How long will Jimmy Iovine stay with Apple?

Matthew Garrahan interviews Apple’s Jimmy Iovine in The Financial Times today.

“How long will Iovine stay with Apple?” Matthew Garrahan reports for The Financial Times. “Talking to Iovine about his career and the energy that propelled his shifts from engineer to producer, label boss to digital boss, I wonder if he will eventually chafe at life in a big company, with all the attendant layers of bureaucracy.”

Garrahan reports, “‘You know, I’m 64, man,’ he says, in that raspy Brooklyn voice. ‘I’ll slow up on working someday. But I’m going to do my job with Eddy and Apple, [and] I’m going to give them everything I’ve got, you know what I mean? I think they’re satisfied now but I’m going to make sure they’re really satisfied by this deal. That’s how I work.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: For as long as he wants.

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    1. Related to Bovine’s comment: Eddy’s not a good guy to determine a job well done. Materially, what has this guy really done? Apple Music is his baby? Is it worth 3B? Apple EarPods…technology have anything to do with Beat headphs? No.

    2. Iovine is a hanger on- like Zelig, he is mostly famous for being famous.

      If you want lessons on the right way to snort coke off of a whore’s tits, he’s your guy. Look up sleaze in the dictionary and Jimmy’s picture is front and center.

      I don’t know if Tim likes his ass or what, but the whole Beats thing still smells of jumping the shark.

      Maybe broke ass Rap listeners and teeny boppers want to rent their shit, but I buy my Music. If it is worth listening to it is worth paying for.

    1. the fact that he is wealthy, by definition, means that he *earned* it. But there are far too many easy and sleazy means to wealth for that to make any sense at all.

    2. I still maintain that the creation of Apple Music was a great and transformative event for Apple and the music industry in general.

      But I do chafe at the constant and overwhelming focus on rap and hip hop. While I like his timing and style, I’m listening less and less to Zane Lowe for that very reason. Fortunately, Apple Music has other patrons of the musical arts that host shows focused genres other than rap. And I can always listen to what I like any time.

      As for Jimmy, he knows a lot of people in the industry. Connections are important in that business. He is still of value to Apple.

  1. The fact that we call this a “music business” is whats funny. These are not “business” people they are baby sitters who deal with ego maniacs and uneducated children. The normal rules of business do not apply to these people. I don’t know how it “works” but I am just glad I do not deal with it. Apple Music is getting better IMHO and maybe you need guys like this to get started.

    1. I know what he is – a hanger on. There are plenty more where his ass came from.

      If he wants to impress me, pick up a guitar or sit at a Piano and show me something. To date nobody has seen him sing or play- he is a poser.

      Here are real musicians playing music.

    2. Exactly. I’ve worked with Jimmy – as I work in the film industry. I started in music videos. I’ve done HUNDREDS over my nearly 30 year career. So, before some 16 year old kid who still wanks off to porn….wants to judge someone based on his accomplishments at ONE company…do a little research before another sound comes out of that hole beneath your nose.

      Remember, he’s part of a team. He’s not a king. He’s not a God. He’s a VERY smart man when it comes to the music industry. If he’s not up to YOUR par, too bad. You’re not Tim Cook.

      1. Jimmy Iovine wrote exactly what song- not a side credit- wrote. What Instrument does he play? Can he sing?

        Quincy Jones is a great producer, but he could write and play first. Same for so many others. Iovine has never shown anything other than networking skills and how to screw over business partners- ask Monster.

        And no Sparky, am not a 16 year old and was shooting and editing Video before there was an MTV. In creative there is talent, there are technical people, there are craftspeople, there are suits and there are hangers on. Mr Iovine has been a suit and a hanger on, for sure. I do not see A.S.C. or equivalent behind his name and has not been seen to play to my knowledge.

        He is Zelig without the suit.

  2. I don’t like to diss people but I have always had the view that Jimmy Iovine was all talk talk talk. He could sell anything and that was his magic (bullsh*t sauce).
    He is not the all knowing person Apple think he is. He is just someone that can convince people he knows what he is doing but in reality he has just managed to convince enough people in his career to make enough space in order to get some kind of results. (Its who you know) he doesn’t have the magic touch compared to much more creative people with no resources.

    Its a bit like the rich will always get richer because its who you know but it doesn’t mean they actually have anything clever to make a difference, they just get to the rich people and convince them to do something until something sticks.
    The problem with him being in Apple is that the Apple users can think for them selves and expect results.
    We can all judge Apples moves; good or bad using our own brains and we can see he is just a NewYork car salesman who has bluffed his way to the top and conned Apple out of millions by selling his snake oil.

    The Beats sale was all about bling and hype not about quality. If Apple wanted the best headphone maker they should have gone to Sennheiser but they went for the snake oils sales man.
    Jimmy Iovine claims to be able to sell pop culture (which no one owns).
    So far everything he have done with iTunes has been a joke Apple has pretty much given up pushing sales of music over streaming which is killed sales of music.

    Artists put their belief in Apples claims to support Artist but there is no link to buy directly in the streaming of the music WHY?
    Jimmy Iovine has lead Apple into a streaming game where the only people that get paid is Apple because he has no idea WTF is really happening but he has to justify his position and payout.
    I’m pretty sure when we look back we will see his input at Apple will have been all hot air and wasted opportunities for 99% of Artist.

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