New ‘iPhone 8’ video reveals what Apple’s device might look like at launch

“Leaker Benjamin Geskin has posted a few new images and a video of what Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 might look like once it’s in the hands of users later this year,” Mitchel Broussard reports for MacRumors.

“Using a leaked dummy model, screen protector, and a printed picture of an iOS wallpaper, Geskin has put together the gist of what current rumors have suggested the iPhone 8 will look like once it’s announced in the fall,” Broussard reports. “The wallpaper Geskin used is part of a beach themed collection of images that appeared within the iOS 10.3.3 beta only for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but they have since appeared on the 10.5-inch iPad Pro and new 12.9-inch iPad Pro running iOS 10.3.2.”

Broussard reports, “A video shared on Geskin’s Twitter account has further provided a glimpse into the iPhone 8 dummy in motion.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Again with that awful cutout.

As we wrote on Wednesday, “we doubt that Apple would execute the display in such a way as to draw attention to a black cutout containing the FaceTime camera, earpiece, etc. More likely, the thin top of the display on either side would remain off limits to anything but the deepest OLED black into which such a cutout would simply disappear.”

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  1. I must be the only one who hates this edge to edge BS. I quite like some small amount of bezel. For holding, attaching protective case and not having it land on its EDGE when dropped.

  2. Real Apple designers must have a special funny place for all of the moronic offerings of flawed mockups of the next Apple products. Creating these mockups must be a special mental syndrome since so many can’t seem to resist doing this nonsense. None of the other smartphone manufacturers seem to attract these psychological misfits.

  3. Oufff! Lack of finesse.

    As for the impression, we kinda get it but not with this iteration only.

    A rude mockup. If this is iPhone 8, it is gonna stay on the shelve!

    And another one for the Apple clickbait manifesto!

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