New Apple videos spotlight HomePod, iPad Pro, iMac Pro, and more

Apple today unveiled a slew of new hardware and software at WWDC 2017 in San Jose, California.

From the all-new HomePod smart speaker to new iPad Pros that, according to our own SteveJack, finally realize the potential of the iPad, to the insanely powerful all-new iMac Pro (coming in December), to macOS High Sierra, iOS 11, and more, it was quite the jam-packed keynote address!

During the presentation, Apple played a number of videos which you can see below:

MacDailyNews Take: We think the new iPad Pro and iOS 11 just might have obviated the need for having MacBooks in our backpacks, but we’re fairly sure we’ll be working hard to come up with some weak excuses to put off the inevitable and get our new 12-inch MacBooks. But, seriously, maybe not. With those new iPad Pros,the new iOS 11 Dock, multitasking, Multi-Touch Drag and Drop, and the new Files app, Apple just might have done it! Finally!

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  1. So a new “iMac Pro” with 18 cores, 128 GB RAM, 4 TB SSD, etc. that is “shipping” by the end of 2017.

    Is this the new “Mac Pro” of 2013 that had lots of interesting capabilities unique to that “Mac Pro” that started shipping in some of the lower end configurations and not really available or catching up to demand until mid 2014 (and, not because the demand was so high, but because there were SO many glitches in the build cycle, especially for the higher end models).

  2. Arrogant Apple – still maximum 16 GB of memory in Mac Book Pro.

    Kaby Lake processor, so no excuse that the processor can’t handle more memory. Just Apple’s lust for form over function and the resulting limited size battery.

    1. Apple probably determined that the blowback of complaints about the 16gb memory limit is much less than the battery life blowback they’d get if they allowed more. Half a pound of battery would make a big difference for pros, but let’s be honest, the vast majority of “Macbook Pro” buyers are average consumers who could probably get by with an iPad. The sexier design is going to make them more money than better battery life.

  3. The new iMac Pro looks to me like a speced up All-in-one with no upgrade path at first glance. I wonder if at least there will be some customization possible at order ala Dell.

    1. New iMac Pro will be “bad ass” for only 6 months after release. With no ability to upgrade this machine is obsolete the day you buy it. The Mac Pro has been killed by Tim Cook et al.

    1. Fusion reactor as in “it will fucking cook itself”.

      You have to be boneheaded in the extreme to waste the engineering time to make a $5,000 combination Macintosh/Toaster Oven and not update the Mac mini or release a proper workstation.

      My guess is that Apple is hoping the iMac (not) Pro will sell well and they will spike any development of a stand alone workstation.

  4. And Apple is still charging $130 for an LTE radio in a thousand Dollar iPad. I guess when you have the cojones to charge $100 for a plastic pencil and $5,000 for an iMac (not) Pro it is all relative.

  5. Ah, the usual crybabies and whiners! Don’t like whats on offer, you are free to shop elsewhere. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

    1. I agree, they want the world and don’t want to pay a dime.

      Not Apple’s target customers.

      My advice to everyone on the forum posting doom and gloom is CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE.

      If you think you all can do better setup your own tech firm – GOOD LUCK WITH THAT, YOUR GONNA NEED IT.

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