Apple stops accepting returns and exchanges in Hong Kong ahead of new iPhones

“Apple today updated its sales policy in Hong Kong to indicate all products purchased at Apple’s online and retail stores in the country on and after August 15, 2017 cannot be returned or exchanged indefinitely,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors. “As an exception to the rule, Apple will still honor exchanges for defective products in Hong Kong at its sole discretion.”

“Apple didn’t provide a reason for the policy change, but it’s likely a precautionary move ahead of new iPhone models expected in September,” Rossignol reports. “The same policy went into effect in Hong Kong on iPhone 7 launch day last year.”

“Hong Kong is a hotbed for black market electronics due to the lack of import taxes and duties added to foreign goods purchased, as is the case in neighboring mainland China,” Rossignol reports. “Scalpers often attempt to illegally smuggle new iPhones across the border to mainland China to make significant profits.”

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