Foxconn workers leak videos of iPhone 8 production line

“For most of us, the iPhone 8 will arrive in a pristine box, as if it’s materialized out of nowhere to land in our local Apple store,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Mac.

“Things are a bit different if you’re working on the iPhone production line, however,” Dormehl reports. “A pair of new videos which has shown up on Chinese social media gives a glimpse of what that looks like, as Foxconn workers work on the iPhone 8 rear shells.”

Dormehl reports, “While there’s very little that can be learned from these videos about the next-gen iPhones, interestingly they do seem to contradict a pervious report showing allegedly leaked photos of iPhone 8 handsets in Foxconn packaging — complete with rear-mounted Touch ID sensor.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The iPhone Leakapalooza continues!


  1. I cannot tell if its real or fake from the video’s, but if its real then this is proof that there is security holes that Pipeline Timmy needs to plug

  2. just thinking about it:

    the iPhone takes months to ramp up to build up a store for the sales rush of tens of millions.

    there must be dozens if not hundreds of workers now who know exactly what an iPhone 8 looks like (something that even the best analysts don’t really know).

    1. The irony is it’s the invention of the smart phone itself and it’s ability to surreptitiously take pics and movies that have helped leaks everywhere along.

  3. These images look like a rather low-volume production operation to me band it doesn’t seem plausible for a high volume iPhone production line to look as sloppy and haphazard as that.

    When we have been shown authentic images of iPhone production lines, they are massively more slick and high tech with every operation being performed with great precision.

  4. Not one of these so called iPhone images has an Apple logo on the back. Also the new iPhone is reported to have a glass back, not a unibody metal back. The women in the first video are doing a job that would be better done by an automated process in the quantities the iPhone assembly process would require. This is a knock off wanna be producer making an Chinese phone.

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