Apple CEO Cook slams President Trump’s decision to withdraw from climate deal; says it’s ‘wrong for our planet’

“After President Donald Trump said Thursday that the United States will withdraw from the landmark Paris climate agreement, Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed his disappointment with the decision,” CNBC reports. “‘I spoke with President Trump on Tuesday and tried to persuade him to keep the U.S. in the agreement. But it wasn’t enough,’ Cook wrote [in an email to employees (email in full below)].”

“He assured employees that Thursday’s decision will not affect Apple’s commitments to protect the environment,” CNBC reports. “‘We power nearly all of our operations with renewable energy, which we believe is an example of something that’s good for our planet and makes good business sense as well.'”

CNBC reports, “Cook also called the White House decision ‘wrong for our planet’ in a post on Twitter.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Cook’s email to Apple employees, verbatim:


I know many of you share my disappointment with the White House’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement. I spoke with President Trump on Tuesday and tried to persuade him to keep the U.S. in the agreement. But it wasn’t enough.

Climate change is real and we all share a responsibility to fight it. I want to reassure you that today’s developments will have no impact on Apple’s efforts to protect the environment. We power nearly all of our operations with renewable energy, which we believe is an example of something that’s good for our planet and makes good business sense as well.

We will keep working toward the ambitious goals of a closed-loop supply chain, and to eventually stop mining new materials altogether. Of course, we’re going to keep working with our suppliers to help them do more to power their businesses with clean energy. And we will keep challenging ourselves to do even more. Knowing the good work that we and countless others around the world are doing, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about our planet’s future.

Our mission has always been to leave the world better than we found it. We will never waver, because we know that future generations depend on us.

Your work is as important today as it has ever been. Thank you for your commitment to making a difference every single day.


Vice President Pence and President Trump’s remarks from the White House’s Rose Garden today (remarks begin at 36:59):

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  1. More frantic virtue signaling from the obviously very insecure Tim Cook. You can practically hear him screaming, “Like me, just like me! Look how good I am! See how much I care!”

    The gnashing of teeth and rending of garments by the looney Dem/Lib/Prog contingent is almost as satisfying as watching those videos of the crestfallen faces in the Javits Center on the night of Crooked Hillary’s “victory” party.

    Oh, woe is us, how will the planet ever survive without the Paris Agreement’s oh so important yet non-binding plan to reduce the global temperature increase by 0.17°C (0.306°F) by 2100?

    Please, keep it up Loony Left! Real America is watching you and you’re driving voters to the GOP in ever-increasing numbers with your ever-increasing hysteria over nothing.

        1. Seriously, have either you or “Firsty” ever had a real life friend. You are genuinely only outmatched in your awful personas by #worstpresidenteverTrump. The people forced to be around you must recoil with disgust at your very existence. No friends, no girlfriends, no boyfriends, no interest. Sad!

          1. President Donald J. Trump has been in office less than six months and you already fantasy writing his negative obituary or is it legacy.

            God, I’m glad I’m not related to you …

        2. “At what point does America get demeaned? At what point do they start laughing at us as a country? We want fair treatment for its citizens and we want fair treatment for our taxpayers. We don’t want other leaders and other countries laughing at us anymore, and they won’t be. They won’t be.”
          Two good questions to which the answer is, the moment you got elected.
          And lastly, they weren’t laughing….but they sure are now.
          Much like blood diamonds, the countries, companies and individuals concerned, will become international pariahs. The rest of the world will now see US political influence and climate change denial, the companies that benefit from this decision along with the output that results, as a reason to boycott them and look elsewhere.
          You can bet on it.

          1. And to those who have a somewhat open mind regarding the enormity and viability of reversing the effects of man made climate interference, here’s a simple demonstration of how even one person can wreak world changing havoc OR do their bit to save the planet.

          2. Chinese generals have been laughing at how stupid the US is for decades to fall for all these phone manipulative scams. Asians in general have been laughing at how “dumb Americans” will roll over and follow anything foisted on them.

            Now they’re all upset that their agent Clinton didn’t win and someone might actually stand up for America.

    1. At least Cook waited an hour or so. The feckless Obama couldn’t even wait until the President finished speaking. The Obama failure can’t even have manners and refrain from criticizing his successor like the other past office holders. Typical Lib. Does whatever he wants, the rules don’t apply to him, and he doesn’t even realize he got jobbed by China in the Paris Agreement and that Trump is tasked with fixing all of his messes, from these stupid agreements to Syria to ISIS to oil pipelines, etc., etc., etc.

      1. Hey Fact, He wasn’t jobbed. He knew exactly what he was doing. For Obama, America last is just dandy. Do you think he feels any remorse for blowing trough 10 trillion dollars and have nothing to show for it?

          1. “Hey empty, you flunked civics. It was the Congress who approved the $10 billion in deficit spending.”

            Hey sinclap, a revolting name, you flunked full disclosure and have a reading comprehension problem.

            Empty Tank did not mention responsibility for appropriation of deficit spending. You did.

            ET point of blowing trillions of taxpayer dollars with nothing to show for it is spot on. You did not dispute that one atomic particle, good.

            You totally FLUNKED in not pointing out both houses of Congress were controlled by Democrats and acted on Obama’s orders that passed deficit spending. Republicans hands are clean, same with the Obamacare debacle.

            Inconvenient truths are a beautiful thing …

            1. Ah, no. You flunk AGAIN.

              Repeatedly, you are a symbol of deflection of the truth.

              Please tell the class the year the Obama deficit spending was passed and the party that controlled both houses of Congress.

              Your selective facts technique is well known to attempt to SKEW reality. We know better. Run home, brainless …

        1. Hey, Lily — what part of FactChecker’s post is wrong?

          Here is what was posted: “The Obama failure can’t even have manners and refrain from criticizing his successor like the other past office holders. Typical Lib. Does whatever he wants, the rules don’t apply to him …”

          You disagree, why?

      2. You have the gall to blast Obama when the TRUMPanzee dissed Obama – called him a fricking criminal and accused him of wiretapping Trump Tower. That, LieCreator, are the actual facts.

        You live in a dream world in which the TRUMPanzee is a legitimate POTUS.

          1. Your system is obviously broken. Gerrymandered voting districts, inconsistent voting machines, and nonstop lies spread by two parties entirely corrupted by outside non-American influences, mostly multinational corporations that don’t actually care if your country falls apart. They have already decided the next century will be the Asian century.

            That is what happens when you allow unaccounted money and propaganda to take over. Think about it.

    2. Smarty pants, come up with a plan… What will you do or how would you suggest global coordination to maintain or reduce the effects of climate change? The Paris agreement is setting targets. That’s at least a plan.

      I suppose you prefer poop in your diapers. Do you just wallow in manure in your home and complain about the stench or just enjoy it all together?

      1. Obamacare was a plan. How’d that work out for everybody?

        Ridding Libya of Gaddafi was a plan. How’d that work out for the region?

        Keeping work emails on a private home brew server while employed by the government was a plan. How’d that work out for Hillary?

        Hey, at least they were plans!

        1. As for my statements that you are responding to, I am simply asking for a logical alternative than the Paris Accord is bad – m-kay. What makes it bad? How cold it be different? If you know it’s a bad plan, then you should know of something that might go better, even if it’s worse, I don’t care.

          Your offerings have nothing to do with the subject, which is about actionable items to deal with Climate change, even if that means, put more CO2 into the atmosphere.

          But since you brought it up…

          Gaddafi was murdered. Obama owns up to the mistake of supporting regime change in Libya and the domino effect across the whole region.

          The Affordable Care Act, is actually better than no plan. It’s based on a Massachusetts plan implemented under the governorship of Mitt Romney. It’s a moderate Republican plan. However anything bad about the ACA, you can thank the GOP which intended for it to fail. They planed on a revocable bad plan. Unfortunately anything they can come up with to replace it, is even worse. The GOP labeled the ACA ObamaCare in an attempt to get their constituents behind them to have it repealed even though it will hurt them.

          The best plan is to establish a union of buyers to limit costs imposed upon the people by greedy profiteering off the needs of the people. It’s equivalent to a $1000 loaf of bread, when no one else is selling bread. It’s not like there are a lot of competing choices for medical solutions, and a patient has to have the treatment to live. I am talking about hospital beds costing tens of thousands of dollars, basic needs that have no risk on the part of the hospital or patient other than it’s needed for proper care. There’s a whole laundry list of price gouging.

          The point of a private server for any politician is to discuss non-public issues, usually interpersonal issues. Good or bad, nothing illegal was found. For all that the GOP fought over this, it was a witch hunt. It was mishandled. It was manipulated by foreign agents. (These are not interpretations, they are facts) With that said, and now that law or rules are more clear regarding these things, our current leader is handing out his private cell phone number to international leaders. He wants private communications to sidestep public record. These are not interpersonal issues, these are communications that belong to public record You should be furious about this, you must not trust the current White House.

          For Hillary, I believe this whole notion is a travesty that didn’t need to happen, regardless of Hillarie’s actions. She has had two decades of staunch opposition, when she hasn’t done anything wrong or outside political norms for all sides of politics. She isn’t a crook, crooked or nasty.

      2. Except that to date there still is no hard scientific PROOF that global warming is caused by human activity.

        Scientists are supposed to follow the scientific method and test and PROVE theories. Without proof a theory is just a theory. When real scientists come up with actual proof, we’ll talk, until then it remains just a theory.

        In fact one real NASA scientist quit his job because he claimed the whole thing was a fraud.

    3. So, because it does enough as a minimum requirement you reckon the best solution is to pull out and do nothing? Brilliant.
      We should be getting off these non-renewable resources as soon as possible not just because of what they do to the climate but because of the damage they do to our health on a daily basis. Cities are choking on fumes, are dirty, we’re spoiling the environment visually, and so on and so on.

      So many Americans seem obsessed by prepping for disaster and going off grid you’d think they’d want to be prepared for being without oil etc.

    4. Re: First whatever

      1- The Paris Agreement was a NON-BINDING Executive Agreement and not a treaty of the United States. As such it had little to no real teeth in law and was only essentially a set of pledged guidelines between nations. Trump was just doing more political theater and most of the response was Drama Queen Bullshit.

      Trump’s action will only impact actions of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government and Federally Funded co-op projects with lesser governments. Trump promised to do this so it is not surprising that he did it and it took his other problems off the table for a News Cycle. Mr Muller and Mr Comey have something for Agent Orange and the G.O.P. membership in Congress will face a “Time for Choosing”.

      2- Corporate America has largely already decided to act responsibly in light of the overwhelming consensus of Peer Reviewed Science and Public Support. It is now less expensive to power the grid by Renewables than by Fossil Fuels and it does not foul the air or water in the process. BTW- more people make a living building our new Renewable Energy complex than those mining coal or drilling for oil and gas.

      The Petroleum Industry is not going away, but needs to shift from fuels as the primary product. Oil and Gas provide the base chemicals necessary for countless products we need today and in the future. It is a waste to burn it when we can do better with Wind and Solar.

      3- The Free Market- which Republicans and Conservatives claim to hold in high regard- has already decided. Over half the new capacity for the power grid worldwide is sourced in Renewables and that number runs upward of 90% in Europe. Germany- the most dynamic economy in Europe has converted much of it’s power base to renewables while the US is held up by Republican tantrums. China- soon to be the World’s biggest economy- is rolling out renewable plants as fast as they can. The market has spoken and it does not want Coal or Tar Sands.

      The position America takes is not about Fossil Fuels versus Renewables- it is about will America lead or be a laggard. Trump has sided with the laggards despite the evidence in science and economics. Much of the renewable Technology was developed right here in America and Trump is saying he wants those jobs overseas because he wants to continue to use dirty fuel that is killing nature as we know it.

      4- Mother Nature bats last. Human use of whatever fuels will not destroy the Earth, but can destroy it’s habitability for humans in any way we can recognize it. As a Baby Boomer I will not likely live to see the worst, but most people living today will. The tragedy is that it does not have to be this way, yet willfully ignorant people and poorly educated people are sewing the seeds of their own misery.

      1. Dear Cook and disappointed employees:

        1- The Paris Agreement was a NON-BINDING Executive Agreement and not a treaty of the United States. As such it had little to no real teeth in law and was only essentially a set of pledged guidelines between nations. Trump was just doing more political theater and most of the response was Drama Queen Bullshit.

        Trump’s action will only impact actions of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government and Federally Funded co-op projects with lesser governments. Trump promised to do this so it is not surprising that he did it and it took his other problems off the table for a News Cycle. Mr Muller and Mr Comey have something for Agent Orange and the G.O.P. membership in Congress will face a “Time for Choosing”.

        2- Corporate America has largely already decided to act responsibly in light of the overwhelming consensus of Peer Reviewed Science and Public Support. It is now less expensive to power the grid by Renewables than by Fossil Fuels and it does not foul the air or water in the process. BTW- more people make a living building our new Renewable Energy complex than those mining coal or drilling for oil and gas.

        The Petroleum Industry is not going away, but needs to shift from fuels as the primary product. Oil and Gas provide the base chemicals necessary for countless products we need today and in the future. It is a waste to burn it when we can do better with Wind and Solar.

        You make the point quite well – the Paris Accords mean nothing, so why should we waste our money there? We’re already improving quite well on our own, and can use that money at home to do more good than giving money to them will ever do.

        1. “You make the point quite well – the Paris Accords mean nothing, so why should we waste our money there? We’re already improving quite well on our own, and can use that money at home to do more good than giving money to them will ever do.”

          Well said. It never ceases to amaze me the LEFT is more interested in symbolic achievement, aka Hollywood, than REAL accomplishment.

          We finally have experienced adults in the President’s cabinet to get the job done. Not eight years of dreamer achievers. Refreshing …

        2. Except for the prominent NASA scientists who quit his job because he said the entire thing was a fraud and junk science. Peers like that aren’t allowed into ‘peer review’.

          But no one ever brings that fact up. If you don’t agree, you’re ousted so that you can’t be a “disagreeing peer”. Peer groups are manipulated into agreement by excising any peer that disagrees. The Emperor always has clothes. Or else.

    5. As usual, Trump’s speech was full of inaccuracies and “misleading” statements. I would call them lies, but he appears to be too stupid to realize that he is not telling the truth. In keeping with the laws that protect the mentally impaired, it is difficult to hold him accountable.

      The people who blindly support the TRUMPanzee on this forum will not listen…they will simply deny and attack with more falsehoods and puerile ad hominem attacks. Those people are lost to reason.

      To those who are willing to question, do your own research. Question the evidence that supports your current positions and beliefs just as much as you question the evidence that is counter to your current positions and beliefs. Because it is far easier to manipulate you with misleading statements that appeal to your established viewpoints than it is to change your viewpoints with facts that counter them. Studies have shown that people tend to double down on their beliefs when they are presented with strong evidence to the contrary. Put simply, people cling to their existing belief systems and hate to admit that they are wrong.

      Firsty, you are generally wrong. Botdude, you are generally wrong. You will likely never admit and never change. But that is the truth.

    6. Who is the real America? The coal miners? The angry rural proletarians?

      The ‘loony left’ are the economic drivers and producers of the US of A.

          1. Steve Jobs was against globalization and said so on air in an MSNBC interview. He never got involved in SJW causes. He was too busy taking care of business. Nearly all US industry was created by capitalists, not communists. How many new industries and products have communist countries created? They are falling all over themselves to steal and copy capitalist industries.

          2. America’s industries were built by capitalists. The left just moves in and takes them over later since they have nowhere else to go and don’t have any industries of their own to work in.

  2. Trump is the laughing stock of the world. The only people dumber than him are the rubes who voted for him. Coal is not coming back. Climate change is the largest threat facing the world and Trump just ceded leadership on this issue. He and his supporters are an embarrassment to America.

      1. Empty statement, with out declaring what is the largest threat. You are just talking out of your ass otherwise. If you think KJI is the largest threat, I say you are wrong. If you say the USA is or Russia is, then I might agree with you.

        There I made a meaningful rebuttal for you. I don’t even have to be right. I just have to complete my argument. And I did it without call you names. How’s them Apples?

        1. When will the Climate Change proponents with their dire consequences to the world, ever produce some factual detrimental evidence that will materialize during my lifetime that is solely the cause of Global Warming/Climate Change? Why is the destruction of the world, due to Climate Change if we don’t do “X” like agree to the Paris Accord, predicted after we are long dead? And why should I believe you or your settled science by “95%” of scientists of gov’t funded “grants” for research to perpetuate a issue that requires more studies and more gov’t funding aka job security when the goal post for Climate Change changes whenever what really happens doesn’t fit the Global Warming narrative, such as snow storms seemingly following Al Gore around, the East Anglia scientists altered the temperature numbers to fit their hypothesis, Al Gore saying we are all going to cook in tens years that struck Rush Limbaugh so much, that he put a countdown clock on his website (news flash, the ten year countdown ended a year ago & I haven’t heard of too many people being “cooked”), or actor Ted Danson saying the ecology of the oceans will be severely damaged because all the whales are going to die (hint, hint: that also did not come true. we still have whales). So you will forgive me if I do not take everything coming out from the CC/GW crowd with a grain of salt. Especially when there is a shitload of money on the table. Like the saying goes, “Beware the prophet seeking profit”.

          1. I am not against examining the value of climate change either warming or cooling. However, when we calculate the cost of any activity, manufacturing, mining, logging. We tend to ignore the impact and biological cost of those activities. Let the future pay for it. Nature will take care of things. None of this activity is free. The cost doesn’t end at extraction. Talk to the people of Flint Michigan. We ignore the TCO of our actions and it’s unfair. The world is finite, we are living in unsuitable times. However if we learn how to exist with sustainability in mind, who’s to say just how long we can live on Earth?

            We know we can live at average global temperatures on historical record. We know what glaciers are like. We don’t have to guess what the weather will be like or how well crops will grow. So the Paris Accord intends to try and keep to the status quo. Tell me, who are the losers today, by keeping to status quo? Who? Who’s getting treated unfairly? I propose 120 years ago, there was no petroleum industry. However, why can’t our current industry invest in renewables? Why can’t we make solar cells and wind turbines in America? What’s stopping us? Why did the 100 MPG car engine vanish in the 80’s? The longer American industry refuses to adapt to new plans, they will lose their place at the table. At the moment America pulling form the Paris Accord is not about climate change as is it about walking away from dialog and having a voice at international congress over the matter.

            I don’t see anyone, scientists or otherwise discuss any other course of action or plan regarding climate change. Which leads me to believe that the deniers of climate change are all about maintaining the use of coal and oil to put money into the pockets of executives and stock holders who are too lazy to work on the next big thing.

            Turn that into a Mac Pro.

            1. CO2 is plant food. Plants love CO2. More CO2 == more plants. More plants mean more oxygen pumped into the atmosphere. Increases in human population means earth needs more oxygen for people to breathe.

              Therefore more CO2 is better for humans, not worse.

              I would go so far as to say Climate Change restrictions are anti-human since they lead to less CO2 which leads to less plant growth, which leads to less O2 for humans to breathe. Climate Change manipulations appear to be designed to harm humans.

    1. Rubes?

      What has happened in the US is what the founders of the US Constitution tried to avoid. They knew that with large population centers like NY, Boston & Philadelphia, that a vote on pure population basis would amount to a dictatorship of the mega-cities (small though they were then, they could still dominate.)

      Today, we have mega-cities in the US that can’t and apparently won’t control their spending-finances (Detroit & Chicago) and are going under in a variety of ways, but those large cities are trying to tell the rest of the country how to behave.

      80% of the counties in the U.S. voted for Trump. Something is going wrong in the big city areas. It is a mindset of only they know what is good.

      1. Newsflash, 1 person, 1 vote. “80% of the counties” is irrelevant. The “founders of the US Constitution” (great sentence structure) came up with something called the Connecticut Compromise to address the population concentrations. Look it up.
        Second, regarding “spending finances” (sheesh), it is, in fact, largely the “Red State” cabal that feeds from the federal pig trough at the expense of “Blue States”. So, what we should really do is get TN, ID, WV, MS, AZ, KY, etc., to write checks to MA, NY, NJ, MN, WA, CA etc., to square up what’s owed.
        Third, checking your f-cking facts before you spew your crap.

    2. There is no climate change. Not any more then has been over the 2000 years or so we been here. Only liberal left leaning scientists claim otherwise. Problem is so far most of it is false info and data.

      Oh well so what if our climate is changing we will adapt. Our climate has changed dramatically over the years. There are parts of the us now that are desert that were once covered in vegetation.
      Stop worrying so much my word. How do you sleep I mean oh trump is bad oh my world is coming to end in2012 oh wait that didn’t happen oh no climate change ahhhh.
      Look I’m not making fun of you but seriously enjoy life don’t get your panties in a bunch

        1. On January 1, 2017, courageous Georgia Tech Climatologist Judith Curry resigned from her tenured position at the university, offering as her main reason her growing frustration with the politicized reward system now endemic in college science generally, and in climate science, specifically.

          To quote Dr. Curry:

          “A deciding factor was that I no longer know what to say to students and postdocs regarding how to navigate the CRAZINESS in the field of climate science. Research and other professional activities are professionally rewarded only if they are channeled in certain directions approved by a politicized academic establishment — funding, ease of getting your papers published, getting hired in prestigious positions, appointments to prestigious committees and boards, professional recognition, etc.”

          She also noted that she has been observing this problem for five to ten years.

          For those of us in the “west” who have been involved with scientific research, who have friends or family members who work in the field, or who have been reporting on scientific research, especially climate research, her statement, issued two days after she effectively resigned, rings true with utter, beautiful, breath-of-fresh-air clarity.

        2. Dr. Roy Spencer is a principal research scientist for the University of Alabama in Huntsville, as well as the U.S. Science Team Leader for the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer (AMSR-E) on NASA’s Aqua satellite. He is known for his work with the satellite-based temperature monitoring for which he and Dr. John Christy received NASA’s Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal.

          Dr. Spencer suggests that global warming is mostly due to natural internal variability, and that the climate system is quite insensitive to humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions.

      1. Not only that, do you know how much carbon the human race contributes to the atmosphere each year? Anyone?

        But I can assure everyone, it is minuscule to what nature produces naturally. To think our minute contribution will destroy the planet is the height of stupidity.

        That said, certainly develop cleaner technologies and utilize green practices whenever possible to reduce our carbon footprint …

        1. Evidence? Those who have actually studied the matter disagree that the human contribution to CO2 levels is inconsequential. There are consequences that are visible every time we go outside and see the shifts in our local flora and fauna. What is your evidence?

          Yes, there are numbers available for the human contribution to the increase in greenhouse gas levels. I am not going to do your research for you, since your confirmation bias would lead you to ignore the facts anyway.

          The real problem here isn’t ignorance, but arrogance. Because people with doctorates in any particular field are necessarily an elite group, those who hate elites will always dismiss their expertise. Americans often read “all men are created equal” to mean that all opinions, educated or not, are of equal value. If the facts presented by scientists disagree with my uninformed opinion, their opinion must be “the height of stupidity.”

          In this particular case, the American bias against elites is being compounded by bias against foreigners. An American president should rightly put America first, but that should include the recognition that we are inextricably part of a political, economic, and even ecological network that is worldwide in scope.

          America may be first, but it is not alone. When it pretends that it is, it is abdicating its leadership to those who can recognize reality… notably the Chinese, the Russians, and the EU. I would guess that the Brexit advocates are reassessing the idea that the US will be a more reliable partner than Europe. If the US Goovernment considers itself no more bound by treaty obligations than other Trump companies have been committed to pay their debts, America cannot be relied on.


        2. CO2 == plant food. Plants LOVE CO2 and it makes them grow. Plants also love warmer climates, not colder ones. When plants grow they pump more OXYGEN into the atmosphere. Oxygen is good for humans. WARMING is GOOD for plants. Not bad for them. In fact, we need MORE global warming so that plants can produce MORE O2 for humans to breathe. O2 is GOOD for life, not bad for life. MORE CO2 is GOOD for earth’s climate and GOOD for humans because it helps plants grow and emit more O2. Plants, which emit beneficial O2 for humans LOVE a hothouse environment in which to grow. WE NEED MORE GLOBAL WARMING!

    3. Even without climate change you’d think someone who spends so much time on the golf course would be concerned about the air he breathes when on it.

    4. Climate change is a communist front designed to shut down western industry. Google “Gorbachev Earth Charter”. Most Americans have no idea they are being manipulated by communist foreign powers.

      Communism is still the largest threat facing humanity but most Americans have been “put to sleep” as Gorbachev predicted.

      Under Clintons and O the USA went from the envy of the world to the laughingstock of the world. Most Asians are laughing at Americans for being so dumb as to give away their valuable industries.

      The Chinese are VERY upset that Trump won because it means they will no longer be able to manipulate USA with impunity.

    1. Tim Cook happens to be the best CEO in the history of the human kind. He has been running the daily things in the company ever since he was hired by Steve Jobs. Steve hand picked him to take care of Apple Inc and Tim Cook has done magnificent job greating worlds first One Trillion Dollar Company. Tim Cook is rewriting the school books for the new generation of company leaders and business man.

      Now fuck of and leave this site!

      1. Reality Check: Yes, Steve picked Cook to RUN Apple. Steve built Apple into the greatest company of all time. Cook has built NOTHING! He is a liberal cause célèbre CARETAKER CEO. Nuff said …

  3. Hey, Tim. What’s wrong for our planet?

    Would that be a non-binding and non-enforcement climate agreement that allows the world’s largest polluter, that would be China, to have permission to build HUNDREDS of coal burning plants and not follow the agreement until 2030?

    Liberalism is a mental disorder, thank you San Fran MS …

        1. Not saying you are correct… However your statements suggest the US could stand to be an accomplice to crimes against humanity and the natural world.

          1. Why? For creating more CO2 plant food? The world has never been as green and naturally beautiful as it is now. And the world is being fed, thanks in large part to a good source of CO2.

            1. Actually fossil records show the temps were 78 deg. F, at or near the poles, millions of years ago. If someone could show that increased CO2 and for that matter O2 would make for a healthier planet, despite the loss of polar bears and penguins. I would be open to that discussion. You are the first, I have seen, to even consider rising CO2 as a positive spin, on MDN.

              I propose, when I hear people complain about crime, that we have never lived in a more peaceful time, despite what is heard on the news.

              Let’s take that stance here and now, regarding climate change. However we know more about yesterday than we know about tomorrow, and that is why we might suggest we keep global average temps, at zero gain.

  4. I think it’s a great thing that they are withdrawing from the climate deal, they certainly do not want to be a team player for planet Earth. You don’t have to look much further than that judge jury and executioner reaction to Sarin gas in Syria.

    I mean they are signatories of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but take a look and see how many articles they blatantly violate.

    I think this will galvanize the rest of the nations on the planet and provide a much needed leadership, one that is peaceful, ethical and moral.

    1. Gee, what a surprise. Another uninformed liberal that has a problem reading the fine print of the flawed climate agreement and only offers empty platitudes.

      When you read the plan, obvious you have not, let me know …

      1. I prefer to stick to scientific journals and raw data, because by the time ideas reach the mainstream media and politicians it often becomes distorted.

        I don’t really care if it is a flawed agreement, climate control is in it’s infancy and certainly the accord falls short but it’s a start, in fact it’s an agreement. Over 190 countries, a very diverse selection have signed it.

        All except Nicaragua who feels that the agreement does not do enough, Syria, in the thralls of a civil war and of course that terrorist nation who demonstrates once again it’s not a team player and certainly not interested in planet Earth.

        Like I said, I hope it galvanizes the rest of the world, eyes are opening about the terroristic nature that arrogant self centered fifth rate nation.

        1. The problem with science it is all over the map. I have read prominent PHDs from the conservative side of the aisle debunking the sloppy methodology as pandering to grant money and political pressure. These scientists have been hounded out of the media and never heard from again.

          That is why I wrote early this morning does anyone know how much carbon the human race contributes to the atmosphere each year. Crickets …

          Reason being, the truth would normally set you free, but in the case of global warming it does not fit the hyper narrative of the overblown and overheated left.

          The Paris Accord that courageous President Donald J. Trump withdrew from will save U.S. Taxpayers BILLIONS. The lion share of the 190 nations with their hands out for government welfare. All the while mouthing feel good empty platitudes about saving the world. Most of these nations cannot sustain a viable economy or control borders, much less go GREEN. What a crock!

          Where do you live, Aussie? The terrorist nation is coming …

          1. That’s a great reply, thank you very much for making it. I agree that the climatology science is all over the map, not enough direct raw data, too much extrapolation and modeling. I looked up your question and I quickly got this.

            Greenhouse gases: 2% of atmosphere
            C02: 3.62% of greenhouse gases
            C02 human produced: 3.4% of C02

            Like that’s freaking small on the quantity scale, but one must not neglect the quality scale. There are times when small amounts count, it does not take much poison to threaten the body, and conversely it doesn’t take a lot of cure. To this point we do know that we have influenced the atmosphere with ozone depleting substances. Human activity having a direct impact on the UV radiation, now that’s a neat thing to know.

            Either way the Earth has heated up and cooled down, she’s got her moods. Life has been resilient for a very long time and I’m convinced it will continue to do so regardless of the activities of any one individual species.

            I never learned anything about politics, it is the purity of the raw data that is essential. I agree with saving you all that money and empty platitudes as a possibility. I also consider the possibility of a galvanization process, of serious efforts in researching alternative energy sources and uses. I can even see the leaders on the horizon, Nicaragua, who refused to sign the agreement as well because it said it did not go far enough. China as the biggest contributor is another, they live it so they certainly have the impetus and resources to research this area. I think the G6 and you now who along with other parts of Europe are also part of the process.

            I’m from the free and civilized world and you are already here. It’s amazing to watch that dark cloud above their heads disappear after they are disarmed and have that stars and skid marks removed from their rectums. But hey, if you want to build a nice feathered wall around your country so you can all stay inside, that’s great by me. That’s why he is as you say, so courageous.

            1. The first person to post CO2 levels contributed by mankind, thanks.

              So you see boys and girls it is a miniscule amount and the Eath can handle it.

              That said, certainly implement green policies and reduce admissions as much as possible.

              The issue is more HOT AIR and peer pressure on scientists silencing dissenting views. As is the intolerant liberal way …

            2. Insults and political affiliations aside, I enjoy intelligent exchanges. Again I agree with your statement “So you see boys and girls it is a miniscule amount and the Eath can handle it.”

              The planet can certainly handle it, I’m not sure about all the species on the planet though, again it only takes a small amount of certain poisons to cause trauma to certain species.

            3. Thanks, RW. I too enjoy a healthy exchange.

              First Derek Currie pushed back about the change in coral. And now both of you have opened my eyes to CO2 sensitivity beyond the human race. I will pay closer attention, thanks to both of you …

            4. I thank you too, as I said I enjoy an open honest exchange on the topic at hand. Derek has made some good points about the coral reef, it is a serious situation, along with the polar ice caps.

              I’ll toss another tidbit into the C02 ideas that have been floating around. The amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere is tempered by the amount of CO2 removed from the atmosphere. The creatures that do that are plants, so the amount of forestation, deforestation, urban development also plays a role.

              I think that governments being aware of the climate situation is important. The ozone hole is pretty clear evidence that humans can affect the atmosphere to a noticeable degree. I’m optimistic that we might find some ways of improving sustainable renewable energy for the future.

              We’ll catch you around.

      1. Of course the UN is a joke, just look at where their headquarters are. On the other hand, the principles are valuable, that is if you actually follow them.

        I know China is the greatest polluter, just ahead of Apple’s country. Both countries are exempt, one cause the Paris accord is voluntary and second the other country does not have what it takes to sign it.

        1. Thank you for admitting the obvious that the UN is a joke. Liberals everywhere are still fully unaware and in denial. And no, it has nothing to do with the UN physical address Mr. Hate America. Relocate headquarters to Paris, Brussels or Rome and still the same toothless, money wasting symbolic joke and outdated relic of the Cold War …

          1. Oh I think it does, I’d much rather see a rotating headquarters, too much influence of one nation considering where they are.

            I don’t hate that nation by the way, after all, that’s not how the free and civilized world works, I’m not the one from a nation torturing people and invading countries on hallucinations and war mongering every chance they get. I’m simply pointing out where the hate comes from, so that hopefully it can be dealt with and get that once great country back on track. Great countries don’t torture, it’s as simple as that, but it’s the ones that do torture that are expressing hatred, not the ones pointing it out.

            1. I would advocate the UN be disbanded for failure to improve and UNITE NATIONS.

              Cold War relic, outdated, waste of funding and ineffective.

              ISIS, Syria, China pollution, radical North Korea, Iran nukes — to name a few are nd what do they solve?

              Nations pay billions for happy camera talk and settle for a world on fire.

              As President Trump is fond of saying, “not good” …

          1. I was trying to be funny. I am glad I made you proud. First of all, I don’t attempt to be clueful, but want to learn. I am frustrated when empty statements are made without any attempt at making a valid argument. I don’t have to agree with what’s said, and I don’t have to be right. I want to know.

          2. 1) It’s elicit. Yes, I am an elitist, globalist, Ivy League wise ass who enjoys pointing out malapropisms used by supporters of the so-called.
            Fake reality provided by our left wing scientists at NASA.

            1. Thanks for grammar correction. Early morning oversight, or was it the spell checker? 😉

              I don’t know NASA politics. What I do know is they worked under Obama the last eight years. The IRS under pleading the fifth Lois Lerner targeted conservative groups. Target NASA science? We may never know.

              My faith in government institutions I once looked up to without question is seriously suspect …

            1. West Coast states plus Colorado to name a few have successfully transitioned to the new economy. They have gone their own way despite the dysfunction in DC. While rustbelt and southern states are mired in cultural identity politics, spending cuts to pay for tax cuts for the well off and not investing in human capital.

          3. Scientists usually use FACTS not insults. Since libtards don’t use facts, they are UNSCIENTIFIC. Since they are UNSCIENTIFIC, they have no credibility in scientific debates.

            Scientist who presents evidence humans don’t impact climate: “There is no scientific proof humans cause man-made global warming”

            Libtard: “Shut up jackass!”

            This is the “science” of liberals.

            Liberalism is irrational and in direct opposition to science.

  5. It’s very peculiar how these right-wing nut jobs “believe” in the scientists who develop the science that runs their phones, makes their clothes, builds and decorates their homes, finds new medicines, and on and on… but choose (somehow) to single out this one area of science for scorn. (Or also one other – evolution – if they’re a fanatical fundementalist Christian or Muslim.)

    1. Mainly because it remains UNPROVEN. Most scientists know the difference between a scientific theory and proof but today climate change remains merely a theory without proof. Show us the proof that it is CAUSED by humans and we’ll all get onboard. Temperature data is not proof that it is CAUSED by humans, merely proof that there is temperature change.

  6. Well, looks like the president wants to leave the technological leadership to China and Europe… Strange move for someone who pretends doing the best for American workers.

    1. “Well, looks like the president wants to leave the technological leadership to China and Europe…”

      Painfully obvious you have NOT READ the 20-page Paris Accord.

      President Donald J. Trump leaves the world polluter leadership to China. There, I fixed it for you.

      You do know that China is the world’s largest polluter. You do know that China gets a pass and does NOT have to follow the non-binding, non-enforced agreement until 2030. You do know that China gets another pass and is in the process of building hundreds of coal burning power plants by 2030. You do know that the U.S. Taxpayers were on the hook to pay the lion share of money and what it is used for, goes to whom, and who exactly monitors and enforces compliance. Hmmm?

      You’re part of the left wing panic mode overreaction. Please close your overheated mouths, you are contributing to climate change. You’re also more interested in symbolic achievement that accomplished what, exactly?

      Please list the resounding number of achievements since Obama signed the agreement a year ago. We are breathlessly waiting …

      1. Hate to confuse the issue with facts, but China has cancelled well over a hundred coal power plants, including some that were already under construction, and isn’t planning any more. They are building more renewable energy facilities than any other country.

        The proportion of Chinese electricity generated from coal peaked two years ago and will continue to fall. However, because their population is still rising, so is total energy consumption. The existing coal plants, cars, etc. will continue producing CO2 until they are replaced. That means that the absolute levels of CO2 produced in China will not begin falling until 2030.

        Those are their goals, and by implementing them, they are not “getting a pass,” but doing exactly what the Paris Agreement requires. The Agreement asks both the US and China (“asks,” since it is not mandatory) to contribute to the fund to help smaller nations comply. Unlike the United States, China has agreed to commitments that will ensure that it does not net a single yuan or dollar from the fund.

        Repeat the mantra: “I am entitled to my own opinions. I am not entitled to my own facts.”

            1. You’re a bad joke that has a reading comprehension problem. And a selective half-truth hit whore pimping the LIBERAL line. Enjoy your fantasies …

    2. Trump thinks he withdrew from the Paris accord, but US cities and businesses will continue to comply with it, except now we have no influence and no vote. All he did was emasculate the United States.

  7. So, here’s what we have today. The reality is that America has now officially left the Paris Climate Accord and, officially, will not abide by it. The political message is that the president is delivering is that America’s economy is more important than any possible future damage that the country may or may not cause due to not following the pledge of the agreement. American conservatives are ejaculating over this (we can see this quite plainly on this forum), and the president’s base is as energised as ever.

    The practical result will be very much different. Apparently, within hours from the announcement, most of the large cities in the US, as well as two governers, plus many of the largest US companies, reiterated their own pledge to completely abide by the pledges of the Accord, and they are even trying to figure out how to submit the annual report to the relevant UN body (per the Accord).

    American business don’t really like to be involved with domestic politics if they can help it. Their primary responsibility has always been with their shareholders, so anything and everything they do is primarily driven by the goal of increasing shareholder value and pleasing them. More importantly, large percentage of American companies’ profits is generated overseas. American withdrawal from the Paris Accord now has a very clear and immediate effect: the world no longer respects the country. The amount of commerce that will be lost due to this will be significantly greater than what would be generated by all those recovered coal and oil jobs that Trump had promised. Companies in EU and other developed markets (primary importers of US goods and services) have fairly strict legal limitations regarding environmental impact of their trading partners, especially since the Paris Accord. If your country isn’t a signatory to the accord, your company cannot work with companies in EU, unless you prove that your company is actually following the requirements of the accord.

    And most importantly, America has given up its leading role in the discussion on climate change and all the action related to it. The Paris Accord was such a weak document (according to the environmental scientists) precisely because America was very much involved in crafting it. Now that they are out, the next similar document that comes up for negotiation will be much stricter, if the US continues on the same course. While the government may not be a party to it, American companies will have to, or lose business with the rest of the world.

    America is not alone in the world, and cannot exist alone. This will very soon become quite painfully obvious to everyone (except Trump, perhaps).

    1. I offer you reality. Here in Ontario, we have a carbon tax. It rears it’s ugly head on any purchase that depends on power generation. That is basically…everything. It only adds to the cost of living, picking our pockets once more and doing nothing for the environment. Another tax hiding behind the myth that SOMEHOW, paying more for everything somehow saves the planet!

      1. And exactly what happens to that carbon tax money? Does it simply disappear into a black hole? Well, it doesn’t. According to the Canadian government site, the carbon tax goes into the government budget, just like any regular tax. This means that for every dollar that carbon tax collects, one less dollar needs to be collected through other taxation.

        In other words, you aren’t taxed any more than you were before; the only difference is that the taxation burden was shifted more towards polluters.

        1. So, to explain this (for the slow ones in the back row), when you tax polluters more than you tax others, their cost of doing business becomes higher, which makes them less competitive against the non-polluters. Which motivates them to seek solutions that pollute less. For each step of reduction of their carbon emissions, their business will save on carbon taxes.

          THAT is how you save your planet with the carbon tax.

          1. Since there are so many slow ones, I will also point out that if the taxed polluters choose to pass the extra taxes through to their consumers (which they probably will), it will result in their products being priced higher than the competition.

            Consumers who choose to pay the higher prices should not be blaming the government, but either the vendor who is charging them for doing business with a polluter or themselves, for not choosing a cheaper and less polluting competing product.

        2. “In other words, you aren’t taxed any more than you were before;”

          How comforting.

          “the only difference is that the taxation burden was shifted more towards polluters.”

          Like sherm66?!?

        3. It goes into a black hole known here as the Liberal government! That is utter bullshit. This is hidden as they are afraid to show the taxpayer just how much this will negatively affect us all. There are access to information documents that show that the current government did not even do an impact study on just how much this will effect our economy. They just jumped in for the sake of additional revenue, as they are a bunch of spending crazy fools. Pure idiocy.

          1. “Pure idiocy.”

            Indeed. Amen, brother.

            Whenever liberal governments get their hands on additional tax dollars, a reasonable person would ask, what do they do with it?

            Was it well spent? Did it solve the problem? Or did they pay off their supporters through selective grants, programs, et al.

            We all know the wasted spending answer …

            1. “The Chinese are on American soil for one reason, they are being integrated into an international “peacekeeping force”, formerly known as the RIMPAC war games, which will eventually be controlled by the United Nations. This is where the formal integration of American-based Chinese military forces into an international “peace keeping force” will become official…. This will mark the first time that the communist regime, that is responsible for murdering more innocent people than any other country in human history…”

        1. From the estimates on price of carbon emissions per ton, the Liberal government’s target is $70 within 5 years. This idiocy is expected to rise gas prices dramatically and add up to $2,000 to $3,000 per year in increased taxes to the average middle class household. With no proof man can control temperatures…and for damn sure taxes can’t!

          1. Your last sentence says it ALL.

            All this overbearing tax money shift away from household pocketbooks and by law forced into government coffers, for what?

            It is chilling and alarming to read no accountability exists for government redistribution of taxpayer dollars to an imagined cause célèbre. Sorry to hear that.

            Government accountability? Better yet, liberal government accountability? Oxymoron GRANDE!

            Here in the U.S. we endured eight years of empty words and a government spending spree that enlarged the national debt more than all the other presidents combined since George Washington.

            No liberal outrage? No liberal media outrage? No accountability mechanism for taxpayers?

            Gee, what a surprise…

      2. Carbon taxes are a communist ploy to shut down western industry. No industry, no defense. No defense in the west is what communists want.

        Google “Gorbachev Earth Charter”.

        Just like when Al Gore got new taxes passed on air travel to make it more expensive then built a power-sucking mansion in Alabama complete with 3 30″ Apple displays sucking down huge amounts of electricity.

  8. I listened to Trumps entire speech I though he made a really good argument for his position. I see a lot of leaders disappointed in the decision but i haven’t seen any who refute the arguments Trump made.

    1. I didn’t listen to it, but I read the transcript. Then I fact-checked it.

      Trump said many outright fallacies there. Especially with the numbers he is “quoting”. There are so many, it is difficult to even summarise, but the overall point is that:

      The impact on the US economy is projected to be much, much smaller than he said;

      The US contributions to the Green Fund are much smaller than he said, and the official web site clearly states where the money goes (and a lot of it is used to purchase equipment and expertise from the US);

      The possible contribution to the energy needs of any future coal power producers are greatly exaggerated;

      US is still bigger polluter than China…

      There were many other inaccuracies, and there are several fine sites that fact-check and debunk most of it with plenty of links to legitimate sources of data.

      Trump said many things, but the one important thing that he did NOT say is that climate change is a hoax. In fact, for the most part, he actually agreed that the world has to do something about the environment, and his main argument was that the US is getting a bad deal out of the agreement.

      Trump was never a good businessman. Where he lacked in business acumen, he made up for in sheer ruthlessness (stiffing contractors for payment, declaring bankruptcies, etc). While he things withdrawing from, or renegotiating the Paris Accord is good for American economy, he will soon find out that it actually isn’t.

      All that money saved by withdrawing will be lost from the loss of business for American companies overseas. Make no mistake, a country that is NOT a party to the Climate Accord will have a hard time doing business elsewhere in the world. Everyone will require proof that your business is environmentally responsible. So, while America may leave the Climate Accord, Americans will still have to abide by it, if they want to export their goods and services.

      As I said, America is NOT alone in this world, and cannot exist by itself.

    1. Apple MUST take a very public stand here, or they will risk losing a lot of business overseas.

      The world has (contrary to what Trump and his followers think) completely lost all respect for America. Those who haven’t in Novemeber, have yesterday. While this may be of no interest to your average American Joe Sixpack, it is of critical importance to American companies doing business overseas. And many of those companies will now have to convince their business partners abroad that yes, while the country may have left the Paris Accord, they (the company) plans to stick to every single line-item requirement of that accord, and will have full transparency on the issue.

      Apple had to clearly remind the world that they can continue doing business with them, that the company remains committed to environmentally sound business practices, regardless of what their home country does.

        1. Oh, it certainly does! If Apple did nothing, they’d lose plenty of big contracts overseas, from companies that by law now must require environmental impact for all of their partners.

          Remember, we aren’t debating climate change here (that is for people who actually know what they’re talking about; nether you nor I are climate scientists). We are debating the impact Trump’s exist from Paris Accord will have on US economy.

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