Apple CEO Tim Cook condemns Charlottesville mayhem, says ‘Violence and racism have no place in America’

“The White House has defended President Donald Trump’s reaction to deadly violence over a white supremacist rally in Virginia, amid criticism he did not explicitly condemn far-right groups,” BBC News reports. “But a spokesman said his condemnation included white supremacists.”

“A woman was killed on Saturday when a car rammed into a crowd protesting against the rally in Charlottesville,” BBC News reports. “Separately, a rally organiser was chased away by protesters as he tried to give a press conference on Sunday. Jason Kessler, who organised the controversial ‘Unite the Right’ march, was heckled and booed as he blamed the police for not preventing the violence, which he also condemned.”

“Nineteen people were injured in the car-ramming incident, and another 15 people were wounded in separate clashes related to the far-right march on Saturday afternoon,” BBC News reports. “Hours after the violence erupted, Mr Trump said he condemned ‘in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides.’ ‘The hate and the division must stop right now,’ he told reporters in New Jersey, where he is on a working holiday. ‘We have to come together as Americans with love for our nation.'”

“But his comments did not explicitly condemn the white extremist groups involved in the rally, an omission that was strongly criticised by Republicans and Democrats alike,” BBC News reports. “The president’s national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, went further by commenting: ‘Anytime that you commit an attack against people to incite fear, it meets the definition of terrorism.’ Mr Trump’s daughter too also appeared to offer stronger condemnation than her father.”

“In response, the White House issued a statement on Sunday clarifying that Mr Trump’s condemnation had included white supremacists. ‘The president said very strongly in his statement yesterday that he condemns all forms of violence, bigotry and hatred. Of course that includes white supremacists, KKK, neo-Nazi and all extremist groups,’ a spokesperson [said],” BBC News reports. “”

On Saturday evening, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted:

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MacDailyNews Note: Along with Tim Cook, many others have, of course, condemned the violence, including:


        1. Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.

          ― George Orwell, 1984

          1. You and your bigoted pals are doing a good job of falsifying the truth.

            Ever doubt yourself, ye who lambasts anyone with a contrary opinion ? I did not think so.

            1. He doesn’t sound bitter at all. He’s not the one out there trying to tear down statues. He seems fine with actual history being represented.

            2. The major reason for the Civil War was to stop the South from secession from the Union.

              Liberals dishonestly would have us believe slavery was the reason. It was a factor, just not the main reason for the war.

              Interesting that President Lincoln offered General Robert E. Lee from Virginia to lead the Union Army and he declined. Not wanting to go against the people of his state.

              Rather than tear down statues that are only symbols of history and heritage, we should teach TOLERANCE. Tearing them down is a superficial win to soothe the intolerant snowflakes, nothing more. Does absolutely nothing to change history or end racism.

              I don’t understand how a hunk of sculpted metal on a concrete slab sitting outside in the rain preaches glorification. Glorification of what? It is a symbol of history with all the historical facets our failing public school system fails to teach.

              Unfortunately, the snowflakes will never open their small minds to learn and be tolerant of history, imperfect as it may be …

        2. Both “sides” came armed with tools to beat, maim, hurt, even kill and otherwise destroy each other “free speech be dammed”! Anyone who incites violence isn’t protected by the 1st amendment regarding their words but they are still entitled to safety and should be punished legally and not by mob mentality (an oxymoron). Racism and bigotry come from every group, race, culture, country, and, sadly even religion (Sunni-Shia as just one example). Both sides contributed to this abhorrent event. Evidently the local police didn’t help stop the violence. A lot went wrong yesterday and the people involved aren’t reading any of theses comments on a tech site.

        3. No, you are wrong. 100% wrong, in fact.

          Actually, white nationalist speech is protected under the First Amendment, as is all “hate speech,” because there’s no such thing as “hate speech” in U.S. constitutional jurisprudence. How many primers on free-speech law need to be posted on the Internet before uneducated dullards are able to absorb this most basic fact?

          1. Yes, you are absolutely correct. The First Amendment was designed to defend unpopular and in some cases offensive speech. Since our public school system is run by the Democratic Party and their minions in the union they are denying generations of school children factual knowledge. Alt Left politics is a cancer affecting the teaching profession …

          1. That’s BS GeoB. The conservative, especially Religious Right agenda since Reagan tried to impose school prayer, forbid flag burning, and enforce recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, all while limiting reference to global warming and assisting with abortion advise.

            Regardless of which side of the issue, conservatives attempted to limit first amendment rights. Even Scalia agreed with what I say.

            1. Off topic as usual I see, stage Left. My comment was in reference to free speech at the Virginia rally. The First Amendment does NOT CHOOSE SIDES.

              “The conservative, especially Religious Right agenda since Reagan tried to impose school prayer, forbid flag burning, and enforce recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, all while limiting reference to global warming and assisting with abortion advise.”

              As to your off topic comments.

              I’d much prefer our school children listening to prayer, a good thing teaching values and love, than the hateful violent swearing rhetoric of gangster rap inciting the young to kill cops, drop out of school, racial division, bust those suckers up, et al.

              So no problem with the rights of the majority students silenced by one or a handful? That’s not right, prayer is 100% a good thing. If you don’t believe in it, fine, remain respectfully silent in your protest and maintain your dignity. That’s called TOLERANCE. Not wanting to hear a religious word spoken ever is snowflake modus operandi. That’s called INTOLERANCE.

              Burning the material of a flag that cannot speak a word for itself for the rest of time is the most ridiculous excuse for free speech the left has EVER invented. Yes Liberals, especially the Unreligious Left, do those sort of things. And they have no problem banning bibles from hotel rooms, but not books like Catcher in the Rye?

              Let me guess you have a major problem with burning any symbol of Islam, flags or holy books. And we can’t have cartoons denigrating Islam in U.S. newspapers, but bashing Christianity and Catholic priests is a fair game alt-left sport, right?

              “all while limiting reference to global warming and assisting with abortion advise.”

              Limiting reference to global warming, are you kidding? It’s reported in the MSM every other day and Gore just released a second movie, albeit a flop at the box office.

              Abortion advice is great if it is not one sided by an agency all in for the government assistance taxpayer money. All options should be discussed to make an informed choice that puts the unborn child and mother FIRST, not LAST.

              Also guessing you have no problem with schools, MSM and employers “limiting reference” to our sacred Second Amendment in all its positive applications …

              1. the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

            2. I want you to know that I’m actually a practicing Christian and a many years elected member is a Church board. Doing so was a privilege. Take what I say in the spirit of “give unto Ceasar”.

              The Constitution expressly forbids establishment of a religion, and this has bee interpreted several times a a separation of Church and State by the Supreme Court.

              Even Scalia agreed that flag burning is protected speech.

              Global Warming is forbidden speech…

              I agree with the one sidedness, it’s still protected speech and there is no forbiddance of the contrary position. Keep trying, my speech is not dependent on your money.

    1. Latest development (11 AM EDT):

      Kenneth Frazier, the CEO of Merck Pharmaceuticals, has resigned from the President’s Manufacturing Council to protest Mr. Trump’s failure to clearly condemn white nationalism.

      The President’s response was not to condemn racism, but to issue a Twitter attack on Mr. Frazier, who is African-American.

        1. It’s germane because it is yet another indication that Mr. Trump has no real interest in avoiding the appearance of racial bias. He attacked a black man in preference to condemning Nazis. He initially appeared to suggest that the victims who were injured or killed while peacefully protesting Nazis and the KKK were somehow equally to blame for the violence (and yes there was leftist violence earlier in the day, but not from the group that got run over). It was evidence that the President is utterly tone deaf to how he appears to the majority of Americans who did not support him last November. It is almost as if he did not want broad public support for his policies.

          1. “It’s germane because it is yet another indication that Mr. Trump has no real interest in avoiding the appearance of racial bias. He attacked a black man in preference to condemning Nazis.”

            NO, it is in no way germane.

            Attack? I did not see anyone hurt for physical violence. “Sticks and stones can hurt my bones, but names can never hurt me.” Unless you’re a PC liberal snowflake.

            You are dead WRONG and lying again. On Saturday, President Trump denounced the violence. Obvious you are once again practicing the DEMOCRATIC DISTORTION FIELD semantics game that because he did not name names it translates to NOT condemning violence. Nothing could be further from the truth.

            President named names on Monday to SILENCE the relentless stupidity and daily attacks from the MSM and Democratic Party. Let me guess, something tells me that’s just not enough for the FAKE conservative. Too little to late, right?

            “He initially appeared to suggest that the victims who were injured or killed while peacefully protesting Nazis and the KKK were somehow equally to blame for the violence (and yes there was leftist violence earlier in the day, but not from the group that got run over).”

            I did not read equality in blame from the president’s statements. Once again, that is an extrapolation lie from the left and MSM.

            I guess none of the purist counter protesters took a dollar from the Soros foundation or other Democratic front groups. I guess none of them showed up carrying urine or feces. I guess none of them wore masks or body armor. I guess none of them used racist statements. I guess none of them threatened and assaulted those they disagree with. I guess they were all peaceful fragile flowers, right.

            “It was evidence that the President is utterly tone deaf …”

            The president is indeed tone deaf to liberals like you that come here everyday to post political division RELENTLESSLY and denigrate every microscopic move of our hard working president. Your deceit is dishonest and obvious. I don’t need your posts to get the same from CNN and the WashPo/NYT.

            If I ever read a presidential compliment from you, I’d probably grab my chest and shout, “I’m coming Elizabeth” …

            1. Wow!

              “Attack? I did not see anyone hurt for physical violence.”

              Not every attack on minorities leaves bodily scars, but last weekend was not just a verbal altercation. There are three people dead and at least 26 others who required hospital treatment. The American Leader blamed the victims equally with the racists who attacked them. In some states, encouraging the commission of a crime makes one a party to the crime.

              The CEOs leaving the Manufacturing Council don’t want to be associated with somebody who has taken no care to avoid appearing as a Nazi collaborator. That is probably a sound business decision on their part, particularly if their companies have any African-American or Jewish customers.

              Outside the Bizarro Universe, most of the violence from the Left in Charlottesville was in response to violence initiated by White Supremacists of one sort or another (KKK, NeoNazi, etc.). These agitators came in from outside the community to march around town and the UVA campus chanting well-known Nazi slogans. When they encountered counter-protesters, they attacked them.

              The event was not a peaceful protest of the proposed statue removal; it was prominently billed by the promoters as a Take Back America rally for white people and it clearly involved harassing anybody who rejected the racist message. Nobody except another White Power advocate could possibly think that the marchers included any significant mixture of “Good People.”

              I do have to complement the President for his flexibility. Hardly anybody since June of 1941 has managed to look like both a Nazi stooge and a Russian collaborator at the same time.

            2. Post after post you ignore inconvenient truths as I and others have pointed out.

              Repeatedly moving on to your alt-left alternative facts I can get from MSM 24/7. You’re a master at selective reading and only addressing half the story that ALWAYS favors the Democratic Party.

              One example: Tell us what role the ACLU played in the protest permitting process — you conveniently left that out.

              Like your last Graf a lot. Childish put downs of personal looks speaks VOLUMES. The most beautiful First Lady ever and a beautiful family, obviously no sane person would agree with you.

              Breaking news: White males that do not agree with Libtard race baiters are not automatically nazis and racists. How unbecoming and stereotyping stupid of you. And spare me the semantics, yes you did not say it outright. But you most certainly IMPLIED IT.

              Not all is lost. Your new butt-wipe buddy CitizenZero eat it up like turd candy. Have fun climbing down to his level in the sewer, you’re off to a good start …

          1. News flash from CNN– North Korea stands down as Obama policies kick in! Maxine Waters comments that Trump should be impeached. Trump calls out racists by individual name but protests erupt because he did not include their middle initials.

            phlegm at 11.

            1. so it turns out that NK modified their stance because of pressure from China.

              So, so desperate for some kind of win from your sexual predator pResident. He really didn’t do any thing and did you really think NK was going to attack anybody? Really?

              Are you tired of winning yet?

            2. I’m just going to figure this was a moment of lucidity. Admitting you made a mistake is the first step. I learned that when I became a small group leader.

              It’s ok bottwipe. tRumps scammed a lot of people. He is a Master Con Man and has fooled people smarter than you.

              Accept that you are powerless as an imperfect being.

              Be washed in the blood of the Lamb.

              Accept Jesus as your personal savior.

              Speak it with your mouth. (Confession on MDN will be good for your soul) . From now on you can spread the message of love and tolerance for your fellow man.

              We can fight evil together. End poverty and hunger.

    2. Whataboutism: a propaganda technique formerly used by the Soviet Union in its dealings with the Western world, and subsequently used as a form of propaganda in post-Soviet Russia. When criticisms were leveled at the Soviet Union, the Soviet response would be “What about…” followed by an event in the Western world. Essentially tu quoque or the appeal to hypocrisy, a logical fallacy which attempts to discredit without directly refuting or disproving the opponent’s initial argument.

    3. The Trump administration and its Republican enablers are trying to undo sound and sensible policies enacted by our preceding administration for one reason and one reason only: the policies were enacted under America’s first black president. Any other reason given for dismantling these policies is a coverup. Fake excuses.

      There is nothing intrinsically bad about these policies. The ACA is essentially sound. It is childish that Republicans chose to pout rather than cooperate with a government run by a party they chose to loathe. All they wanted to do was resist and obstruct. Now they dream of “repeal and replace” …yet they are bankrupt of good ideas.

      The same is true of the EPA — which should more appropriately be named the Environmental DESTRUCTION Agency. Sound policies are being dismantled however and whenever possible, not because they are bad policies — many Republicans have sadly forgotten that some of this countries most impressive and powerful environmental legislation was actually passed by a Republican administration under Nixon in the 1970s — but because they were passed under America’s first black president.

      Even those who were fooled by Trumps empty promises and bankrupt political rhetoric are beginning to realize The Emperor Is Wearing No Clothes. Sad. The American public deserves so much better. There is no room for racism and bigotry of any kind in this Great Nation.

      If you support Trump right now it is a clear sign you are an ignorant racist.

      1. “The Trump administration and its Republican enablers are trying to undo sound and sensible policies enacted by our preceding administration for one reason and one reason only: the policies were enacted under America’s first black president.”

        Name sensible policies? Dismantling bad policies is called governing and the results of an election have consequences — remember who said that? Racist to say it is because of “first black president.”

        “The ACA is essentially sound.”

        Do you have any idea how many people cannot afford the insurance premiums that are busting their budgets. How many exchanges have failed? How much is the cost going up every year? How many millions are still WITHOUT healthcare? Take off the rose colored glasses and face facts.

        “Sound policies are being dismantled however and whenever possible, not because they are bad policies — but because they were passed under America’s first black president.”

        There you go again with a racist comment based in opinion not FACT. President Trump is not a racist. Look forward to the next eight years where he will do more for the black community than all the lip service of the Democratic Party the last eight years.

        “There is no room for racism and bigotry of any kind in this Great Nation.”

        Including your comments.

        “If you support Trump right now it is a clear sign you are an racist.”

        I support President Trump, and I am NOT a racist and certainly don’t appreciate or support race baiters like you …

        1. Okay, okay: you are not a racist. YOU JUST REALLY HATE BLACKS, WOMEN, GAYS, IMMIGRANTS, AND DEMOCRATS.

          1. So you keep changing and creating new names to respond?

            Wow, what a sign of maturity — I’m speechless.

            BTW, your post has zero credibility and not an atomic particle of truth …

  1. when terrorists in France etc caused mayhem Donald Trump said it wouldn’t happen if the crowd had guns.

    So why didn’t he say it here? i.e “The anti white supremacists should have had guns and shot that neo nazi car to pieces “.

    and “In future in rallies I encourage everybody to have guns ”

    From this you can see the crock that sometimes comes from the Donald’s mouth.

    1. One logical inference is that more Americans should own guns, and that they should all be carrying them for defence. This is a reflection of the principle of mutually assured destruction, providing a deterrence to nuclear war. Quentin Tarantino made a movie in which a mugger pulled a gun in a subway car, and every other passenger reflexively pulled theirs. If everyone is armed, criminals are disadvantaged.

      Smith and Wesson are everyone’s best friends in times of crisis. It is true that friendly fire claims too many victims; the same is true of driving licences; depriving citizens of agency in matters of self-defence or mobility is however a misguided philosophy.

          1. I’m not even questioning the first amendment right to bear arms but just commenting on Trumps statement in France etc which I though was insensitive and not thought through.

            So IF he (and you) are right why doesn’t he REPEAT IT here in USA and like I mentioned say “People should carry guns in rallies to defend themselves. For example Next when African Americans have their Million Man March they should ALL carry guns as they walk through the neighbourhoods .. ”

            I dare him to say that.

            2) And it is NOT ‘mutual assured destruction’ because with anything LESS than nuclear weapons one side can always have better weapons (like Assault Rifles, cars with metal plates welded), more numbers, even hire trained mercenaries, have snipers on roofs…

            I will challenge your Smith and Wesson with my 50 cal. in my homemade ‘Mad Max’ Tank…

            (it is not fantasy as Neo Nazis are already carrying homemade welded shields , clubs and other weapons and many say it’s a right to have heavy weapons like assault rifles … )

            Where does it stop?

            NOTE also that unlike the movies bullets go through houses (siding, drywall) like a knife through paper. A serious gunfight in a neighbourhood and you might kill a whole lot of bystanders

            Plus what is to stop a person deliberately sparking a holocaust by just firing one bullet (from a rooftop say) to start a firefight?

            (I have no real solution about ‘right to bear arms’ as even moderate individuals are thinking about guns to defend themselves at home.

            My question is: how has the situation come to this? And is Donald Trump ‘everybody should carry guns in public places like concert halls and nightclubs’ philosophy — that’s what his europe comments boil down to — the sensible solution to this ? )

          2. Normally I view your prognostications as vaguely interesting, a bit like watching a clockwork automaton repeat phrases from a children’s book on philosophy, evincing ” so what?…exactly?” reactions.
            Now I wonder if there is any blood in your veins at all.
            Blithely stating an equivalence between guns and driving licences in a MAD scenario, to justify “Smith and Wesson are everybody’s best friends” because “More people would have died. And the next disgruntled white supremicist would have had second thoughts instead of flipping out.”…is just heartless.
            A few innocents dying to hammer home a deterrent, is not off the wall thinking, it’s heartless.

            1. I was channeling Trump and the alt-right, giving voice to frustrations and finding excuses. All of my posts recycle others’ notions, to dramatic effect. If you didn’t get what I was doing, then I was unskilful, that’s all. I’ll try out other rhetorical tricks. Maybe they’ll go down easier.

    1. Johnlaurenson,

      Just out of curiosity, do you think that black lives do matter? How, exactly, did Obama stir the pot of racism other than by becoming President of the US? I suppose one might think that his election gave other colored folks ideas above their station. The alt-right marchers in Charlottesville certainly thought so. Were you there?

      As for Mr. Soros, the authoritarian government of Hungary (which has been openly yearning for the Good Old Days when Admiral Horthy ran a fascist regime) has been putting up billboards around the country lately portraying Soros as a hook-nosed money lender. He spent most of WWII (when Hungary declared war on the USA) trying to disguise his Jewish identity. Eventually, Hungary provided about a third of the inmates who died at Auschwitz. So do you wonder why Mr. Soros might feel so strongly about racism?

      1. History is not avidly consumed by those who frequent tech sites like this one, even when they are primarily investors rather than primarily tech-savvy.

        The situation is far worse at technocentric sites like or reddit. I don’t go to those places any more, after being savaged trying to cross no-man’s land like Wonder Woman but without her powers.

        I still like to visit here because I have a fondness for some of the lads who post here, whose strong opinions about social matters ring the bells. It reminds me of folks who once worked for me, intemperate and presumptuous and grabby. I managed to help some of them see the foolishness of allowing their biases, emotions and hormones to guide their actions, and managed to turn them into productive workers with better manners. Their resentment over loss of gender privilege never completely evaporated but they were glad of fair treatment and compensation.

        1. Your comments remind me of a conversation I had once. A woman was lamenting her last boyfriend and came out with the classic “I need to find a nice guy” comment.

          I asked if the nice guy was to help her heal and build her confidence and self esteem so that she’d be ready for the next abusive stud, thus tossing the nice guy to the side with a “just want to be friends” scenario or if she was looking to have an actual bona fide relationship with a nice guy.

          She, and all the other women there, got up and left. The guys were silent and told me that I had been amazingly brave to say such a thing. It was a serious question for me. From what I’ve seen that bias and hormonal primal approach is what gets the job done most of the time, that is why it’s so popular.
          Insofar as the emotional aspect, I disagree, males for the most part don’t operate on higher level emotional awareness. It’s a lament I hear from many women.

          Yes you are the exception a breath of fresh air but the trend is socially acceptable, because it works. One of the common fantasies of women is to be dominated. Don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself.

          Always nice to see you.

          1. I might want to be dominated by a stud such as yourself, but one data point doesn’t constitute a trend, and anecdotal evidence is as worthless as confederate money.

            1. Again I tend to disagree. Having worked on the discovery of a brand new species, all it took was one look and it was publish.

              I blush at having your heart though, that is what is important. You know that the feeling is very mutual.

            2. I love when we disagree, which is always. Though we share a common rational mind, there persists a gender disparity in comprehension that keeps the fuse lit.

          2. I miss our moonlight dinners in Rabat, and our dalliances in Helsinki. Life is far too short to squander on piffling differences of opinion. As you know, I place political differences second to matters of the heart. You won my heart a long time ago, in case you hadn’t realised.

    2. How pathetic you whiny, snively right wing nut jobs are. Now it’s George Soros throwing money out of the sunroof of his limousine to cause this shit to happen.

      You are turning into one of the most sorry groups of individuals I have ever seen. You stupid fucks and your stupid ass, wild ass garbage spewing out of your mouths.

      I’ll tell you the truth. Alex jones is right. It is the fucking lizard men living underground that are directing all of us fucking liberals to make your pathetic, white existence unbearable.

      Are you fucking for real or a god damn cartoon character.

      Donald fucking incompetent, sexual predator, racist, misogynistic asshole tRump set the stage for the FUCKING NAZIS to come out in the open for their pound of flesh.

      Never again asshole and your stupid comment and lies will not change that.

      You stupid fucks support fucking nazis. Jeesus fucking christ on a popsicle stick.

      1. Take a deep breath, Citizen. We’ve seen this before. After the blowup, folks come to their senses and quietly retreat. Rats shrivel in the sunlight and scrabble back to their nests. There will always be rats, even if we suffer a nuclear holocaust. Life will go on, only without you and me and Voltaire and Trump. Earth Abides.

        1. The “rats” are in full force on this thread, gleefully relishing that a mere psyop in Charlottesville to conflate Trump supporters with Nazis will succeed. It will fail, just as the Russian collusion psyop failed. The river of lies emanating from the Sorosian puppets will continue to bury the Democrat Party into the dustbin of history, into their just oblivion.

          1. Not once, in this putrid collection of libtard orgasmic fantasy, has one person asked, “Why were the police told to stand-down? Who gave the order for the police to stand-down?”
            (The order has been confirmed by the Virginia ACLU from recordings of police radio transmissions.)

        1. Plus again: Trump, with his usual inconstancy, twists to fit to the flow of critics.
          Taking politics for busyness marketing like as he does is just so pathetic!
          If KKK is the evil, what is Bannen still doing around the White House?
          A fake president, with true lies…

  2. Get out your history books Tim. Your nation was born out of violence. Many of your founding members were slave owners. It’s one of the few that has ignored the white flag, it’s the only one to have dropped a nuclear weapon on an unarmed population. It has no regards for the sovereignty of other nations, tortures at will, and have been at war for over 85% of your history.

    You have a lot of work to do if you want your country to be part of the free and civilized world. Your company is one of the few that can do it.

    Peace yourself together.

      1. I agree but violence can sometimes be unreasonable, and once it gets going the momentum can make it hard to change course.

        I was actually quite surprised when I went in and looked at the number of years Apple’s home nation has been at war compared to the relatively few number of years it has not been at war. I refer to this but there are other sources available.

        I think it’s now part of the cultural psyche of the nation, one that will be hard to break out of.

      2. Some of the people here seem to assume the constitution is unchangeable now. With the idiots they elected to Congress, one does wonder if the USA has decided to mire itself in unchanging status quo forever.

    1. If you are very quiet, you can actually hear the death rattle of the Democrat Party…the 2018 midterms will be a bloodbath, the 2020 general election will mark the complete and final rejection of The Plantation Party.


      1. Hey, Steve Jack! If you see a spike in people visiting Fascist Daily News, it’s because you are getting a lot of publicity as a right wing hate group. You and Dean can take full credit.

    1. Ok Botty, now is your chance to make an unequivocal statement about the importance of rule of law, freedom of expression, extremist actions by deplorable white supremacists, that no such actions have any place in a civilized society and that you personally do not condone such murderous behaviour.

          1. What a pathetic rat you are. Cowardice writ large, hiding behind a laughable conspiracy theory. You simply are unable to share a shred of humanity and will consequently rot in your own self-made hell.
            You, your doofus charlatan POTUS, your sick cohort of inhuman apologist butt buddies, are winning nothing but eternal condemnation, damnation and total irrelevancy..

            1. Where was the media outrage when 4 days ago anti-Trump fanatic murdered a GOP committeeman with 2 bullets to the head? Silence is deafening.

            2. What part of…
              “Ok Botty, now is your chance to make an unequivocal statement about the importance of rule of law, freedom of expression, extremist actions by deplorable white supremacists, that no such actions have any place in a civilized society and that you personally do not condone such murderous behaviour.”
              …is a lie? I afforded you an opportunity to join the human race by denouncing unequivocally that extremist acts[no matter the political persuasion] have no place in a civilized society.
              But you won’t, or can’t given this….
              botvinnik on Thursday, August 3, 2017 at 6:44 pm
              Tim Cook is the enemy of the Republic, he is the enemy of free speech. He is the enemy of the sovereignty of the United States. He is the enemy of the Bill of RIghts.
              He is my enemy, and all those who support his treason.
              …can you?
              You nailed your colours to the mast and now you’re deep down a blind alley of self deceit. TOTALLY FSCKED.
              Leaving the rest of us knowing that you embrace the craven cowardice of the domestic-bred terrorists murdering ‘innocents’ from a different political persuasion.

              “Psyop”??…you are so bent out of shape!! An egregious deflection from the gutter!

            3. Fascist Cook’s own words:

              Mr Cook, boss of the world’s largest company, says that the epidemic of false reports ‘is a big problem in a lot of the world’ and necessitates a crackdown by the authorities and technology firms.”
              “‘It has to be ingrained in the schools, it has to be ingrained in the public,’ said Mr Cook.

              You bet, he’s my enemy…and thanks for quoting me accurately on Cook.

            4. no but why am I not surprised a a pathetic whiner would just make crap up. I was saying, that anyone planning to attack someone with acid, need to do serious time after they are caught.

              Simple English. Simple concept.

            5. It must hurt bottwipe. Your tiny handed corrupt businessman who dared be pResident is the clown in the clown car administration. Whole lot of other clowns spilling out and your boy doesn’t have a clue.

              NK didn’t work. Un just pissed on the red line of maga hats.

              Really… nazis coming for their due donald trump. your base.

              how ya feeling bottwipe. must be proud huh?

            6. Dean Clark goes on record with not just his usual personal insults, now the chicken shit offers a direct threat.

              Is there any moderator for this forum ???

              Steve Jack? Anyone?

            7. I what you mean. I was just condemning cowards that would attack someone with acid but I guess his life is so bad with no coal mine job, no insurance, no woman, no friends, he just has to lash out.

        1. Like D. Biff Trumps trying to act a president and miserably fails… Bad actor, wrong script and a shame of a scenario!
          I guess Bannon has written the part and Donald follows.

          1. I will give you this point, though, if the president does not can CFR toady McMaster very soon, his administration is doomed. It really will be a case of “you don’t drain the swamp, the swamp drains you.”

    1. Democrats: Outlaw cowards hiding behind masks payrolled by Nazi collaborator George Soros, enabled by the deep state propaganda machine, all hellbent on destroying American sovereignty…and the Bill of Rights.

      1. All sad but true and Democrats now stand for DESTRUCTION, SPEECH POLICE, DIVISION and DAMN EVERYTHING that does not conform to their dim bulb DOGMA.

        I grew up in a family who were proud Democratic Party supporters for JFK. He is rolling in his grave to the level of DEMOCRAT DISGRACE will see today, EVERYDAY.

        BTW, Tim stay out of politics!!! Not what you are paid to do and not part of your job description! Apple HR, you are negligent and long OVERDUE calling Tim into your office …

        1. Uh, the people in Apple HR work for Tim Cook. And Tim works for the Board of Directors. So they are the ones to determine whether what he is doing on his salaried time is OK or not. But I’m sure they will take your position into account in making their decisions.

          1. HR in Apple’s world should be independent.

            If not, the board should rein in his unprecedented liberal crusades on Apple’s dime. Steve was smarter than Tim and kept Apple POLITICAL FREE …

            1. Should…should???
              And who are you exactly to tell the CEO of the world’s largest company what he ‘should’ be doing? Oh!…I forgot, you’re a basement CEO™ controlling a fictitious megacorp, dreaming of Trumpy world domination while being totally absent in the condemning_extremist_actions discussion. Just like your butt-buddy Bot, cowardly hiding behind the defense of free speech meme while egregiously avoiding the real issue.
              Carry on clueless.

            2. the old I know you are but what am I defense.

              Counter move Gotcha. next time he might double dog dare you. Maybe even get real nutty like bottwipe and threaten bodily harm.

              Then again there was the crime report. Bottwipe would love to know where I work. Maybe he could get me fired.

          1. Freedom to the point of insanity. Infinite personal freedom is not possible in a society. We all must agree to a standard of behavior and duty. Conveniently you and bot forget that while bending over backwards to defend the golfer in chief and his selfish alt right base.

            1. Curtis Mayfield..
              If there’s a hell below, we’re all gonna go

              Sisters, niggers, whities, jews, crackers!
              Don’t worry, if there’s hell below, we’re all gotta go!

              Sisters, brothers and the whities
              Blacks and the crackers
              Police and their backers
              They’re all political actors

              People running from their worries
              While the judge and the juries
              Dictate the law that’s partly flaw
              Cat calling, love balling, fussing and cussing
              Top billing now is killing
              For peace no-one is willing
              Kind of make you get that feeling

              Everybody smoke
              Use the pill and the dope
              Educated fools
              From uneducated schools
              Pimping people is the rule
              Polluted water in the pool
              And Nixon talking about don’t worry
              He says don’t worry
              He says don’t worry
              He says don’t worry

              But they don’t know
              There can be no show
              And if there’s a hell below
              We’re all gonna go

              Everybody’s praying
              And everybody’s saying
              But when come time to do
              Everybody’s laying

              Just talking about don’t worry
              They say don’t worry
              They say don’t worry
              They say don’t worry

              Sisters, brothers and the whities
              Blacks and the crackers
              Police and their backers
              They’re all political actors

              Smoke, the pill and the dope
              Educated fools
              From uneducated schools
              Pimping people is the rule
              Polluted water in the pool

              And everybody saying don’t worry
              They say don’t worry
              They say don’t worry
              They say don’t worry

              But they don’t know
              There can be no show
              And if there’s a hell below
              We’re all gonna go

              Lord, what we gonna do
              Tell me what we gonna do
              If everything I say is true?
              This ain’t no way it ought to be
              If only all the mass could see

              But they keep talkin’ ’bout don’t worry
              They say don’t worry
              They say don’t worry
              They say don’t worry

  3. My Nephew Brian was called up with his Virginia National Guard unit to tamp this shit down. Sad that it takes the Militia to restore the peace disturbed by outsiders determined to stir a shitstorm.

    The City- like many others- has decided to remove or relocate monuments to the insurrection in defense of slavery by various Southern States. It was not the North versus the South- it was an insurrection against the United States. As the monuments in question are on public land held by the city it is the business of the city and it’s residents. The good citizens of Charlottesville want them gone and that is their right as citizens and taxpayers.

    The interlopers who stirred up the mess were largely people who were not only not citizens of the city or county, but were not even residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia. What the good citizens of that city choose to do with their public spaces is their business- not a bunch of inbred haters fresh out of mom’s basement.

    What white people in this country need to come to terms with is that they are soon to become just another minority in America- no longer the majority. There is nothing evil or nefarious about it- it is just what it is. Rather than hate your neighbor that looks, worships, or votes different than you you might take the time to get to know them. E Pluribus Unum: from many, one. We are one nation that is a mosaic of the entire world.

    If you go to Arlington National Cemetery you will find people who served our nation that were every color, every ethnicity, every faith or non-belief, from every state and commonwealth and from both political parties. Many were immigrants- Americans by choice instead of by birth. Each of us should be mindful that the Liberal loves America as much as any Conservative, that people from Red States and Blue states have served and died side by side defending our great homeland and we are all heirs of the most sought after title in the world: United States Citizen. Despite all the squabbles we are family- all of us.

    1. My father served in the US Army. We lived in northern Virginia. As a child I attended integrated schools in Fairfax County. There were plenty of black kids. I was a gangly redhead, an Irish Catholic. I made friends with the black kids more easily than with the offspring of the Puritans who came over on the fucking Mayflower, excuse my French. My father took me and my sisters to Arlington National Cemetery once a year, and told us stories. Sometimes the stories were about the Unknown Soldier. Sometimes they were about the unspeakable carnage at Gettysburg or Antietam. Sometimes the story was about how he got his purple heart, because he’d switched places in the jeep with his black driver, who died in the crash. Sometimes he’d lose the power of speech, and just pick us up and hug us.

      1. Interesting and poignant personal story. BTW, I lived across the street from Fairfax High School for 12 years (1990s) and my roommate was an Astronomy teacher there for decades. He had a full blown planetarium and when I visited was looking around the seats for Mineo and Dean …

        1. You refer to Sal Mineo and James Dean, in Rebel Without a Cause. Memory of that movie brings tears to my eyes, especially the planetarium scene. The sadness seems to continue no matter what anyone does. There has to be some kind of answer.

      2. The amazing thing is that after 3 deployments overseas in SW Asia, he has to go to Charlottesville to restore order after outsiders raise hell.

        The monuments being taken down was a decision by the people of the city and the protesters were from outside. It is amazing that these Alt-Right nut jobs go to the hometown of the Author of our Declaration of Independence to protest equality.

        Strange times we are living in.

  4. I’m glad Mr. Cook opposes the violence that occurred.

    Now perhaps he could speak out against the violence and violation of rights that occurs on college campuses when non-liberal speakers try to speak.

    And, against the violence against human rights in China.

    We are waiting to hear it.

      1. I guess those lizard people that are running the world have no control over people that identify as gay.

        That’s how you can fight the voices in your head bottwipe? be transgendered or gay? You and buttwipe are in love already.

  5. Why has this “Mac” site turned into a haven for hate groups to post comments? I used to like MacDailyNews and check it daily. However, I now seldom read it. Seeing the racists (be they trolls or true KKK members, I know not) flood the comments, I think I’m done. You should change the name of the site to be more honest.

      1. you are weak, the great second battle for American liberty and sovereignty is under way…I don’t think you really understood what your dad was telling you at Arlington.

    1. One can remember that having a Macintosh in early times, was meaning being a creative, rather humanistic and anti-conformist trying to believe in a better world.
      Nowadays, many people get a Mac and yet has no ambition to “think different”. In contrary, some even strive to run backwards into regionalism, nationalism, bigotry and kind of these disastrous bul…t.

    2. These are the right wing nut jobs that can’t make it on the political sites. They come here because they think they can circle jerk with each other and reinforce the sickness in their souls.

      The 2nd string hateful, spiteful, mean spirited, sexual predator idolizing wanna be’s.

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