve App to check the detector’s state or access its settings. Thanks to energy efficient Bluetooth technology, Eve Smoke offers a battery lifetime of ten years. It relies on proven smoke detection technology by Hager, a leading provider of electrical installation and security technology.

Elgato Eve Smoke
Elgato Eve Smoke

Eve Window Guard, an intelligent contact & tamper sensor
Eve Window Guard senses tamper force on a window and detects if it is open, closed or tilted. When it changes its state, Eve Window Guard will send a HomeKit notification to your iPhone. The Bluetooth sensor is a HomeKit enabled version of the patented one-piece EiMSIG sensor design that slots into your window frame, completely out of sight.

Elgato Eve Window Guard
Elgato Eve Window Guard

Eve Aqua, an intelligent irrigation controller
With Eve Aqua, sprinkle your lawn without lifting a finger. The battery powered, Bluetooth enabled controller will automatically water in accordance with custom schedules, or upon a voice command to irrigate your flower beds. What’s more, Eve Aqua tracks your watering activity, empowering you with insight to better cater to your garden’s needs.

Elgato Eve Aqua
Elgato Eve Aqua

Eve Thermo is priced at 69,95 Euro and will be available from September 26th at Elgato and Amazon. Availability and pricing of Eve Lock, Eve Smoke, Eve Window Guard and Eve Aqua will be announced at a later date. The Eve app is available as a free download from the App Store.

Source: Elgato

MacDailyNews Take: Welcome, new members of the growing HomeKit family!


  1. These sound very promising, but much will depend on the prices, they have only released prices for some of the range.

    There is no mention of needing a hob, so if that’s true it would be a big plays and I could certainly see me buying some of this range.

    I’m a bit puzzled by the window sensor. Does it also work on side hung windows, or just on windows with the hinge at the top? I’m also puzzled why they claim that it’s completely out of sight when the photograph shows it as being very visible indeed.

  2. Currently using some Eve stuff and I saw this earlier today on Twitter. No info on if these will be released in the United States.

    Not sure why Elgato has yet to release a thermostat for HVAC systems- the one shown is for old school radiators.

    1. Well I’d hazard a guess that the reason why Elgato is favouring hot water radiator controls might be something to do with Elgato being a German company.

      Most European houses use hot water central heating circuited through radiators, while air condoning is not usually needed in north European houses, only becoming commonplace when you go down to the hotter regions of southern Europe.

  3. I have Elgato Eve temperature sensors (one in my wine cellar and another on my rooftop deck) at my Seattle house and I have to say that I’ve been unimpressed with their performance. They’re very slow to respond when I attempt to check the current temperature (either through Home or via Elgato’s app) and their Bluetooth range is frustratingly short. Perhaps if they were half the price I might be willing to overlook their shortcomings but they’re fairly overpriced for what they are and how they perform. As much as I’d like to automate with some more HomeKit compatible devices, I don’t know that I’m all that eager to jump back into the Elgato pool.

  4. I have the Eve Electric set up on a lamp. It works most of the time. Sometimes, when I am at work, I’ll check my HomeKit App and see it on still. I am hesitant to get any others just yet.

    I love my Honeywell Lyric and especially the GeoFencing aspect of it.

    I also love my Rachio Irrigation system, but sadly, that is not homekit enabled. I tell everyone about this and highly recommend it.

    I really want to get the Schlage Sense, but can not justify $229 for a smart lock when we rarely, if ever, use the front door.

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