iPhone 8 leak reiterates Apple’s biggest gamble

“I have delivered exclusive iPhone 8 images, detailed Apple’s biggest changes (with one big question mark) and even shown how it looks in-hand,” Gordon Kelly writes for Forbes. “Credit for much of this goes to my contacts at case maker Nodus and it has now come up trumps once again.”

“Following further information from the company’s supply chain, Nodus has now corroborated the final design of the iPhone 8 and it aligns with the late stage prototype I obtained through my own contacts – and indicates one potentially serious problem,” Kelly writes. “Like myself, Nodus reiterates what is likely to be Apple’s biggest gamble: it too believes Touch ID will be killed off in the iPhone 8 despite the curiously enlarged power button.”

“If Touch ID is disappearing, however, it will put tremendous pressure on Apple’s new ‘Face ID’ facial recognition software,” Kelly writes. “Apple will also need to sell it to customers that the removal of Touch ID is a good thing and that Face ID can be just as convenient or it will become a potentially serious problem.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple is not going to ship their tenth anniversary iPhone with “a potentially serious problem.” Full stop.

Again, Apple’s infrared 3D facial recognition will work – very well – and it’ll be secure – very secure – or Apple wouldn’t do it.


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  2. All I know is it seems like a very shaky way to ID someone…when a Thumb or Finger print unlocks your iPhone in milliseconds.

    I dread having to position the phone so it will capture my face, Remove my Hat or Shades…WTF?? it sounds really horrible…but we all know Apple would not (hopefully) put us through all that crap just to unlock our phones…

    1. Why? Apple is already building in a feature to quickly and discretely disable unlocking except by password. Press the unlock button five times and now only a password can unlock it. The government cannot force you to reveal the password, and crooks are no better off than before – worse, in fact, because it also automatically alerts 911.

  3. I wish I had as much faith in Apple as MDN obvious does. Siri has been out for some years now, but I still find it flaky. Yesterday had a classic. I asked “Phone Grant” and it replied “do you want to phone Mrs.Roples” – How would it mis-hear such different names? Touch ID just reliably works, so it seems like Apple is dumping mature technology with something on the edge to say the least.

    1. Totally agree. Siri is a joke. I just asked, “what is guacamole?” Siri replied, “no match found.” Nothing I did changed, but it required three attempts in a row to get the answer.

      My brother lives next door and he comes over with his cheap ass 20 dollar droid phone. I have heard him use the voice assistant with half a dozen rapid fire questions on speaker phone and it works almost flawlessly and faster. I was amazed.

      Same for the iTunes mess, the prodigal MacPro, the dumbing down of software, et al.

      I wish Apple would get its present house in order before creating a new house disorder …

          1. Siri is absolutely NOT garbage. To say so is just not factual.

            Siri could (and should) be a lot better.

            Apple has been actively working on voice recognition since the early ’90s. Most of you don’t remember Casper. Casper was introduced in the summer of ’93, and Apple had been working on it for a few years before then. Its big advance was user independent voice recognition without significant voice recognition training. Yes, at introduction it was limited to telling the OS (System 7.1 or later) what to do, but it was better than anything else out there.

            Since Apple has had over 25 years to work on what is now Siri, there really is very little reason for excuses for Siri to not be the absolute best out there. (And, just for a point of reference, Apple has been working on voice recognition longer than Google has existed.)

            1. “Siri could (and should) be a lot better.”

              Yes, it should be MUCH better.

              You would think that for as long as Apple has been working on voice assistants as you say, they would have perfected it by now and blow away the competition out of the water, not!

              It does not matter to me who invented the tech first or how many years they worked on it, the only measure of success I care about is what is best.

              Case in point: The iPhone came out over a decade later than the first smartphones. In a nanosecond on June 29, 2007 the original iPhone instantly laid waste to every mobile phone ever created.

              That’s what I care about and Siri is not there yet …

      1. Siri certainly knows what guacamole is when I asked exactly the same question that you asked. She also got it right when my wife asked the same question and my wife has a slight and rather unique foreign accent which sometimes confuses Siri, but not on this occasion.

        When I’m driving, I often ask Siri to phone named people and it works very reliably, although sometimes if it may offer multiple matches for certain names. When that happens to a regularly used name, adding a nickname to that entry on address book ( such as wife, sister, doctor, Bertie etc ) completely solves the problem.

        I use Siri a lot and am frequently astonished at just how well it understands speech. In the car, the kids are always asking “hey Siri – what’s this tune?” to identify music on the radio. It’s usually much quicker than firing up Shazam.

        1. Glad it works for you.

          It gets so many things wrong, I just bother. And like I said in my post, I’m amazed at the Android voice assistant, nearly flawless and hate to say it …

            1. “Please, just switch to Android and move to an Android site. You are irritating, even when you occasionally say something reasonable.”

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              Yes, I am going. Irish tavern stool here I come. It’s Saturday night! 😆

          1. Gotta agree with GoeB. Siri is a disappointment. I have used Dragon Naturally speaking (via parallels windows on the Mac) for 8 years and I have excellent accuracy (i.e., I know how to dictate). Siri has no learning, and no context. It is simply inexcusable that she will mistake a number that I call daily with another person in contacts that I haven’t called in years (names not really that close either). She is utterly incapable of dialing a coffee shop “Bom Dia Coffee” that is in my contacts. I call every weekend on the way to the mountain. I tried putting in favorites. No luck. I honestly had better luck with my Treo 10 yrs ago. Maybe they will get the machine learning going. Until then, easier to pull out the iPhone and select what want.

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